Kim Doyoung  by hyuckiez
Kim Doyoung by 地狱
Doyoung wants a child but Méi isn't sure she can make one with him
  • smutty
  • btssmut
  • kids
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Male! Yandere Simulator rivals x reader (ONESHOTS) by rosetheweeb
Male! Yandere Simulator rivals x r...by Error
I love these boys 😩😩
  • simulator
  • rivals
  • sim
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Ask or Dare The Yandere Simulator Characters by Eeveegamer1234567
Ask or Dare The Yandere Simulator...by Fire Queen
With a new version of this, a new version of events will happen. With the past, one forgotten and not in view anymore and not in connection with this AU anymore. You can...
  • yan
  • kaga
  • megami
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Under Protection (Yandere!Garry X Reader X Zack/Issac Foster) by SoulCookiePanda
Under Protection (Yandere!Garry X...by SoulCookiePanda
(IB and Angels of Death Crossover) He couldn't help it. He was obsessively in love with you, he wouldn't even mind using his kind and gentle exterior to kill for you. Y...
  • reader
  • angels
  • horror
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Yan Sim: Ask or Dare Club Leaders by QueenTeenxox909
Yan Sim: Ask or Dare Club Leadersby QueenTeenxox909
In this book you can ask or dare the club leaders ( Info-chan included) and some of the other yan sim characters are in this book too. ⚠WARNING⚠ There are triggers in t...
  • yanderesimulator
  • geijutanka
  • uekiyaengeika
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shy guy - yanan by taeilephone
shy guy - yananby luna
to be shy is not a bad thing
  • yanan
  • wattys2018
  • pentagon
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Yandere! Hamilton Characters||One Shots by Artistic_Ally
Yandere! Hamilton Characters||One...by 동맹국
DISCONTINUED!! "So, you lied to me the whole entire time?" ... "In a way, yes" "I will never love you" "You shouldn't have said that...
  • hamilton
  • dere
  • yandere
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Levels of a Yandere by Skyecrazed
Levels of a Yandereby Skye
These are the levels of a yandere and how to know which level you're at. This may not be 100% accurate, but pretty close.
  • yandere
  • öf
  • book
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[ 12 chòm sao ] Yêu....  by Hanie_Yan
[ 12 chòm sao ] Yêu.... by Nguyễn Yuii
Đây là đầu Han viết truyện các bạn ủng hộ nha :333 Han sẽ thiên vị Kim Ngưu chút nhé đất diễn của Ngưu sẽ nhìu hơn xíu >< :(( mong các bạn ủng hộ >< #Han_Y...
  • han
  • truyện
  • yan
Yandere Tips by Skyecrazed
Yandere Tipsby Skye
Tips to being yandere.
  • yandere
  • tips
  • dere
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"antes muerto que enamorado" by saritalayandere
"antes muerto que enamorado"by Yandere asecina
quiero hacer un pequeña serie yaoi pero no c siquieran asi que dejo la situacion en sus manos gracias
  • yan
  • trabajo
  • hola
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Yandere Simulator One-Shots  by Eeveegamer1234567
Yandere Simulator One-Shots by Fire Queen
Open for requests! All credit goes to Yandere Dev for these characters
  • dev
  • senpai
  • shots
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shooting star by Azrail-Yamamoto
shooting starby kuro
Wishing upon a star two years young teens Yuuto Suzuki and Azrail Takahashi had their lives change after a wish. Suzuki was sent to boarding school in cali. As for Takah...
  • bxb
  • aaa
  • yan
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Brothers Best Friend || Yan Vostrikov by daddyvostrikov
Brothers Best Friend || Yan Vostri...by daddyvostrikov
Cindy moves from California to Texas due to her moms new job. After her first day at her new school, her over protective brother invites over a friend, Yan Vostrikov who...
  • vostrikov
  • magon
  • 5sos
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Short Story by neecah14
Short Storyby LadyNoOne
Madaming short story dito. Its up to you to find out. Hope you will like it.
  • hana
  • yan
  • shan
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