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THE HEAT OF VIRGINITY by sylvia_manuel
Just about this one girl
  • maggieallen
  • virgoedwards
  • leslie
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E P I S T L E S - A Final Fantasy XII Fanfiction by HanaChan644
E P I S T L E S - A Final Fantasy...by Hana Chan
Three years since the Sky Battle, peace was finally reigning over all or was it? Vaan and Penelo returned to Rabanastre after a long adventure. There they found Larsa, t...
  • adventure
  • finalfantasyxii
  • finalfantasy
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Final Fantasy Oneshots by HatterReloaded
Final Fantasy Oneshotsby Hatter
All Final Fantasy oneshots found inside! Various pairings and ideas~
  • auron
  • wakka
  • quina
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Sucked inside !? Or not...? ((VERY VERY Slow Updates)) by WayWindPrince
Sucked inside !? Or not...? ((VERY...by "My friends are my power!"
-I'll fix this later-
  • zexion
  • hayner
  • roxas
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FAIRY GODFATHER |Unleashed His Highness Useless Fairy...Eh...(^o^)?| by mis4-2n8
FAIRY GODFATHER |Unleashed His Hig...by Mis4-2n8 D' Smooth Criminal (...
(Genre: COMEDY, ADVENTURE.... WARNING: NO ROMANCE) Tired of fairytale romance?! then try this twisted fairytale \(^O^)/ so you'll understand that it's better to read rom...
  • nevermind
  • spiel
  • humour
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XII by dc0208
XIIby dc0208
What if the Chinese invaded America and put into camps this story is about a man and a boy who escapes and how they survive..not finished yet only one Part I want to see...
  • xii
  • chinese
  • weird
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Thinga I want but will never have... by Earieknight
Thinga I want but will never have...by Earie
have u eer watched an anime or played a video game and said " damn i wanna have that" or" i wish i could do that!" well me too and heres my list of M...
  • princess
  • vocaloid
  • butler
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Forever Silent (boyxboy) by dusk4ever
Forever Silent (boyxboy)by Liz
Reno has not had such a good life. His mother disappeared without a trace when he was only two years old, he's extremely clumsy and has broken a record of braking eight...
  • mute
  • prey
  • scientist
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The Unknown Case of Xii by baewaitforme
The Unknown Case of Xiiby heyitsmadi
A team of ten, specially picked and experienced scientists have been chosen for a top secret project called Experiment Test Tube. These scientists must create life in a...
  • experiment
  • xii
  • ett
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XII by OfTheSouthernIsles
XIIby OfTheSouthernIsles
DISCLAIMER: The opinions and events described in this poem are exaggerated and not necessarily my opinions or events that I have experienced.
  • twelve
  • xii
  • poetry
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Forsaking Royalty (Suikoden V) by GamerGirlC3
Forsaking Royalty (Suikoden V)by CC
[Suikoden V, Final Fantasy XII] The Prince has grown a strong disdain for the Queendom of Falena because the death of his parents was due to the ruthless politics of his...
  • fantasy
  • final
  • suikoden
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Axel's Mission by WhispersInTheDark
Axel's Missionby WhispersInTheDark
Axel is going on a long ass mission, and Roxas is sad. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!? -quizical face-
  • hearts
  • organization
  • kingdom
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That heart shaped moon by Twisted_Blade
That heart shaped moonby Lucifer to my pals
During a meeting with Xemnas tells Axel and Roxas some very important information. "We have found a new nobody, with a human form, we would like you to take care of...
  • roxas
  • orginaization
  • bxb
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On the Way to a Smile: Case of Denzel by Malorie_Chan
On the Way to a Smile: Case of Den...by Malorie
the life of Denzel between the events of final fantasy vii and final fantasy vii advent children. Enjoy!
  • tifa
  • fantasycloud
  • yuffie
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Hope and Devotion  (Chapter One) by tasha028
Hope and Devotion (Chapter One)by Natasha Aleman
Ashe and Rasler married for peace, but lost it all soon after. Now they fight side by side to restore for their rightful thrones. A FFXII AU/divergence, in which Rasler...
  • ivalice
  • times
  • mourning
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Project XII by UltimatumC
Project XIIby UltimatumC
A story about the mysterious secrets of an island and how they get uncovered by a young teenage boy with the help of his friends.
  • mystery
  • chapter
  • thriller
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Final Fantasy Story by mctn4ever
Final Fantasy Storyby Troy Nelson
  • final
  • romance
  • fanfiction
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