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Le défi by Trancy30
Le défiby Trancy30
Ilhoon va entrer au lycée avec ses amis. Pour marquer le coup, ceux ci lui lancent un défi. Venir déguiser en fille le jour de la rentrée sans se faire démasquer. Ilhoon...
  • blackpink
  • zelo
  • eunkwang
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Lock Screen by _Mephobia_
Lock Screenby Cai
Some KPOP lockscreens for all KPOP fans out there! [091818] Rank #2 on Sanggyun rankings
  • wannaone
  • sanggyun
  • exo
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LEMON KIDS. hyunjinby ❝GIGI❞
' Words can hurt Don't know why But all I know Is they make me cry ' multifandom [✓] mature scenes [✓] hwang hyunjin [✓] © 2019 HELENAJUNEX STARTED: Sunday, 9 June 2019...
  • kpop
  • straykids
  • multifandom
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Rookie (DaeJae)  by wasabipajeon
Rookie (DaeJae) by I need a life :)
B.A.P had debuted with 5 members, but their company thought they could use another member, a singer to be exact. So, that's where our story begins... BAP goes to SAA (S...
  • lgbt
  • ship
  • youngjae
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Teacher [BangLo] by KillerDystopia
Teacher [BangLo]by «Trash√»
»FINISHED« Junhong moves to Korea from America, starting at a new school. His teacher makes him feel a completely new type of way. [If the grade they're in is higher o...
  • daejae
  • malexmale
  • jongup
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i know you know | kim donghan. by yeolpancakes
i know you know | kim donghan.by jules 🌼
in which an arcade game leads her to a cute boy who is completely in awe of her. + lowercase intended. yeolpancakes, 2017.
  • kimdonghan
  • produce101
  • donghan
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Forever With You [DAEJAE] by dangerousghost
Forever With You [DAEJAE]by ×sunshine×
Yoo Young Jae es un maestro de biología que siempre trata de ver las cosas buenas de la vida. Vive con su pareja Jung Dae Hyun de lo más común en un pequeño departamento...
  • mpreg
  • fluff
  • gay
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Bang's sister by beth2424
Bang's sisterby beth2424
The title says it all. This is a story about Bang Nayoon/you, who is the youngest sister of Natasha, Yongnam and Yongguk. You are in a band but your mother have always a...
  • natasha
  • yongguk
  • yongnam
SkyDive (Kim Himchan) by thinkilikeitreaction
SkyDive (Kim Himchan)by ithinkilikeit-reactions
B.A.P or Best Absolute Perfect sounds like a name you'd give to a boyband. Just in this situation. it wasn't. In this situation, it was a name you never wanted to hear s...
  • daehyun
  • zelo
  • bestabsoluteperfect
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Don't Deny by myntyj
Don't Denyby genius
❝I can't help falling in love with you❞ [j.dh] [y.yj] cover by @-sadistry
  • jonglo
  • banghim
  • tsent
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Sugar Baby |BAP Bang Yongguk + Secret Song Jieun Kpop Fanfic by daisukijimin
Sugar Baby |BAP Bang Yongguk + Sec...by daisukijimin
Sugar Baby (noun) - a girl who receives gifts (usually in the form of money) from wealthy men in exchange for companionship ------------------- What happens when the wro...
  • yongguk
  • bắp
  • kpopfanfiction
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buddy. jaemin by loverenjun
buddy. jaeminby 『 eun 』
❝thanks for being by my side, buddy❞ ー jaemin making friends during his hospitality. ー amazing cover by allyzze @immortals ㅡ 2017 eun © eunctrick
  • idolschool
  • jaemin
  • love
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Twist Of Fate by seoul_lover_fictions
Twist Of Fateby seoul_lover
"Are you incapable of making children?" You asked him bluntly. The male's face turned into a bright red color at your straightforward question. If he really wa...
  • taecyeon
  • bắp
  • adoption
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Alien's It Girl (B.A.P - BAP) by vaho1997
Alien's It Girl (B.A.P - BAP)by vaho1997
Yang Haru was a normal looking, XXX-L sized girl with self-esteem issues until six Mato aliens come knocking on her door. Now she's their Earthling teacher, she teaches...
  • himchan
  • seungho
  • aliens
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stalker ➣ jeon.jk by -wataer
stalker ➣ jeon.jkby enön
' you are mine . im your owner . your body is mine . all of you is mine . no one can get you from me . because you are always mine ' ---- ⓒ-wataer 2016
  • fanfiction
  • jimin
  • kpop
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K-POP one shots by JessxD
K-POP one shotsby JessxD
Different situations with Kpop idols - *-* i hope you like them. c: I ended this book so if you have a request please do it on my part two of this book. and THANK YOU...
  • hyung-joong
  • taemin
  • key
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Yongguk's imagines by Ohbabyitszelo
Yongguk's imaginesby Ohbabyitszelo
Credit to admin ryn, chae on @bap(underscore)thoughts on twitter, admins on facebook page 'Daehyun's cheesecake', admin on facebook page ' BAP daehyun and zelo'
  • yonggyuk
  • jongup
  • youngjae
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little boy || banghim || by gukshands
little boy || banghim ||by •
/ yongguk is little himchan doesn't mind / | completed | [highest rankings:] - #1 in kimhimchan - #11 in Banghim
  • bangyongguk
  • banghim
  • himchan
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You  [DaeJae] by TheInnerDemon
You [DaeJae]by үσυя ℓσcαℓ cяεερ
He didn't expect anything special to happen, when someone walked in, who should change his whole life. Note: This story was originally planned as a one shot. It had got...
  • daejae
  • vampire
  • youngjae
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