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Stepdad by fuckinmango
Stepdadby ❦🅼🅰🅽🅶🅾❦
a fathers love doesn't have to be from a biological father. #17 in machinegunkelly 10/14/21 #1 in colsonbaker 10/16/21 #1 in mgk 06/20/21 #3 in yungblud 10/15/21
Tattoo// MGK Instagram  by suckonmytoes01
Tattoo// MGK Instagram by Bitch please
Monica Bennet was an interesting girl. She had the style attitude of someone who knew the music industry but she was just a tattooer, the people she tattooed for were th...
Trouble - MGK  by fivesosgalx
Trouble - MGK by MGK
you were a different type of trouble.
Mgk Imagines/ Small Stories FEMALE READER by rynsamy
Mgk Imagines/ Small Stories FEMALE...by Ryn<3
Just a bunch of short stories involving Mgk & you! Things 2 know b4 u read!!: Y/n - your name L/n - last name B/f/n - Best friends name E/c - eye color H/l - hair length...
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90% Straight  by fuckinmango
90% Straight by ❦🅼🅰🅽🅶🅾❦
"It's obvious that you two wanna fuck" "Dude, I'm not-" "The world has bigger problems than boys who kiss boys." #11 in dominicharrison 05...
MHA Scenario Book by xX_Death_Chan_Xx
MHA Scenario Bookby Death Angel
A boyfriend scenario book about the reader(you) x any of the following characters: Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki, Bakugou, Kirishima, Iida, Overhaul(only in chapters l...
Drawn by Chaotic_Kitana
Drawnby Chaotic_Kitana
Ski drags Jah to a party that his old friend is throwing. Jahseh doesn't want to go but what happens when a certain someone catches his eye?
Furever Felix X Oswald by SheMyCrabQueen
Furever Felix X Oswaldby Ginger
Oswald a 19 year old collage student who is pretty good looking, but he can't get a girlfriend....well....its not that he can't....its because he's gay so he Doesn't hav...
Cassandra X Reader by NaterTot7
Cassandra X Readerby Nate
This is for the Cassandra simps. Yk who you are. With this being an X reader there's a whole story that goes along with it. This story had mentions of guns, blood, shar...
Meant To Be by Xx_GryffindorMilo_xX
Meant To Beby Milo
This is a fan-fiction and ship for Luca and Alberto! The movie is amazing, so if you haven't watched it I think you should!!
Even So//Bang Chan X Reader {Completed} by KatAlexRose
Even So//Bang Chan X Reader {Compl...by Aubri
A girl who has a power or a curse, that keeps her from touching others. But one day she meets a boy that causes her no pain when their skin touched. And that's the boy...
wasted love • mgk by bluelips17
wasted love • mgkby blue•lips
i didn't want to be alone, i wanted to be here with her, but i couldn't said a word instead i went back to my room, i called the girl from the show, prepared a joint and...
✨Pico x Keith Oneshots✨ by RosebudUwU2
✨Pico x Keith Oneshots✨by ✨Official Otaku✨
I freaking love this shippp!!!😤 It gives me bestfriend to lovers vibes so yea here is a oneshots book about them. If you have suggests please do tell im not mean no wor...
Michael Myers x Reader (Lemon) by TyeTyee
Michael Myers x Reader (Lemon)by Enni
Michael Myers is on the loose again, and this time, he's after Jamie Lloyd. Except theres one problem. You're not letting her go so easily.
Love? Destiny! [Neji x Reader] by UglyEmoChild69
Love? Destiny! [Neji x Reader]by UglyEmoChild69
(name) - ur name (F/C) - favorite color (E/C) - eye color (H/C) - hair color (Nick) - nickname Did you just die because of a different fan fiction specifically a Neji...
Match Made In Heaven by salmah_buba
Match Made In Heavenby Salma❤
A Nigerian love-story