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{GISPC}: Genshin Impact's School Project Chatfic by claree_se
{GISPC}: Genshin Impact's School P...by strawberry.angel
In a last ditch effort to control his chaotic students, the principal of Genshin Impact's high school got Jean to put all 45 high school students (almost no one else wan...
Falling for You by Aviartea
Falling for Youby Aviartea
He just stood there, on the edge of the cliff, playing the lyre for hours. At first, I thought maybe I should pull him back. Humans are fragile after all. Falling off a...
The Grim Reaper is Often Beautiful (Xiao x Venti) by clarinette_e
The Grim Reaper is Often Beautiful...by clarinet
Xiao is a lonely, moody teenager, and Venti is the most popular guy in school. Xiao thought that he would never be able to understand Venti, but little did he know that...
XiaoVen modern au by venti_thebardz
XiaoVen modern auby Venti <3
[Art not mine] Contains fluff and many tw Xiao is having a regular day till he meets the new transfer student named Venti who he thought was just his friend but they b...
3 Archons In MHA by Random_Cassidy
3 Archons In MHAby Cassidy
During their annual archon meetup Venti decides to bring him and his friends on a little trip whilst being unable to maintain his curiosity. Ships: No ships for MHA char...
The flute amidst a sea of flowers by 11wishingtime
The flute amidst a sea of flowersby 11:11 wishing time
A very angsty to fluff xiaoven. Please enjoy! ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ (many grammar mistakes 😅 I wrote these chapters at 2 am) 4th in #xiaoven [31 July, 2021] 3rd in #xiaoven [4 Nove...
Modern au ~ xiao x venti  by m1yuu1
Modern au ~ xiao x venti by Miyu
Modern au where xiao is like the popular kiddo
Don't leave me || Xiaoven ff by ANonexistentGhost
Don't leave me || Xiaoven ffby ~Nameless Person~
Morax death left Xiao with nothing to live for in this world. He can't seem to find a reason to stay in Liyue- or anywhere at all. Until a young bard in green crosses hi...
A Lone Adeptus by BizzyArtist
A Lone Adeptusby Xueyun
"You really are nothing as the tales say." "I could say the same to you." *************************** A simple xiaoven fanfic full of poetic symboli...
The Return of the Wind ( XiaoVen ) by HoneyBee_Boba
The Return of the Wind ( XiaoVen )by HoneyBee
Venti finally returns to Liyue after years of procrastinating his visit after his 500 year long slumber. But is seems he isn't alone in the Inn he stays at, a vigilante...
Let the Wind Guide You| xiaoven| Royal AU by miyuru_
Let the Wind Guide You| xiaoven| R...by miyu
Venti had been chosen to become Xiao's fiancé, and things starts to get troublesome from there. Will they be able to overcome whatever life throws at them? Royal AU !cov...
REWRITING. Enemy (Xiaoven)  by lillith_he_slash_him
REWRITING. Enemy (Xiaoven) by 𝓛𝓲𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓱(he/him)
Archon war AU angst and fluff Alatus (Xiao) is serving under his father, Morax, but with his father becoming more aggressive and controlling by the day, Alatus finds him...
Teyvat gay by Floraisfruity
Teyvat gayby
Love for the President by fatherlesspigeon
Love for the Presidentby Qix
‼️ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO HOYOVERSE‼️ Xiao misbehaved a lot in school, he's even gotten suspended multiple times. Nobody knows what's happening with him so they finally...
Venti's personally made hellhole by gabyg2534
Venti's personally made hellholeby Gabyg
Venti makes a chatfic. Everyone is gay. Chaos ensues (originally on Ao3)
Boy group Lovers~ A Xiaoven + Kazuther Idol AU by hayamii_meina
Boy group Lovers~ A Xiaoven + Kazu...by hayamii
A new boy group 4NEMO fully debuted with their forth and final member Kazuha. With the introduction of the youngest member, the 4 member group of Anemo vision bearers wa...
love like you (xiaoven) by popcorneater83
love like you (xiaoven)by popcorneater83
another xiaoven love story go brrrrrr Steven universe reference go brrrr First work that I'm actually pretty excited about and I'll try to update as much as I can :') If...
From celestia(XiaoVen) by KaitinRean
From celestia(XiaoVen)by Windbabe16
Congratulations on finding my small book!(WHY IS THIS BLOWING UP) Venti, or Barbatos, is an executed god from celestia, due to his great love for people. He meets Xiao...
An adepti's dream by Raiisokay
An adepti's dreamby Rai
It's Xiaoven okay? ¬v¬ My friends requested this ship. Angst and fluff, probably unfinished.
"you think I'm a mortal?" -XiaoVen by board1122
"you think I'm a mortal?" -XiaoVenby board
It was soon to be nighttime when Zhongli suddenly gave Xiao a random task to do. It was to defeat some mobs but Xiao heard a calm melody... ...