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LETTERS → BHZ | FIN by ohmyzerkaa
LETTERS → BHZ | FINby chloe
[ BEHZINGA ] | the ones who shine the brightest tend to burn out first.
  • ksimon
  • sidemen
  • tobjizzle
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❝leave this blue neighbourhood, never knew loving could hurt this good❞ a collection of gif imagines to do with the sidemen. also includes: the pack callux calfreezy the...
  • theburntchip
  • sarahclose
  • vikkstar123
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That One Football Player (Miniminter x Reader) by iEmi55
That One Football Player (Minimint...by iEmi
It all starts with the Sidemen FC vs the Youtube Allstars Charity football/soccer match. Y/N is the only girl playing in the match, and she is on the Youtube Allstars, a...
  • romance
  • mm7
  • simon
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LETHAL⇉S.MINTER AU✔️ by bobbybasic
LETHAL⇉S.MINTER AU✔️by »chloe«
❝ SHE'S TOO PURE AND INNOCENT FOR A GUY SO DANGEROUS ❞ in which simon minter, the most ruthless boy in the whole school has a soft spot for a particular girl.
  • london
  • aggressivesimon
  • tbjzl
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WillNE//Other Places, Other Faces by xperson14
WillNE//Other Places, Other Facesby xperson14
if Will finds this fan fiction I'm going to skrr quavo the fuck out of here.
  • thesidemen
  • sidemen
  • wroetoshaw
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Sidemen Imagines and Preferences by sidemen_riverdale
Sidemen Imagines and Preferencesby Hannah
All about our favourite boys. REQUESTS ARE OPEN. #56/1000+ in #Sidemen 🎈 Started- 8/11/17 Completed- ? © SidemenRiverdale
  • ksiolajidebt
  • ethanpayne
  • callux
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lonely || sidemen || completed by opalum
lonely || sidemen || completedby rose golden
are the loneliest boys in school the loveliest ones? or are they all lonely for a reason?
  • fanfic
  • ff
  • xix
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DEAD BY DAYLIGHT by hmuminter
"here, in the forest, dark and deep, I offer you, eternal sleep." amber goes with vik, jj, ethan, josh, and simon into a sketchy forest, but everything goes wr...
  • olajide
  • zerker
  • payne
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• Still a Fuqboi • // KSI by katiehearsawho
• Still a Fuqboi • // KSIby Katie
The sequel to Fuqboi! - Completed-All is not well in the YouTube wonderland. Bethany and JJ are on and off like a light switch. Simon feels lied to and it all comes to...
  • behzinga
  • xix
  • vikstar123
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unpolished || miniminter || completed by opalum
unpolished || miniminter || comple...by rose golden
simon was always clumsy, but after the accident, his hands only became even more shaky.
  • ksiolajidebt
  • sidemen
  • sdmn
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❝ TRUST ME LOVE ME FUCK ME ❞ in which i make MORE sidemen gif imagines for you also includes: the pack callux calfreezy theburntchip sarah close will lenney
  • sidemen
  • lachlanpower
  • tbjzl
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Bullied by The Sidemen  by lillyhemmingsXIX
Bullied by The Sidemen by lilly 🌴
THIS BOOK SUCKS IDK WHY PEOPLE READ IT Ava constantly got bullied by the guys in school, but as they became closer their relationships change. This book will most likely...
  • tbjzl
  • miniminter
  • ksi
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oneshots || sidemen by opalum
oneshots || sidemenby rose golden
if you have ever wondered what would happen if minizerk made a cake, or the house suffered a powercut, you're in the right place.
  • ksiolajidebt
  • youtubers
  • xix
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Stars  - Tobjizzle by SleepySursh
Stars - Tobjizzleby Aliza
"If I know what true love is, it's because of you" -- In which Jade meets a stranger who comes to mean much more to her than she thought possible
  • sidemen
  • tobibrown
  • tobjizzlefanfic
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blue ♡ minishaw / wroetozerk by a-stronomy
blue ♡ minishaw / wroetozerkby astro
❝ why are you even with him, blue boy? ❞ ❝ because no matter how much you don't like it... he makes me happy ❞
  • minishaw
  • boyxboy
  • zerkshaw
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masked  by youtubenightss
masked by hello, i'm miaミ☆
simon minter, the baddest boy in school. with his brooding, classically handsome face and signature smirk- every girl wants to be with him and every boy wants to be him...
  • vikkstar
  • zerker
  • xix
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BETTER NOW ╳ JAMES MARRIOTT by yikesmarriott
twitter / social media story. sometimes life has a plan for you.
  • willne
  • imallexx
  • jamesmarriottyt
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Adopted by Zerkaa (Sidemen ff) {ON HOLD} by JustWrite24
Adopted by Zerkaa (Sidemen ff) {ON...by Martina_xo
Martina Gomez is a 17 year old girl in an orphanage. One day she's adopted by Joshua Bradley and her whole world changes.
  • ksiolajidebt
  • miniminter
  • sidemen
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The Gang Leader is back by thefandomlifeishere
The Gang Leader is backby Thefandomlifeishere
A year has passed since Vikk ended his gang. But some that proofs comes up in a new case set the world upside down. How will everyone react? What will Vikk do?
  • thegangleader
  • wroetoshaw
  • zerkaahd
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Sidemen Imagines by FicTheFeels
Sidemen Imaginesby Sara Mai Tomas
So as you can see, I'm going to try and write some sidemen imagines, including Calfreezy and anyone else who is requested. I'm going to be doing smut, fluff, boyxboy, re...
  • sidemen
  • mm7games
  • wroetoshaw
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