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Yandere Bestfriend Cast x Reader by Nacy_Playz
Yandere Bestfriend Cast x Readerby Nacy_Playz
Yep. You might know it. If not, then here's the link for the story: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZwixai_RR1PPDMetRK-SB_1Vwt-sS0MA Eh, I dunno what to write...
∆¿Yandere Oneshots?∆ by randomsimpformalleus
∆¿Yandere Oneshots?∆by Happy smoll bean
Yandere oneshots maybe? Idk i tried writing before and it was bad so ima try again 💃 (I barely survived in english writing a story for our peta) Also this is a whole M...