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Shiratorizawa's Manager by arley_isabelle
Shiratorizawa's Managerby Castillejo, K
Kaito was already famous because of her beauty and perfect physique. In class, she wasn't the type to raise her hand and answer each question but when it comes to exams...
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What Is Wrong With This Place  by Ro-Rolo28
What Is Wrong With This Place by Ro-Rolo
What happens when the Shiratorizawa volleyball team go on a camping trip and they discover that there something wrong with the place they are staying and itmf they don't...
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Receiver Swap by Pravi29
Receiver Swapby Pravi29
What happens when the team swaps liberos?
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intoxicated 「 semishira 」 by lovebugnishi
intoxicated 「 semishira 」by ❁ kamikun ❁
« Kenjirou's chest swells and he knows he had one drink, but he's so high on whatever he's feeling and it's euphoric. He wants more, he just wants to feel whatever he's...
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Guessing Love Chapter 1 by toruwutrashykawa
Guessing Love Chapter 1by toruwutrashykawa
Sorry for it being short, school is just, 😤
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Stress by tobioshit
Stressby ♠︎♔ 𝐟𝐮𝐜𝐤 𝐝𝐚𝐝𝐢 ♔♠︎
Semi Eita has always loved to bake. Perhaps it's because he's the oldest out of four siblings but he just bakes whenever he feels stressed.
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Flight of a Swan (Haikyuu!!) by AbbyFaden
Flight of a Swan (Haikyuu!!)by Abby Faden
In Shiratorizawa Academy, things are more like a jungle than a tropical getaway.
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Mecha-Brick by ChanceMachina
Mecha-Brickby Chance Machina
For as long as he could remember, Mr. Yamagata had loved to read. From the moment he got up in the morning, to the point where he could no longer keep his eyes open in b...
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Grow Up by taryneliseb
Grow Upby taryneliseb
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