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Xena:Warrior Princess The Chakram's Medallion by ShirleyWashburn
Xena:Warrior Princess The Chakram'...by The White Coywolf
This is a Au Story It's been many generations since the great Warrior Princess and Bard passed away. A new line of heroes come into their powers and are ready to tak...
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My Badgirl Junior by sicidroo_
My Badgirl Juniorby Jihan Mahira
Badboy? Biasa itu.Cowok saling berantem? Juga biasa.Namun ada satu cewek yang sifatnya ga kalah sama cowok. Xena Kamila,itulah dia.Cewek berambut panjang yang bisa dibil...
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The Ides of March by amphipolisprincess
The Ides of Marchby Mαrtınα
Sometimes it's impossible to deceive fate; and Xena knows that, since she is forced to assist to the brutal execution of her family right in front of her eyes. /English...
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Divine of Trinity ⊱ Ares  by kiddolondon
Divine of Trinity ⊱ Ares by Gina London☁️
Greek Mythology meets WWE Fanfiction I didn't fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I...
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Sent away by PiratePrime1
Sent awayby PrimesSPARROW
One-shot Buffy/Xena crossover Summary - AU - Buffy and Faith are in engaged in a battle with Caleb Buffy managed to free the Scythe, but The First opens a portal sending...
Sudden Love by Jusyboo
Sudden Loveby Ayak Jusian
A mummy's girl who grows up to be a successful woman doesn't believe in love . All her mum wants is for her to get married and have a family. She lied to her mum she has...
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OUR TIME by justcallme_DENG
Everything has an end,as we Lopez Series #1
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My First And Last by _stefanymae18
My First And Lastby _stefanymae18
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Graffiti and Bikes by fairytales4thewin
Graffiti and Bikesby fairytales4thewin
"The sirens echoed in the night, searching for me. I ran. I ran with my bag of spray cans. I ran until I saw that bike. He was resting on the bike until he heard me...
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Miracle of Love  by thewayofawarrior
Miracle of Love by thewayofawarrior
Aphrodite is upset about xenas and Gabrielle's fight and tries everything that there is more left between the two than hate misunderstandings lies and pain.This is true...
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Xena:Warrior Princess/Xena's Return and the End by ShirleyWashburn
Xena:Warrior Princess/Xena's Retur...by The White Coywolf
THIS IS A AU STORY It has been about 11 years since Xena's been gone. Gabrielle's changed and become a Warlord trying to get rid of Xena's memory and Eve's missing. Pe...
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DEVIL SISTERS by DanicaGacrama
DEVIL SISTERSby Danilalalisa😍
a story of love, break-ups, and forgiveness. "why?"i asked stoping my self from crying "i don't love you anymore i love someone else"he said my tears...
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Xena:Warrior Princess/ Last Hours Before It Ends by ShirleyWashburn
Xena:Warrior Princess/ Last Hours...by The White Coywolf
I only own Peyton. This is the Aftermath of Peyton's death. Peyton hasn't really enjoyed her time down in Tartarus even though Hades has given her the best life down...
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Xena:The Warrior Princess/  The Day the Sun Shinned by ShirleyWashburn
Xena:The Warrior Princess/ The Da...by The White Coywolf
I ONLY OWN PEYTON THIS A AU STORY Peyton has been gone for a while now and she comes back to find out that Xena is pregnant with Eve. Peyton comes back different. Cold...
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Chakram Reborn: Generation Amazon by MindySchwigel
Chakram Reborn: Generation Amazonby MindySchwigel
Xena and Gabrielle adjust to life in this new Millenium, but they know they can't just go around Sedona trying to help the citizens like they did back in Ancient times...
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La Nenna by honey_bh
La Nennaby honey_bh
Screams and loud laughs were the background music to the late night birthday party at mi Tia Chatas house. Man, why do I always show up late. My primos had left already...
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CALL ME XENA by scarlet326
CALL ME XENAby Ivana Lexy
When Xena finds out she's the talk of her new school, she's hardly surprised. It's not like she looks for trouble. It's not her fault trouble finds her either. Maybe it...
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The Lightning Controller(Edited X Reader Version) by BurntSS
The Lightning Controller(Edited X...by ShelbyFrost126
(Y/N) is a girl who has always made sure to keep her past a secret but when she accidentally reveals something she had to bury, hide, and above all forget, will she lear...
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Please Stop Yelling by Taki_Writes
Please Stop Yellingby Taki
All the fun little things Xena has roaming in her head. She decides to jot them down in the notes in her phone to get them out, rather then bugging her friends with them...
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Xena: Addiction by NiquaB
Xena: Addictionby Niq Oshana
Xena is a smart girl with high hopes for her future. Unfortunately, there is no place for her in her city. Well so she thought. One day at her job, she meets a cute yet...
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