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Pray With Me by AnaBastow
Pray With Meby Ana Bastow
This is a fill-in-the-blanks fic. It starts with the moment I think Scully starts to think about motherhood again. I placed that happening after Milagro for reasons you...
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Already In Love by jeongsnabong
Already In Loveby t ~
A High school fanfic. Mulder is an alien believer that everyone at school bullies, Scully is a new girl that hangs out with the most popular girls. What happens when the...
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When Chloe and Lucifer are put on a case of unexplained satanic ritual deaths happening around the city, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are called into help. What...
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A Broken Fox by GreyEditor
A Broken Foxby GreyEditor
Mulder is kidnapped by a female serial killer that has made her way into the X-Files. But the problem is, unlike usual, Scully doesn't rush in last minute and save him...
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Love Me Tomorrow~X Files AU by littlemiss022
Love Me Tomorrow~X Files AUby HeyoDaddio
Dana Scully has never really been bothered with the idea that she will never have kids until her mother makes it evidently clear that it is something that Dana wants, bu...
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Sculder Stories by spidershark
Sculder Storiesby spidershark
romantic moments of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder💕
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xFiles fanfiction, highschool Sculder // Look Scully... by IllBeBackSoon
xFiles fanfiction, highschool Scul...by TheVanillaEffect
Sculder fanfic , a cute and romantic story of Scully And Mulder's adventures in highschool! I do not own the characters Fox Mulder or Dana Scully, they belong to Chris...
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Part Of The Job by galaxv
Part Of The Jobby ,
Working on an X-File, the two partners find a bit more ease in their "friendship"
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As vague as sand by Amorfatie_
As vague as sandby Amorfatie
Scully is married but not everything is rosy for her. Mulder is a witness to this, at first impotent ... but it will prove invaluable (complete)
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Is There Somewhere You Can Meet Me? by tinyagentscully
Is There Somewhere You Can Meet Me?by Shannon
Scully gets just enough drunk for her slutty side to come out. I've been cheered on to make this a fanfiction from Twitter so here we go!
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The X-Files: Mulder's daughter by PrayforBelle1997
The X-Files: Mulder's daughterby PrayforBelle1997
What if Fox Mulder had a daughter? Before he met Scully? Meet the daughter of Agent Fox Mulder. Story will start in season 1. Isabella Mulder, is the daughter of FBI...
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XFiles FanFic 1- Abduction by Aurora616789
XFiles FanFic 1- Abductionby Aurora Frasier
Twenty two year old Aurora Frasier has always had a pretty good life. Partially. Even though there are a few bumps in the road, Aurora has managed to make it through eve...
Multifandom Imagines by oncemorewithfeelingg
Multifandom Imaginesby 🌻
Whooo, first book! This will be me writing a whole load of one shots, please request some! I'll write X Reader or use the actual characters, I don't mind 😊 This was ori...
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X-Files; Carter and Mulder by Pinkentzin
X-Files; Carter and Mulderby michele
Mulder and his new intern are ready to search for aliens and find if the truth is really out there. Follow them on a story of new beginings and maybe, a little romance a...
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All Things (Complété) by scullyanderson50
All Things (Complété)by Scully Anderson
Cet épisode est à la suite de la fin de l'épisode Existence (All things). (saison 7 episode 17) Celui-ci présente une femme qui sauve Scully d'un accident de voiture et...
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 Oneshots- Book 1 by VerySpecialSnowflake
Oneshots- Book 1by a writer™
This is my first one shot book, I'll make another as I shift from fandom to fandom and think this one is getting too cluttered. So this is book one of my oneshots, the s...
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Trust me. by goldshington
Trust me.by arch.
[Inspired by Mulder & Scully/X-Files] - 10 years ago, Jane Lucy was hired by the CIA to be assigned with Fox Lucas to work on CIA classified organization name X Projec...
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Ragnarok Virus: An X Files Fan Fiction  by kateaether
Ragnarok Virus: An X Files Fan Fic...by kateaether
Ten years since the X Files closed. Ten years since he saw her. Ten years for the world to end again... But this time Mulder knows there is no going back, and he wants S...
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Mulder and Scully by thatwolfgirl12719
Mulder and Scullyby thatwolfgirl12719
Mulder and Scully one-shots!
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A Secret Romance (Gillovny Fanfiction) by Sasha_Sparkles
A Secret Romance (Gillovny Fanfict...by Sasha
With The X Files reboot and Gillian and David finally get to work together again, Gillian discovers she has feelings for her partner while David realizes his have never...
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