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All My Favorite Yaoi Ships by CrazyFangirl00000
All My Favorite Yaoi Shipsby CrazyFangirl00000
All of the yaoi anime and manga I like with pics and descriptions.
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Colby Brock smut  by emilymcclurg656
Colby Brock smut by Emily mcClurg
Colby brock smut Colby has a different side of him during the full moon and yeaaa
Random Musical Oneshots! by Buzz_Brat
Random Musical Oneshots!by 🌻Honey•Comb🌻
Yeah I can't write if it were to save my life, but I ain't gonna let that stop me from makin' some crappy oneshots! So, Yeah, I need criticism for my writing. So with th...
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Will You Ever Forgive Me? 《BillFord》 by GayNerdsAndTriangles
Will You Ever Forgive Me? 《BillFor...by hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Ford trusted Bill, from the very beginning. Bill only wanted to trick the six-fingered nerd at first, then slowly started to develop feelings for him. But after Bill tr...
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BTS ddlg by mmarceaux00478
BTS ddlgby mmarceaux00478
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The Big Book Of Archie Andrews by thedailydiary15
The Big Book Of Archie Andrewsby sierra🥰
The big book of just Archie Andrews imagines! So for those of you who are lovers of Archie Andrews on the CW Show Riverdale, here is a huge book of imagines, one shots...
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whitenoise  by EmilyIsNotAquatic
whitenoise by EmilyIsNotAquatic
Hiya! this is a collection of sings I've written, I will occasionally add images. READY FOR SOME D E P R E S S I O N?!?
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GymTeacherxHistoryTeacherxStudentTeacher: Smack Down; Sexy Talk by spookycrud
GymTeacherxHistoryTeacherxStudentT...by spookycrud
What happens when the students AREN'T there.
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King dice and Bendy pictures for your fangirl cravings. ME.  by honeybooboo00
King dice and Bendy pictures for y...by Help_me
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All My Favorite Yaoi Ships Pt.2 by CrazyFangirl00000
All My Favorite Yaoi Ships Pt.2by CrazyFangirl00000
This is the continuation of the last book because I ran out of chapters. Yaoi pics and descriptions of the stories.
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The Chosen King (Noctis x reader) [ON HOLD] by PaigeyDo3203
The Chosen King (Noctis x reader)...by PaigeyDo3203
Y/n is sent by Cor to protect the chosen king Noctis Lucis Caelum and ensure that he marries Lady Lunafreya the oracle and help him protect the world, but she starts to...
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Double Suicide by -Shiakuma_Jisatsuki-
Double Suicideby ♡Shia + Jisa♡
Chuuya is in love with Dazai, but then Dazai left. Dazai is in love with Chuuya, but then he had to leave.
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Girl Talk! by Kiki_21
Girl Talk!by ✨KiKi✨
Girls Talk is like a rant book but here you can comment and give me ideas/topics and we can talk about it.. All I ask is for no judgemental people or rude comments. I'...
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Sam And Colby Fanfic by QueerBaiting
Sam And Colby Fanficby Aunt Jeanne
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My sins by Squidduck22
My sinsby Squidduck22
I am now a sinner. I shall share to the world my sins.
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NAJ Paperjam x male nerd skeleton reader  by NeontheParasite
NAJ Paperjam x male nerd skeleton...by NeontheParasite
BTW the cover image isn't mine :) You are a skeleton
Loser or Lover Jungkook FF (complete) by BOBALATTAE
Loser or Lover Jungkook FF (comple...by BOBALATTAE
he always picked on her. always. Park Haemi is a wreck when Jungkook is around. he always picked on her but she didn't believe his truth/confession until after......
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A love story-_-klance🌸🌼 by phan_smut_1
A love story-_-klance🌸🌼by ERENxLEVI❤
Well this is a love story between two of my favourite characters of all time Keith and Lance (klance) there will be smut includes I will put warning so you can skip it i...
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Do you believe in second chances? by beautifyingsins
Do you believe in second chances?by .
Zac and Vanessa were always the ideal teenage couple for hollywood, till a devestating breakup hit both of them. Years have past and the two lovers have felt a strong at...
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