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FTO S5 and OoO S2 ||| One-Shots by Rinith_Raine
FTO S5 and OoO S2 ||| One-Shotsby Raine
Requests are open. The stories may take a while to publish. All Characters Legal ships No smut All the characters belong to the YouTubers not me
Memories by Unicorns522671
Memoriesby Alice20o1
After Brandon got his heart broken by Lucas when he picked Kit over him, he fell into dispersion. One day he attempted suicide by jumping off a cliff. While falling he h...
The Rouge's Quest - (Shino X Artemis AU) by PIE4LIFEE
The Rouge's Quest - (Shino X Artem...by PIE4LIFEE
Wassup Yo! I have decided to mix this, (Cause I absolutely LAV this ship) With my idea to do a Dragon Rider whole war book thing. I'm planning on making this a whole ser...
Origins of Olympus Season 1 and 2 oneshots pt 2 *Completed* by _White_Angel_Fox
Origins of Olympus Season 1 and 2...by Angel Lynn
So this is a part 2 since I reached max chapters!
Origins Of Olympus S2 Oneshot Book by AwesomeAshely23
Origins Of Olympus S2 Oneshot Bookby AwesomeAshely23
What the title says ~~Requests are open~~ <3
The Origins of One-shots by TheMimicDragon
The Origins of One-shotsby TheMimicDragon
Heeeeeellooooooooo to those who check this out! As you can probably tell by the title, this is going to be an Origin's one-shot book. It will also include other series t...
Origins oneshots  by Busgirl173
Origins oneshots by Toasty
This is where you can request you FTO, SNO, and OoO ships
FTO Shorts and Ships by Mari_TheGhost
FTO Shorts and Shipsby •Mari-Ghost•
This includes shorts and ships from FTO Requests are open~! *I own my OC and my drawing of Devin (top left),but the drawing of Brandon and David (bottom right) is not mi...
Origins Oneshots (Or whatever garbage I happen to write) by KayBeeKrowns
Origins Oneshots (Or whatever garb...by KayBee Krowns
This is basically going to be a collection of things I write either to practice writing or to have fun. You can request stuff, but just know most requests might not be s...
Thefamousfilms Oneshots by TheFamousFilms-Fan
Thefamousfilms Oneshotsby Honey_BeaYT
I'm gonna have a bunch of nosebleeds with this
MHO Ask Or Dare! by PIE4LIFEE
MHO Ask Or Dare!by PIE4LIFEE
Okay, Honestly, I didn't know what this was until like, a week or two ago, but now im extremely excited to see what kind of chaos will unfold from this... SOOOOOO, Yeah...
Origins oneshots and more by Nightskyartz
Origins oneshots and moreby Nightskyartz .
Just a bunch of one shots from a bunch of different Minecraft Role-plays such as Fairy Tail Origins. Pictures or characters are not mine unless said so. Cover art belong...
Celestial High T and D **DISCONTINUED** by Cripir
Celestial High T and D **DISCONTIN...by Cripir / Hangy
So, I have seen a lot of people make Ask or Dare books. I have decided to create one myself to: 1.) keep myself on Wattpad more 2.) it seemed fun so I wanted to try 3.)...
Origin Oneshot by Hannah_coc
Origin Oneshotby RiaWasFound
Hi guy!!! so this is my third story it about FTO SNO and OoO the character doesn't belong to me it belong to the owner(Sorry i don't know who made the story) So if you...
Tournament(fto au)[complete]  by Unicorns522671
Tournament(fto au)[complete] by Alice20o1
This is a FTO au inspired by Blue-wolves23's 'Trapped' story. The cover was drawn by me, Brandon has long hair because I can not draw a boy's hair cut for the life of me...
The Little Thief by Diamond3343
The Little Thiefby Diamond3343
Silver was on a mission he had completed it but when he was walking down an Alley he got hit with some kind of potion next thing you know he's a baby and he has the mind...
A Different Type of poison by Diamond3343
A Different Type of poisonby Diamond3343
The guild leaders ended up in a fight with Mitch who was trying to distract them so The garden could get away and Mitch hit Silver with his magic causing him to collapse...
Celestial High by Unicorns522671
Celestial Highby Alice20o1
This is a Celestial High au, that's it. ⚠warning⚠ Perverted Boat/Lucas. He is perverted towards Brandon.
Silver's son by Diamond3343
Silver's sonby Diamond3343
Silver had been stressing out about being as good a leader for the wandering coins as reaper does he passes out from stress and he wakes up in the hospital Pregnant with...