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[Phần 3] Update tianya Cầm Gian Đích Luật Động [琴间的律动] by TT31KK
[Phần 3] Update tianya Cầm Gian Đí Tiểu vũ trụ siêu cấp đáng yêu...
Tiếp tục cập nhập tianya của Cầm Gian Đích Luật Động tác giả của truyện "Sáu năm chờ đợi, chúng ta nghênh đón hạnh phúc"
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My Wish for You [yato x reader] by Clover-chann
My Wish for You [yato x reader]by Clover
"Your wish is my command" --- "I have a wish for you, Yato" --- "You love her, don't you?" --- "You never fail to make a wish come tru...
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Chasing Yen by shoiyenonly
Chasing Yenby Lisa O
[ON-GOING] Sometimes, someone comes into your life so unexpectedly takes your heart by surprise, and changes your life.... forever. #ShoiYen 💙💙💙 Language: Tagalog and...
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Pentagon Love Story by MysteryNewbie
Pentagon Love Storyby Kate Cas
It is all about choosing between of who you admired🤩 and who you really love😍
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Ocean's Eleven by Hobi426
Ocean's Elevenby Hobi426
18 year old Marianna Ryan a.k.a. Baby Rusty has had it with sitting on the sidelines. Marianna and her brother Rusty have been in the thieving game since she could writ...
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Goodbye my love by jureylin_nunal
Goodbye my loveby Reylin Eder
"A love story of ashley and tan" Ashley del mundo ang babaing minahal ng sobra ni christian o mas kilala bilang tan. Ay gagawa ng isang decision na pwedeng mak...
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Falling In Love With Her by kathniel4yrsfan
Falling In Love With Herby kathniel4yrsfan
Si Kathryn ay maganda, matalino, mayaman gustong magkaroon ng boyfriend.Si Daniel ay gwapo, matalino, mayaman rin. Gusto niya si Kath. Gusto niya magkaroon din ng girlfr...
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My Missing Half is Who? by The_Dave
My Missing Half is Who?by ugh
Len Kagamine is mentally ill after suffering loss and doesn't have the capability of fending for himself, so he is taken care of by the older brother figure Kaito Shion...
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Hắc hóa nam chủ tổng tưởng kịch bản ta by nhuquynh123d
Hắc hóa nam chủ tổng tưởng kịch bả Quỳnh
【bệnh kiều siêu ngọt sủng, một chọi một】 # Tô Yên thần cách ····· rớt. # nàng hệ thống nói, nếu muốn tìm hoàn hồn cách, phải thực hiện nam chủ nguyện vọng. Kết quả là, n...
Secretly Merried by Atheartbreaker
Secretly Merriedby jessabel M Gutierrez
Kong dati lagi nyang pinapangarap na sana maging exiting ang buhay nya tulad ng story sa wattpad na secretly married dahil alam nyang maganda kwento ang mangyayari sa...
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Not His First Choice by aayangela
Not His First Choiceby Angela
Everyone anticipates real life relationships to bud from on-screen couples. But KathNiel doesn't seem to be headed in that direction. Kathryn likes Daniel, but Daniel ha...
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Nữ hán tử đại phá! - Vân Phong Tiếu Lệ by XiaoLe-Han111
Nữ hán tử đại phá! - Vân Phong Tiế Vân Phong Tiếu Lệ
Hồn ma mĩ nam có một đồ đệ chuyên lấy vàng của hắn đem vung bừa bãi, chỉ hận không thể sống lại rồi chết thêm lần nữa. Vương gia anh tuấn có một tiểu sư muội luôn đem da...
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Once Again!  by Iamlilithblair
Once Again! by 댜쿄ㅣ
Nang dahil sa isang pagkakamali na hindi naman ginawa ni Cheyenne napagbintangan sya ng maling paratang, itinakwil sya ng sariling pamilya ng dahil sa isang maling akala...
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Letters for you by bunnyYenyen
Letters for youby Angel Yen
Once upon a time, i was once your Happy Ending but then the story ends with I was once your Happily Ever After and now I am your What If's in this storyline
Chinese Cinderella (PDF) by Adeline Yen Mah by dybadiwu33825
Chinese Cinderella (PDF) by dybadiwu33825
Read Chinese Cinderella PDF by Adeline Yen Mah Recorded Books Listen to Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter audiobook by Adeline Yen Mah Read Onli...
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Falling Leaves (PDF) by Adeline Yen Mah by dihuceke60191
Falling Leaves (PDF) by Adeline dihuceke60191
Read Falling Leaves PDF by Adeline Yen Mah Broadway Books Listen to Falling Leaves: The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter audiobook by Adeline Yen Mah Read Online F...
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Wail of the Heart by EsterBarn
Wail of the Heartby EsterBarn
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Student-Vampire Relationship? by soberanonose
Student-Vampire Relationship?by HopeLESS Elizabeth
Hope Alexandria Pendelton, 20 years of age. A gir— vampire and the only child of Antoinette & Alex Pendelton. She graduated last year at Vampire Academy. But the questi...
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