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Candy Hearts by literaryobsession
Candy Heartsby callmeA
To protect Ga-eul from his life, So Yi-jung decides to let her go. Yi-jung goes back to his former ways in Sweden and gives up to the fact that his grandfather wanted fo...
Pretty Boy vs Play Boy {Boys Over Flowers} by TheaSasaki
Pretty Boy vs Play Boy {Boys Over...by Thea Sasaki-Lee
"I'm such an idiot." I hit my head against the wall. "I'll just die, make it easier on everyone."
Boys Over Flowers X Reader\Canon Oneshot by Reddest_Rose
Boys Over Flowers X Reader\Canon O...by Reddest_Rose
so this is gonna be a oneshot book and an actual story
Love from Childhood by DraupadiPutri
Love from Childhoodby Lakshmi
It was never F4, It was F5 Han Y/n, the princess of F5 She was Junpyo's voice Jihoo's music Woobin's strength Yijung's love She had to leave to Japan for a few years and...
F4's Little Wolf (Boys over Flowers) by Jessfairy88
F4's Little Wolf (Boys over Flower...by Jessfairy88
Ksenia wanted a new beginning, away from the crazy of America. When her best friend and soul sister Jan Di tells her she is about to attend Shinhwa High School she saw a...
How It Should Have Ended (A Ji Hoo and Jan Di Story) by cutestuff024
How It Should Have Ended (A Ji Hoo...by cutestuff024
If you were shipping for Ji Hoo, then read on! This story is what I imagined happened in the 4 years Jun Pyo and Jan Di were apart, and then continued on to when he got...
Boys Over Flowers: How It Should Have Ended Part3 (The Return) by cutestuff024
Boys Over Flowers: How It Should H...by cutestuff024
Jun Pyo is back in Seoul and is finally ready to face Jan Di after she chose to be with Ji Hoo. Are they ready to face each other? Part3 of my "How It Should Have E...
How It Should Have Ended Part2 (The Continuation) by cutestuff024
How It Should Have Ended Part2 (Th...by cutestuff024
Yi Jung wants to propose to Ga Eul and the whole gang is there to help, but things don't always go according to plan. Continuation of "A Ji Hoo and Jan Di story&quo...
Boys over Flowers by flamer_choi
Boys over Flowersby MRS.CHOI MINHO
Fanfic based of the Korean drama Boys over flowers! Parts of what was in the drama may or may not be included.
Anything But Weak (Boys Over Flowers fan fiction)-Trailer Inside by Arya_not-today
Anything But Weak (Boys Over Flowe...by Saki
Rose is back in Korea after spending ten years in Australia without family and friends. She meets her casanova brother and his three best friends again. Realising that t...
Ga Eul ♡ Yi Jung by d_e_e_y_a
Ga Eul ♡ Yi Jungby Kajol.Hrh
A fanfiction about YiJung & GaEul of "Boys Over Flowers " Ga Eul's a very successful woman and so is So Yi Jung's a very successful man. They've known each ot...
Boys Over Flowers by isolatedgirl7
Boys Over Flowersby Day Dreamer😴
This is based of the Kdrama tv series. This is a scene-by-scene rewrite of the original tv shows. I kept it close to the original but I added a few of my own unique part...
My Destiny by tieutinhtyty2109
My Destinyby Tieutinhtyty2109
About YiJung and Gaeul. **************** Đây là truyện mình cop về để đọc ngoại tuyến chưa có sự xin phép của tác giả. Nếu các bạn thích truyện có thể tìm diễn đàn gốc đ...
Gu Junpyo's Sister by btswifeeu
Gu Junpyo's Sisterby MeMe
Gu Soomi and Gu Junpyo were really close until she left to Amarica She spent 2 years in America and now she's coming back to Korea. Soomi,Woobin,Jihoo,and Yijung were cl...
Boys Before Flowers: How It Should Have Ended Part 4 (The Wedding) by cutestuff024
Boys Before Flowers: How It Should...by cutestuff024
The wedding is finally here! Could Jan Di finally be marrying her soulmate? Weddings are supposed to be a joyous occasion, but what if you're hiding a secret from the ma...
Once In A Lifetime Side Stories by XiJia_Pinay
Once In A Lifetime Side Storiesby onceinalifetimearc2018
Revisiting and featuring: Taiwanese version's Xi Men and Xiao You. South Korean version's #SoEulmates Chinese version's Xiao Geng/Geng Yi Fen Still writing: Manga-based...
La jaula de los lobos by Kireiko
La jaula de los lobosby Kireiko
(JanDixJiHoo) Un tiempo después, cuando la vida por fin aparentaba ser perfecta, Jan Di robó y vendió en el mercado negro un valioso tesoro de la familia de Joon Pyo y u...
Soulmate by Pastelrose94
Soulmateby Pastel Rose
Prompt Challenge: Two People running away from a blind, arranged marriage, in which one is supposed to marry the other, meet on the road by coincidence and fall in love...
Wish on a star 🌷Boys Over Flowers by Mp-Lightwood
Wish on a star 🌷Boys Over Flowersby Blue Lily🌷
Nayeon, best friend with F4, decide to leave Korea after a heartbreak. Now she has return and realize that her feelings are still there, what will she do?
Boys over Flowers (WooBin) by Kim-SooRin
Boys over Flowers (WooBin)by ~Yuki-Vermilion~
Shinwa High school is full of rich kids who come from filthy rich families. Geum JanDi is the daughter of a dry cleaner owner. She's not rich, not the smartest, and not...