Spotlight (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader) ✔ by WonderingAuthor
Spotlight (Yuri Plisetsky x Reader...by Cat x
Yuri Plisetsky, now 17 years old, is at the peak of his career as a figure skater. Successful and talented, he seems to have everything on a silver platter. But no amoun...
  • firstperson
  • yuriplisetsky
  • yurionice
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Saved~ Dean x Reader by fan-of-the-fandoms
Saved~ Dean x Readerby Multi fandom Trash
  • deanwinchester
  • monsters
  • samwinchester
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Levi x reader | Cold Colours by Lexialexus
Levi x reader | Cold Coloursby Lexialexus
(Soulmate AU!) ((When you first meet your soulmate you see color for the first time. Additionally when they die you lose those same colors.)) Levi Ackerman... The CEO of...
  • modernau
  • leviackermanxreader
  • levixreader
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Saving the Broken (Connor x Deviant!Reader) by spiritwing13
Saving the Broken (Connor x Devian...by Spiritwing13
"I'm broken." "Then you can be fixed." "You can't fix something this broken." "I can try."
  • emotional
  • adventure
  • connor
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bridge  - (Levi x Reader) by atolla
bridge - (Levi x Reader)by ⁎⁺˳✧༚ reiko⁎⁺˳✧༚
"Hey what's the homeworkr?" Y/N is a high school student who accidentally texts the wrong number. While she certainly didn't get the homework that day and was...
  • levixreader
  • memes
  • readerxcharacter
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Hamilton x Reader - What Have I Gotten Myself Into by blue_fire9
Hamilton x Reader - What Have I Go...by Ash
When (y/n) hears a crash in the early morning, she never would have guessed to find Alexander Hamilton in her living room... in the 21st century... or the rest of the Ha...
  • kinggeorge
  • hamilton
  • hamiltonxreader
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Tom Riddle X Reader by bravemoongirl
Tom Riddle X Readerby bravemoongirl
Join hogwarts in a secret mission to change the fate of lord voldemort, when he was still the mysterious, two-faced Tom Riddle as you travel back in time in hopes of cha...
  • tom
  • xreader
  • hogwarts
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She's My Hero | My Hero Academia x Reader by _Chantel
She's My Hero | My Hero Academia x...by
She's always been unwanted, rejected, everything. People treated her like dirt. All she was to society was a stepping-stone. After awhile and a lot of hard work, a certa...
  • xreader
  • mha
  • midoriya
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Eddsworld x Reader ☆See Request Page!!!☆ by _kit_10
Eddsworld x Reader ☆See Request Pa...by _kit_10
I can't write the best but I need requests from ppl.
  • xreader
  • plzrequest
  • edd
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I want you to be Mine and Mine only (Yandere! Ticci Toby x Reader!) by JKSalina54
I want you to be Mine and Mine onl...by Love and Cookies
16 year old Y/n just enjoying her life, nothing possibly could go wrong! Well that was until...he...came into the picture. He couldn't possibly be pulled away from the o...
  • creepypasta
  • ticcitoby
  • xreader
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Are You Loyal? [Lust!Sans x Reader] by Fandomz_Fangirl
Are You Loyal? [Lust!Sans x Reader]by Evangeline Hisahoshi
Your boyfriend was just caught cheating on you. You got mad at him for buying a prostitute and fucking her, so he threw you out. To compensate with this loss of the guy...
  • underlust
  • sans
  • undertale
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Touch ➸ Ticci Toby x Reader by KissedByRain
Touch ➸ Ticci Toby x Readerby ⠀⠀roslyn⠀⠀
➸[ Completed ] A 17-year-old girl has been isolated in a Mental Institution for 3 years now, every passing hour becoming a colorless blur. The closest she can ever get t...
  • fanfic
  • ticcitoby
  • ticcitobyxreader
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Assassination Classroom x Fem!Reader - Puppet Class by yanderechuu
Assassination Classroom x Fem!Read...by Koro-sensaaiiiii
"It's easy - getting all of you tied up to my strings as if you all are mere puppets." She never had a heart; she was cold, wreckless, and ruthless. "I'm...
  • puppet
  • assclass
  • ansatsukyoushitsuxreader
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Brother... (Karma Akabane x reader) by PrincexKai
Brother... (Karma Akabane x reader)by Kaiya
This is a story based on the anime Assassination Classroom, both season 1 and season 2. As the title states, this is an x reader which means that the protagonist of this...
  • ansatsukyoushitsu
  • readerinsert
  • romance
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Picture Perfect (Adrien x Reader x Chat Noir) by bopzsh
Picture Perfect (Adrien x Reader x...by Shpocklz
Highest Rank: #15 - Fanfiction #1 - ReaderxCharacter #9 -xreader What happens when (Y/N), one of the most famous teen models from (Y/C), is forced to date Paris' hottes...
  • fanfiction
  • noir
  • chat
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『ғʀᴏᴢᴇɴ ғʟᴀᴍᴇs』【ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ】 by Shoto_Kun
『ғʀᴏᴢᴇɴ ғʟᴀᴍᴇs』【ᴛᴏᴅᴏʀᴏᴋɪ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ】by Shōto Todoroki
❝Not all scars show, Not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can't always see the pain someone feels❞
  • mha
  • sadness
  • bnha
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Cursed (Zeref X Reader) by mango_gymnast
Cursed (Zeref X Reader)by ❀
(Y/N) has always tried to lock away her past, rejecting her old magic which was forced upon her by one of the darkest figures in history. Then she meets Zeref, cursed by...
  • tail
  • grayfullbuster
  • natsudragneel
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Bone of Contention (Underswap Papyrus X Reader) by TheIndianaCrew
Bone of Contention (Underswap Papy...by Indiana
Humanity is divided over one thing, the monsters reappearance. Some believe they should stay aboveground and others think they should be sent back where they came from...
  • theindianacrew
  • self-insert
  • undertale
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His Girl - Freddy Krueger x Reader by CamsterHale
His Girl - Freddy Krueger x Readerby ❦cαм❦
[DISCLAIMER: In the first seven chapters, the reader is young and Freddy is being sexual towards her. Yes, I know pedophilia is wrong, but you're missing something. FRED...
  • horror
  • hisgirl
  • freddykruegerxreader
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Enemies In Love(Jacksepticeye X reader) by ImSorryMrGullible
Enemies In Love(Jacksepticeye X re...by professional fangirl
  • highschool
  • youtube
  • xreader
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