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Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY) by xjames2001
Arc of Humanity ( HaloxRWBY)by xjames2001
He was being torn apart by the most of the academy students when Cardin expose his fake transcipt. He still has his friends but he ran away when his father disowned him...
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GDI goes to Remnant by xjames2001
GDI goes to Remnantby xjames2001
After Jaune was being exposed of his fake transcript by Cardin, he's being teleport to the world where tibarium is spreading throughout the world & a war between GDI & N...
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Multiverse- Revenge of the Axis remnants by xjames2001
Multiverse- Revenge of the Axis re...by xjames2001
The world where all other universes merged into one world and all races are in peace together. But there's ab old greater threat lurking in the shadow that will trigger...
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The Gate: Revenge of remnant nazi (discontinued) by xjames2001
The Gate: Revenge of remnant nazi...by xjames2001
The nazi discovered a hidden gate that leads to the another world. When the nazi regime is fallen they gathered all remaining people and resources to enter the portal be...
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Heroes Universe Unite by xjames2001
Heroes Universe Uniteby xjames2001
All heroes from different universes were captured by Deathskull organization but they able to escape. They will must face most challenge they never encounter before. Wil...
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The gate: The return of old empire by xjames2001
The gate: The return of old empireby xjames2001
During in WW2 in pacific, a group of organization have develop a serum that can be immortal age for hundred years. When the WW2 ended, they fled to other place and never...
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Multiverse reaction story by xjames2001
Multiverse reaction storyby xjames2001
Since I see everyone make a react story of the characters from multiverse. I decided that I will make one. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy it reading this reaction story.
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The Combine empire vs the multiverse by xjames2001
The Combine empire vs the multiver...by xjames2001
After they taking care of Gordon Freeman and the rebellion, they are now started to conquer more dimensionals and taking their lives without mercy. What would characters...
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The gate: Wolfenstein in the Special region artwork by xjames2001
The gate: Wolfenstein in the Speci...by xjames2001
I've seen some people making an artworks and post it in Wattpad to see what's it looks like in the story. So I've decided that maybe I can be part of it. I'll gonna make...
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Heroes Universes Unite drawings by xjames2001
Heroes Universes Unite drawingsby xjames2001
This is just drawings for original crossover fanfic story.
RWBY: The Death Grimm Fang (discontinued) by xjames2001
RWBY: The Death Grimm Fang (discon...by xjames2001
In unknown to them, there's a secret organization that wanted to kill all humans & faunus. They will be a massive chaos in Remnant. Will Team RWBY stop a threat or they...
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The Lich and the Soul of Determination by xjames2001
The Lich and the Soul of Determina...by xjames2001
Kel'Thuzad the Lich lead the remaining undead of Scourge into the portal that leads to another world and planning to take over a new world. But first, they must take sev...
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GDI goes to Remnant- The idea of the story by xjames2001
GDI goes to Remnant- The idea of t...by xjames2001
This basically used for ideas for create characters, weapons and anything else for a story. ( Only made by myself)
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Undertale: Welcome to Unlondon by xjames2001
Undertale: Welcome to Unlondonby xjames2001
After the barrier was broken, everything was peace between two races. Frisk however have a dark secrets and she never tell to everyone. A man with a mask came to kill pe...
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Splatoon: The wraith of S.S.B (cancelled) by xjames2001
Splatoon: The wraith of S.S.B (can...by xjames2001
After defeating DJ Octavio by Agent 4 and escape from the subway and defeat commander Tartar by Agent 8, everyone are at peace. But the new enemy that led them to their...
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