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Switches (Yaoi/boyxboy) by HaydenThePeanut
Switches (Yaoi/boyxboy)by Hayden
Switches, an 18 year old Neko, was sold to a vampire. But switches wasn't sold as a 'pet'. He's a blood-bank, and despite that, Switches is whole heartedly in love with...
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Midnight heat (Sebaciel) by Solangelo2820
Midnight heat (Sebaciel)by Emo yaoi lover
Ciel realizes his feelings for Sebastian as the horrible truth of being an omega hits him.... This will be an omegaverse ,smutty yaoi (boy x boy) fanfic. This is my fir...
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Yui's Savage Brother(Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by Nqchristine18
Yui's Savage Brother(Diabolik Love...by Nqchristine18
****WARNING YUI IS A BITCH IN THIS FANFIC***** (Sorry Yui fans) Meet Yuu Komori, who is the complete opposite of his sister where he is not as weak like Yui. Yuu is a t...
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"εɱε૨αℓ∂ ρ૨เɳ૮ε" by _reesiereese_
"εɱε૨αℓ∂ ρ૨เɳ૮ε"by Reesie
New Title: "εɱε૨αℓ∂ ρ૨เɳ૮ε" Old Title: "Child Of the Greek Gods" °•°•°•°•°•° By: ReesieReese °•°•°•°•°•° Emerging from the sand and clay, their heir...
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Junjou Romantica Manga Completo by REBECAFLOWERS
Junjou Romantica Manga Completoby Min Rebeca°
Junjou Romántica es una serie de manga de género yaoi escrita e ilustrada por Shungiku Nakamura. Es publicado por la editorial Kadokawa Shōten desde el 30 de abril de 20...
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BakuDeku Smut Oneshots by AceistheKase
BakuDeku Smut Oneshotsby 悲しい...
(these are not mine, credits to the rightful owners | a collection of bakudeku one shots | i found these and thought they were good so i decided to post them here) ⚠️❗️w...
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Haikyuu Oneshots by sakurawrites12
Haikyuu Oneshotsby Sakura
This oneshot collection will have mostly yaoi fluff/cute scenarios Ⓡⓔⓠⓤⓔⓢⓣⓢ ⓐⓡⓔ ⓞⓟⓔⓝ Comment what you'd like to see me write And I hope you enjoy the fluff
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Klance One Shots by kootklance
Klance One Shotsby kootklance
Disclaimer: I do not own Voltron or any content related to it like ships, characters, etc. Also credit to the owner who created the fanart, which iv'e used for the front...
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တေစၦရဲ႕လိပ္ျပာငယ္ by Hein_Thit_Zaw
တေစၦရဲ႕လိပ္ျပာငယ္by HeinThitZaw
မညီမ်ွခဲ့တဲ့သံေယာဇဥ္ေနွာင္ျကိုးေျကာင့္ ငါတို႔ႏွလံုးသားေတြ ေၾကမြဖ်က္စီးခံလက္ရၿပီ... Japanese Bl own creation fiction [Warning 18++May be 🚫🚫]
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My Dobe (SasuNaru) by BigKidFangirl
My Dobe (SasuNaru)by おちんちん
Naruto has been acting unusual lately, and Sasuke tries to get to the bottom of it. When they begin to develop feelings for one another, Sakura find outs and drama in Te...
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The Other Side:A PeteKao Fanfic by S5M_5o
The Other Side:A PeteKao Fanficby S5M_5o
COMPLETED Highest Rank #1 in yaoifanfic (This one be going a little smut---ish than my usual, so yeah, heads up! 😇😅💙) "You know what's your problem, Pete? You th...
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You (BoyxBoy/Yaoi)  by KageKei
You (BoyxBoy/Yaoi) by Kageyama Kei
Side story of Paper Hearts : This is all about Ushijima and Tendou
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(SUMMER) 18+ by OngiePeach
(SUMMER) 18+by YunoKim~~
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★ ★  ★  ★ Mi niñero Pervestido  ★ ★ ★ ★ (Perú x Rusia) by nahomy100
★ ★ ★ ★ Mi niñero Pervestido ★...by nahomy100
[No pierde tiempo leer esta linda y pequeña historia]
Lucky find ♡|- BakuDeku -|♡ ( Baku × Mido ) by Sooky_Kooky
Lucky find ♡|- BakuDeku -|♡ ( Baku...by Sooky
What happens when that kind and smart boy goes missing. As people grieve over him, people may think that the one person who bullied him won't, and will be happy. But rea...
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Howling at the Moons by txdramalover
Howling at the Moonsby txdramalover
Yo is a young werewolf who wants nothing more than to experience life. To live, laugh, and love beyond the restrictions he has always known. Will college be his chance t...
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Quiznack I'm pregnant  by fairytailfreak937
Quiznack I'm pregnant by xx_SugaKookie_xx
Lance is an omega but hides it , the team believe he's an alpha but when they all get drunk and lance is in heat at the same time when lance wakes up in Kieths room and...
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My Vampire,  My Lover by JazzyStar07
My Vampire, My Loverby Yaoiauthor
You've been abused long enough. You are a sex slave and wondering when someone will finally love you. What will happen when someone comes to save you, but in return they...
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Momo's sleepover by Kiwi_Lover_bnha
Momo's sleepoverby Kiwi_Lover_bnha
Momo invited class 1-A to a sleepover (Except Mineta, of course). Katsuki Bakugo is forced to go to the sleepover. He winds up walking with his childhood rival, Izuku Mi...
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DESERVES BETTER ❤️JIKOOK••  by bunnyjikook3
DESERVES BETTER ❤️JIKOOK•• by xxikahxx°°
Jimin is a good secretary, beautiful, cute, adorable, kind, angelic, sweet.. all I could ever imagine a perfect person to become mine. All he had, anything, everything o...
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