PAUPERISM | [lookism + reader] by gotyeol
PAUPERISM | [lookism + reader]by snatch my brand
[lookism reader insert] [CHAPTERS 1-15 EDITED!] - [PAUPERISM'S MEANING] A state of being in extreme poverty or destitution (vocabulary.com is our savior) - (Y/N) moves o...
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twitter ✰ Finn Wolfhard x Reader by RadicalPear
twitter ✰ Finn Wolfhard x Readerby VALENTINE
❝ like my tweet you stupid pool noodle lookin' ass ❞
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Mad House (Jeff the Killer X reader) by SuicidalFallenAngel
Mad House (Jeff the Killer X reade...by Fallen Angel
Jeff the killer x reader Is it possible for you to fall in love with an insane killer?
  • xreader
  • creepypasta
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Ciel x Vampire! Reader by Empress_Sammy
Ciel x Vampire! Readerby Solangelo ★
❝Can you love someone that is already dead?❞ (Ongoing)
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Blocked (Saiki Kusuo x reader) by Awesomelemonaids
Blocked (Saiki Kusuo x reader)by Awesomelemonaids
As you know Saiki doesn't have an interest in any one, to him teenage romance is a waste of time. But out of no where a girl shows up. She's quiet, smart and very pretty...
  • hairo
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RESET // Detroit Become Human // Connor X Reader by BethHasFreckles
RESET // Detroit Become Human // C...by BethHasInsomnia
"Hello? RK800? Can you see me?" "Yes." "Do you have a name?" "I... don't remember..." When Hank gets into trouble with drug deale...
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To Close For Comfort (Yandere Brother x Reader) by xKoolKatsx
To Close For Comfort (Yandere Brot...by No Yanderes Here
When your big brother told you he loved you, did you expect it to be like this? You often find yourself experiencing the worst possible scenarios a highschool student co...
  • jealousy
  • anime
  • heartwarming
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Servant  by goldenscares666
Servant by Golden
(Insane/Yandere King x Reader) Don't you change the subject, Cuz you're my favorite subject~
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TRAPPED - Yandere! Yagami Light x Reader [LEMON]  by seiiii-channnn
TRAPPED - Yandere! Yagami Light x...by Ackerman
❗Contains sexual content❗ ❗Rape❗ If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not read.
  • sequal
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  • deathnote
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Black Butler x Child!reader by storylover687
Black Butler x Child!readerby storylover687
Ciel Phantomhive was doing paperwork when he suddenly got a letter from The Queen herself,she wanted Ciel to take care of 6 year old child who is her granddaughter.Ciel...
  • aloistrancy
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Top. (Reader x Various Kakegurui) by Katjaface
Top. (Reader x Various Kakegurui)by Katjaface
Hyakkaou Private Academy is run by the student council. And the student council is run by a mysterious girl: you. But very few people know this, allowing you to blend in...
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Jupiter - Finn Wolfhard x Reader by RadicalPear
Jupiter - Finn Wolfhard x Readerby VALENTINE
SkataRat: wait... ur a girl? [TextFic & IRL]
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Bumblebee x Reader by anadelrey_
Bumblebee x Readerby anastasia
what started as a joke but went too far
  • bumblebee
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The Lonely Hero []Various! BNHA ♡ Fem! Reader[] by LordAwesumDanny
The Lonely Hero []Various! BNHA ♡...by Danny
[Name] Nezu, adopted daughter of pro hero Nezu, and a bunch of heroic guys, as well as some evil doods as well. I suck at descriptions, but I still try to make this stor...
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shots by Katjaface
Mystic Messenger Lemons & One-shotsby Katjaface
This is just a book of whatever ideas come to mind in terms of situations involving the characters of Mystic Messenger. Please feel free to comment requests! ~Disclaimer...
  • juminhan
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⁅ Switched ⁆  by CielizzyShipper
⁅ Switched ⁆ by ℭ𝔬𝔫𝔫𝔬𝔯
Human! Connor x Android! Rk800! Reader Story. "Hello, my name is (Y/n). I am the android sent by CyberLife. I'm the newest Rk800 prototype, model #313 248 317-51. I...
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Flower Girl (Peter Parker x Reader) by summer_scars
Flower Girl (Peter Parker x Reader)by Summer_scars
Peter looked out his window, spotting that same girl as every morning. Her hands wouldn't be quick enough to cut that rose from Aunt May's garden before he opened his do...
  • wattys2018
  • peter
  • fanfiction
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The Wife (Hisoka x Reader) by Katjaface
The Wife (Hisoka x Reader)by Katjaface
Hisoka can be a little bit... creepy. At least that's everyone's impression of him. But what happens when they find out that Hisoka's got a family waiting for him? Just...
  • familyproblems
  • wattys2018
  • marriage
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That Vlog Life • Logan Paul x Reader • Fanfiction by RawlfTheCat
That Vlog Life • Logan Paul x Read...by RawlfTheCat
"Aw come on (Y/n), I thought that we were going to be doing some hardcore smashing tonight," Logan said jokingly. "Were you eavesdropping on our conversat...
  • maverick
  • california
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A Vampire's Plaything {Sakamaki x Reader} by Hello__My__Name__Is
A Vampire's Plaything {Sakamaki x...by Hello My Name Is
You are the Sakamaki's prized pet. You had seen brides come and go over the years and never had a problem with them. Until Yui arrives. Everything changes with the new B...
  • subaru
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