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healing a broken faunus by Overwatchgirl7
healing a broken faunusby Darkpheonixcosplays
The picture-perfect whitefang leader and a beautiful faunus happy ending, right? wrong Blake has escaped an traumatic abusive relationship and now is homeless and has n...
kwiatki i pszczółki ○ rwby stuff by NijiChou
kwiatki i pszczółki ○ rwby stuffby bzzzz jełop
najpewniej nie znacie, ale dajcie rwby szansę. kto wie, może na miejscu się zakochacie? ((tia, chciałabym)) shipy: bumblebee, whiterose, arkos, renora cosie oryginalnie...
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Bumblebee one shots by gray_350
Bumblebee one shotsby Gray_sama
Another one shots type story but this time it's based on my favorite ship in RWBY bumblebee yey Note RWBY Is owned by rooster teeth productions and monty oum and the pic...
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Our difficult love story (medieval Au Whiterose And Bumblebees)  by kirawolf3
Our difficult love story (medieval...by kira wolf
In the ancient time. Nobles stick with Nobles and the Poor stick with the Poor. It is a hidden rule that Should never be broken or even thought to be broken. But this Pa...
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YANG'S LITTLE DRAGON by WhiteroseBloomer
Yang was born with a dick. Blake is curious about Yang. The gang was there to help the bees. Adam is a good guy. RWBY belongs to Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth.
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RWBY BUMBLEBY  by WhiteroseBloomer
It's RWBY Bumbleby but better... Yang have been acting weird. This make Ruby and Weiss also the others worried about her. What the hell is wrong with her? Will her frien...
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Bumbleby by Halestormer289
Bumblebyby Daniel Holmes
Just a Yang x Blake fanfic. All characters are of RWBY by Rooster Teeth except a few random ones. If you don't like the ship, don't read. This story doesn't follow the s...
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I'm so sorry Yang... But I need to do this... Just some of Yang's embarrassing moments I can think of...
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RWBY stuff 2 by WhiteroseBloomer
RWBY stuff 2by Chicie
There will be Bumbleby not-so-oneshots with background Whiterose, Renora, Arkos, and yada yada. RWBY is owned by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth.
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RWBY Oneshots by That_Girl_123
RWBY Oneshotsby Yvette Stellar
Just short stories of rwby. This includes: Ruby×Pyrrha Jaune×Pyrrha Ruby×Blake Ruby×Weiss Yang×Blake Yang×Weiss Neo×Roman Sun×Blake Neptune×Sun And much more, plus taki...
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❤️🐝 by bumblebee288
❤️🐝by Yang
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the popular and the invisible by Evan_the_RUBENslayer
the popular and the invisibleby Evan_the_RUBENslayer
yang is one of the cool people in school that gets respect from everyone. Blake is just a nerdy,hiding,invisible cat. when their worlds collide nothing will ever be the...
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RWBY LEMONS by Definition_Of_Cringe
RWBY LEMONSby tangy boy
Some delicious lemons ;) (Warning: 18+ content)
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Keep fighting  by ShippingOtakus
Keep fighting by ShippingOtakus
This is a collage AU about Weiss and Ruby. They start off hating each other but what happens when they both fall in love and become roommates. They meet a lot of great p...
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My Book Worm: Yang x Blake  by MasterSparrow
My Book Worm: Yang x Blake by MasterSparrow
Bumblebee! Yang meet a mysterious girl at a book store that happened to attract Yang to her attention. How is that? Well go find out!
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From Shadows, I Burn (Bumbleby) by FixxFan
From Shadows, I Burn (Bumbleby)by GoodBoiMarrow
BumbleBY YangxBlake (STORY STILL SUBJECT TO SOME CHANGES BUT WHATEVER) (Modern-ish/real world AU/still Remnant, still Faunas) Rated M for Mature Abuse Trigger warning (...
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Shit Post! {RWBY} by itschaoticdude
Shit Post! {RWBY}by ベラドンナ ✨
Random and utter bs I post cause I don't have a life 🤷🏽‍♀️
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Shipwrecked - RWBY AU [Bumbleby/Yang X Blake] by grumfee
Shipwrecked - RWBY AU [Bumbleby/Ya...by grumfee
Remnant, 86% of land flooded and sunk by the Faunus for revenge on their treatment. It's been four decades since so much of the four kingdoms had been flushed into the...
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Yellow Roses | Bumbleby & Whiterose One Shots by TheFairyGirl_
Yellow Roses | Bumbleby & Whiteros...by The broken girl
Title gives it away, but Whiterose & Bumbleby one shots, im open to suggestions but it will mainly be these. Feels free to request, fluff or angst scenarios (specify shi...
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RWBY: Surviving Together by WhiteroseBloomer
RWBY: Surviving Togetherby Chicie
A Zombie Apocalypse AU. Yang and Ruby made a big mistake that forced them to separate. Now with Yang stuck with one of the members of the group called White Fang that sh...
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