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Dragons Rising ✔️ by Silverfstreak
Dragons Rising ✔️by Silvana F. Streak
To wizards and mind readers, shapeshifters are disposable. The only way to prove that a shapeshifter is worth more than the dirt on their shoes is to become a dragon rid...
The Water Howlers - Book II ✎ by thebookchatter
The Water Howlers - Book II ✎by Signe
*Sequel to The Air Howlers* The King of Aethorin summons the Four to the capital where he gives them a surprising assignment that will bring them across the Aederlas se...
The Witch and the Wolf ✔️ by AmazingGraceless
The Witch and the Wolf ✔️by Gracie Hallow
When Lorna Bishop was sixteen years old, she was determined to never fall in love. It destroyed her parents and took her future. As a witch, she is subservient to the we...
Empty Chains ✔️ | #ONC2019 by StormRidden
Empty Chains ✔️ | #ONC2019by Aria Brynn
Death has a sick sense of humor. On the most destructive week of Holiday Warren's life, a crosswalk turns into a deadly sprint through the depths of hell to right the wr...
The Duchess Cannot Sleep || ONC 2021 by Kehanni
The Duchess Cannot Sleep || ONC 20...by Emilia Ross
Duchess Andreya Marivatan was murdered at the age of twenty-two. It had been during the hours the pool of night was deepest, Andreya soundlessly asleep in silk sheets be...
The Book of Trials by Kehanni
The Book of Trialsby Emilia Ross
When Veia Phelde is cursed, she hardly expects the ruin it will invoke, but will breaking the curse come at a cost more than its worth in blood? +++ ...
FireBind by niki361891
FireBindby Riya Patel
The Human Government has slaughtered all Flame Keepers. With a small population of them scattered, undercover all over the world. Vanhi is willing to do anything to stay...
Ever So Lightly- Book 1 by paisleypikachu
Ever So Lightly- Book 1by Katie Steele
{COMPLETED} The stars disappeared seventeen years ago. A black night sky has mirrored a bleak existence for the people of Auros. The Gifted, humans with unique abilities...
The Conspiracy of Ravens by DelaineWrites
The Conspiracy of Ravensby D.A. Coppock
*Top 5 YA Fantasy* Are you a witch, or what? Ari Ross lives in the Pacific Northwest in a centuries old house. A house once inhabited by the infamous Ravensgate Five wit...
The Girl Who Walked Through Hell & Back by faithy_c123
The Girl Who Walked Through Hell...by Faith
She was a different breed of human, she didn't know how but she could feel it. She walked through hell and back to get where she now. She was a dreamer, and that's what...
Timeskip: The Madwars by castle0fglass
Timeskip: The Madwarsby Ash
The history of The Madwars. And no, it's not my homework essay. I'll tell you a story, if you listen carefully. Sadly, so many chronicles from that time are absolutely m...
Becoming, Part 2 of the Siblings' Tale by AstridVJ
Becoming, Part 2 of the Siblings'...by Astrid V.J.
This is the sequel to Aspiring, Part 1 of the Siblings' Tale, Astrid V.J.'s Literary Classics award-winning debut novel. Leaving behind all they know, Elisabeth and her...
Phoenix Ascending ✔️  by SnehaS311
Phoenix Ascending ✔️ by Sneha x
"The Phoenix must burn to emerge." -------------------------- One academy. Hundreds of supernaturals. One deathly powerful unaware human girl. Who's going down...
Staying Under by RSHunter
Staying Underby R. S. Hunter
There were numerous reasons why Riley Williams could be expelled out of Asphodel Academy, a boarding school for witches and warlocks. She was indiscipline, cocky, and di...
Island of Nightmares by rwalander
Island of Nightmaresby ronja
"Welcome to Isle de Morphea, a place where your dreams come to life. Enjoy your stay, because you're not leaving. Ever."
Song of Amber and Ire by DelaineWrites
Song of Amber and Ireby D.A. Coppock
Song of Amber and Ire: Book 1 #1 #YAFantasy Asra was plucked as an infant from her mother, chosen by Queen Asalah to become the next Queen of Na'eem. Na'eem, a land of...
Order Unraveling by hyp3rshock
Order Unravelingby S Willis
Being mortal is dangerous enough. Being mortal in the Order is a deathwish. Nineteen-year-old Sheriden Krieger is an agent of the Order, a coalition of peacekeepers comp...
Song of The Wild by DelaineWrites
Song of The Wildby D.A. Coppock
Song of Amber and Ire: Book 2 Top 5 #YAFantasy Following the sudden death of the tyrannical Queen, newly crowned Queen Asra prepares to marry the former castaway Lanaas...
Bright Eyes by _lazarein
Bright Eyesby Lazarein
THE WORLD THEY ONCE KNEW IS NO LONGER WHAT THEY KNOW NOW. Welcome to Ravenwood Academy, the only boarding school in the quiet small town of Waltervere, Oregon. And just...
The Broken Hearted by Evelyn_Hawkings
The Broken Heartedby Eve
Never once did I think that I could be living a lie. That was until I meet him. He showed me the truth. Maybe he is the reason I'm now free. Or maybe he's the reason I'...