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It's Always you by Jade_S4M
It's Always youby The Righter
"I think you're an arrogant, selfish pig and you would be doing both of us a favor if you just leave me alone!" Chanyeol stared at me for a moment with those u...
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• Opposite • [ Chanyeol FF ] ✓✓ by uminboazi
• Opposite • [ Chanyeol FF ] ✓✓by 04bYunToTHeX99
••••••••• .... We are not mean to be together because we're the opposite of each other... ••••••••• This is a short story of Channiee~Hope you like it! ♡
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သူနဲ႔မွ [ Hiatus ] by Thu61190
သူနဲ႔မွ [ Hiatus ]by Charlotte Han
Chanyeol OC
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It's always been You by chanyeollie61_
It's always been Youby Fateeyma L.
He loved me. I hurt him. He moved on. I'm in hell. Everything's almost perfect when we became lovers. He was the best boyfriend ever. But I wasted it and ignored him. I...
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Demented  by Thitsar_Chanyeollie
Demented by Thitsar_Chanyeollie
Boy × Boy Chan × Baek Demented = Crazy on someone= Insane Story Line By Thitsar_Chanyeollie
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Please Don't Leave Me Alone by Htet_eaindra_kyaw
Please Don't Leave Me Aloneby 한지나
shell » pcy. by void-ty
shell » 𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧-𝐬𝐬𝐢
"hey this is chanyeol, i'm not available. but i'll reach you as soon as possible. for now, please leave a message after the beep!" she missed him. she beg for...
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အချစ်ဟုခေါ်သော (Krisyeol) Unicode by FanFan_Yeollie6100
အချစ်ဟုခေါ်သော (Krisyeol) Unicodeby MayPhyoKo
ကျွန်တော့ရဲ့အချစ်က မျက်လုံးဝိုင်းဝိုင်း နားရွက်ကားကားလေးနဲ့ ပါးချိုင့်လေးတစ်ခုဆီမှာစတင်တယ် #Kris Wu Channieသိတဲ့အချစ်ကGalaxyသွားချင်နေတဲ့ဝက်နဂါးကြီးတစ်ကောင်ပါပဲ #Chanyeol
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I Want To Live Beside You(ကိုယ္​​ေနခ်င္​တာ မင္​းအနားမွာ) by Zue_po
I Want To Live Beside You(ကိုယ္​​ေ Loeysoo
(Chasoo) *normal* Main characters - Park Chanyeol, - Do Kaung Soo
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Histoire d'un premier Amour by Billie_pcy61
Histoire d'un premier Amourby EXO-L krisyeol
عذرا لست ملائما لك فأنا عاشق مكبل الساقين .. ابتعد و ارحل و تذكرني دائما كغريب جمعنا القدر بلحظة مختلسة من الزمن ... ابتعد فالحب ستخنقه القيود و ستكرهني يوما ما... ستت...
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Christmas Day by kkaebaekyeol
Christmas Dayby Let
Chanyeol agradecia aos céus - e claro, a árvore de Natal - por ter lhe dado a oportunidade de consertar tudo e de dizer a verdade, agradecia também por ele ter lhe enten...
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-𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐞. 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐛𝐚𝐞𝐤 by aesthetic_nini
-𝐲𝐞𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐞. 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐛𝐚𝐞𝐤by ♡𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐢 ♡
in which one fanboy's youtube channel gets recognized by his idol and it changes everything
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❤နက္႐ိႈင္းလွစြာေသာ 🌸 by Yeollie_sett
❤နက္႐ိႈင္းလွစြာေသာ 🌸by Moo_Na
သူဟာဘယ္လိုပဲျဖစ္ေနပါေစ ႏွလံုးသားထဲက နက္႐ိႈင္းအခ်စ္နဲ႔ ခ်စ္မိခဲ့ရင္ အရာအားလံုးကိုနားလည္ၿပီး လစ္လွ်ဴ႐ႈတတ္လာပါေတာ့တယ္.....❤❤
WITH YOU by hazelnutkokonut
WITH YOUby Hazel Ann Ocliaso
"I will follow you even until afterlife comes to separate us."
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Naughty Baby by baek__berry
Naughty Babyby baek__berry
I found you somewhere. But you come in now. CHANBAEK YAOI
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[EXO] [ALL COUPLE] Đoản Văn by Sandy_Mint
[EXO] [ALL COUPLE] Đoản Vănby Bạc Hà Phủ Cát
những đoản văn về EXO do mình tạo ra =]]]]] chủ yếu hường phấn nhé mấy nàng :))) có đủ couple EXO :))
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a short love story | park c.y. | e x o by twoknows
a short love story | park c.y. | twoknows
a warm romance between you, a very short girl, as IM JIHYO and PARK CHANYEOL, the school's tallest junior.
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