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2 Moons The Series - Eng. Book 2 by ChinitoBlanco
2 Moons The Series - Eng. Book 2by ChinitoBlanco
This is an English translation of the 2nd Book written by Chiffon_cake based on her second original book เดือนเกี้ยวเดือน. All names of characters are based from the or...
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LAVENDAIR : [on Hold] My Precious Wayo   by Achunandhu
LAVENDAIR : [on Hold] My Precious...by GB & YZ Trash
This story deals with the unexpected meeting of phana and wayo and their wonderful friendships with other couples (mingkit and forthbeam). So literally it's a slow burn...
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Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fanfic - BOOK 2) by Kim_Hae
Taming His Wild Heart (Scarlet Hea...by 김민해
//2nd Installment of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Fanfic// Everyone knows about Prince So who became King Gwangjong, and also 3rd Prince Wang Yo, a heartless, mummy's boy. He is...
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THE MOON'S REDEMPTION by sirisprince
After Pha realizes the one he rejected was his long time crush and that person has moved on he tries his best to forget. In his attempt to free himself from Pring ans h...
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POISON [Prince Wang Yo] by loveshot__
POISON [Prince Wang Yo]by :)
Four Princesses from a foreign Palace are sent to help heal relations between their respective Kingdoms but when relations turn ill their hopes for peace become harder t...
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Annoying P'Kim by alissonalice
Annoying P'Kimby alissonalice
KIMCOP/MINGKIT Copter had been dreaming to be an actor since he's a kid. And he was giving a chance to work with this one company. So, let's figure out how the boys gro...
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A Moon's Wish (2 Moons ~  Phayo) by Imagine2Moons
A Moon's Wish (2 Moons ~ Phayo)by Imagine2Moons
P'Pha..." I gulped. Our foreheads now touching and both of us breathing heavily. "Yo, please..." P'Pha begged. P'Pha's begging thrilled and excited me. It...
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.-•*Let Go*•-.[Bnha x Male reader] by Anime_hog
.-•*Let Go*•-.[Bnha x Male reader]by fuckingg calm down
You are a new student at U.A.. You have the power to do anything related to nature.This quirk includes healing, wind, sun, moon, trees, make plants , flowers , and more...
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about us lmao (;
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Circus Freak by theyoungestoftwo
Circus Freakby lilly 💕
"I'm a freak, Yo." "You're beautiful." {MingYo}
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Casi sin ser visto by TamaraSilva15
Casi sin ser vistoby Galletita Alborán
Una noche. Una chica. Una oportunidad de ser alguien más. Pablo Alborán está feliz de ser quien es. No quiere cambiar eso. Pero cuando se le presenta la oportunidad de...
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BACK TO YOU➰Z.K  by flowerzion
about two ex lovers forced to work together warning..cringe n confusion
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TEARS OF THE  MOON by sirisprince
TEARS OF THE MOONby sirisprince
This story is a twist of the 2 moons the series. Excerpt: Ming being Ming told me surely I had misunderstood and I so wanted it to be true, so I gladly accepted this p...
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Normality [Vocaloid boy x boy] by Vivisaurs
Normality [Vocaloid boy x boy]by be gay do crimes
He'd like to be normal. But he had something wrong with him- something in his brain that he couldn't get rid of- that had derailed any chance of normality he had from...
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MODGRAM xD. by moans_dlwlrma
MODGRAM xD.by vαınıllα ♡
idk ajam,,,
Una historia que debo contar by Srta_Stories
Una historia que debo contarby 🤞🏻VEINTIDÓS🤞🏻
Contando los pequeños secretos que tengo grabados en mi mente, todo lo que guardo en mi cabeza de por vida. Necesito contar lo que llevo guardado, y quiero contar todo...
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Squidward x Spongebob by MIFiSHi
Squidward x Spongebobby MIFiSHi
a shipping man they fuck
It's Not Just A Game (Izayoi Male Reader x Black Rabbit) by BlueVegetto
It's Not Just A Game (Izayoi Male...by Vegetto Blue
I'm just had this idea for a while now.
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Your fantasy(Rapper Imagines) by Kailen04
Your fantasy(Rapper Imagines)by Itz_Kailen
Imagines of different rappers🥵 You'll never know who you'll see🤷🏽‍♀️ Stay tuned for new books/chapters💞
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