shy guy - yanan by taeilephone
shy guy - yananby luna
to be shy is not a bad thing
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Ask or Dare The Yandere Simulator Characters by Eeveegamer1234567
Ask or Dare The Yandere Simulator...by Cute... I'M NOT CUTE!
With a new version of this, a new version of events will happen. With the past, one forgotten and not in view anymore and not in connection with this AU anymore. You can...
  • taro
  • senpai
  • akane
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Yan Sim: Ask or Dare Club Leaders by QueenTueenxox909
Yan Sim: Ask or Dare Club Leadersby QueenTueenxox909
In this book you can ask or dare the club leaders ( Info-chan included) and some of the other yan sim characters are in this book too. ⚠WARNING⚠ There are triggers in t...
  • yandere
  • kizanasunobu
  • yan
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Under Protection (Yandere!Garry X Reader X Zack/Issac Foster) by SoulCookiePanda
Under Protection (Yandere!Garry X...by SoulCookiePanda
(IB and Angels of Death Crossover) He couldn't help it. He was obsessively in love with you, he wouldn't even mind using his kind and gentle exterior to kill for you. Y...
  • reader
  • horror
  • no
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Wrong Number by Eeveegamer1234567
Wrong Numberby Cute... I'M NOT CUTE!
Unknown number | 6:35 AM Shut up Umeji. I'm done with all your lies. You better not lie to me again. You get one last chance don't screw it up this time. ...
  • gay
  • number
  • wrongnumber
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Drop it | Taro x Reader x Budo by stuffisfun
Drop it | Taro x Reader x Budoby Jessy~Chan
You opened a door once closed (literally) and a few things lay waiting for you. One being a pleasant surprise and the other...Not so much.
  • yandere
  • budo
  • love
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apricots || yan by JIHOONIGHTS
apricots || yanby 🍒
She felt so lost and lonely And decided to write the feelings down
  • dontreadjuseyor
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RUNAWAYS •lee hoetaek• by minttyprince
RUNAWAYS •lee hoetaek•by MP👑
☆HUI × READER☆ °mainly hui, hongseok, yuto, and kino° (^^decided by wheel decide lol^^) || what happens when five teenagers meet on the streets during their hardest ti...
  • hongseok
  • shinwon
  • yeo
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Daryl Yan x Reader by _bands_and_anime_
Daryl Yan x Readerby Just_anime
A guilty Crown based fan-fic because this character needs more love
  • anime
  • guilty
  • yan
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love island | 2017 by lehtou
love island | 2017by ▫️
in which the newst contest of love island twentyseventeen shocks everyone and is suddenly the most wanted islander. COPYRIGHT © 2017 lehtou
  • yan
  • harry
  • styles
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Yandere Simulator One-Shots  by Eeveegamer1234567
Yandere Simulator One-Shots by Cute... I'M NOT CUTE!
Open for requests! All credit goes to Yandere Dev for these characters
  • taro
  • senpai
  • dev
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My Princess (Yandere! Sans x Reader) by HeyitsSmile
My Princess (Yandere! Sans x Reade...by HeyitsSmile
This mainly just came to me while I was thinking if how to update a story I have here. Its a reader insert even though I put (X Holly) and Holly's info. The reason I do...
  • yan
  • undertale
  • xreader
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Yandere guide- "Eliminating" others by Skyecrazed
Yandere guide- "Eliminating" othersby Skye
This book is about how to "eliminate" others who love your love or who your love, loves. (Hope that made sense).
  • dere
  • love
  • elimination
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Çikolata'M by Pirenses--Yaren0
Çikolata'Mby Anka_Yaren@
Bir kızın yeni bir eve taşınması ve yan komşusunun bir sadist ve kadına doyamayan bir adam olsa ne olur?
  • zevk
  • sadist
  • komşu
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ABUSE | yandere yuri plisetsky by jouleianne
ABUSE | yandere yuri plisetskyby Fujoshi Fangirl
" 'til death do us part. " cold-hearted, with a knife in hand ; he was ready to kill people who dare to stand. she knew it was dangerous, she knew it'll cost...
  • yurachka
  • yurio
  • fanfiction
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Male! Yandere Simulator rivals x reader by rosetheweeb
Male! Yandere Simulator rivals x r...by Rose chan~
I love these boys help
  • ongoing
  • simulator
  • yanderesimulator
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