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Seven deadly sins Elaine's reincarnation: Ban x chubby reader by Kitty_Cat1619
Seven deadly sins Elaine's reincar...by Kitty_Cat1316
This is AU where Elaine is cannonly dead & YOU are the reincarnation of Elaine. You harness the ability to heal others' wounds, and as such, both Ban & King know you are...
  • sevendeadlysins
  • nanatsunotaizai
  • meliodas
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°HOME° BOOK 1 Kratos x Chubby!! Reader by Shirohana0w0
°HOME° BOOK 1 Kratos x Chubby!! Re...by 💮Shirohana💮
You used games as an escape from reality... Home was difficult, and it bore many trials and tribulation, but luckily you had a way to get through all the hell... Till yo...
  • fat
  • xchubbyreader
  • plussize
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I love you a skeleTON ( sans x chubby reader) (discontinued! Sorry!)  by SierraColor
I love you a skeleTON ( sans x chu...by Sierra Color
Mainly what the title says. Lots of Sans, ton of SANS, Undertale sans, undefell sans, ALL THE SANS. BUT WITH A CHUBBY READER. WHHHAAAAT I KNOOOOW. READ FOR THE FLUFF...
  • angst
  • underswap
  • sans
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Darkiplier ( and other egos) x chubby reader oneshots  by SierraColor
Darkiplier ( and other egos) x chu...by Sierra Color
I'm back! Woo! Okay, so this is my first time writing for Darkiplier, so if I make any mistakes, please do forgive and correct me! Thank you! Also, most (if not all) o...
  • readerxvarious
  • egos
  • markiplier
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X Chubby Reader OneShots by The_Dream_Writer
X Chubby Reader OneShotsby The_Dream_Writer
• a collection of X chubby reader one-shots • request what you would like with a possible plot line on the first chapter or else I won't put it down! • I will do MOST r...
  • chunkyreader
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
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Bts X chubby Reader | Oneshots by mcsplodyboomboi
Bts X chubby Reader | Oneshotsby mcsplodyboomboi
This book is full of x Various!chubby readers. I mostly am using this book to help improve with my writing and for the love of my seven favorite boys (and chubby people...
  • hoseok
  • chubbyreader
  • taehyung
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x Chubby Reader Oneshots by ms-chub-chub
x Chubby Reader Oneshotsby ms-chub-chub
Various oneshots of T.V shows anime, almost anything really. Oh, and of course the reader is chubby. Most of these oneshot pronouns will be she/her, but if you would lik...
  • voltron
  • random
  • xchubbyreader
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Connor x Chubby Reader  by DrinDrinLleras
Connor x Chubby Reader by Drin Drin lleras
Name: Y/n Anderson DOB: Y/m Y/d 2008 Status: Alive. Half android.(Cyborg) DOD: Not yet deceased Social Status: Single Father: Hank Anderson DOB: September 6, 1985 Status...
  • connor
  • hankanderson
  • hank
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Cheater Male Anime x Chubby Reader (ON HOLD) by Purpie18life
Cheater Male Anime x Chubby Reader...by Ray Almond
heartbroken,pain,sadness and hatred might occur so if you have soft heart,I suggest you not to read this *Pictures and Characters are not mine unless I say so* *Credit (...
  • cheat
  • fanfiction
  • sadness
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Anime x Chubby!Reader  by mahnameisyou
Anime x Chubby!Reader by ミヤコスズキ
This is for you my fellow chubby kawai girls
  • chubby
  • animexchubbyreader
  • fanfic
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Amazing Personality [My Hero Academia x Chubby!Reader]  by YoIlive
Amazing Personality [My Hero Acade...by YoIlive
Read if you want {My hero academia x chubby reader}
  • hero
  • xchubby
  • monster
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Voltron Keith x chubby reader  by Kitty_Cat1619
Voltron Keith x chubby reader by Kitty_Cat1316
You and Pidge have been friends since you two were babies. Pidge would always be there for you when it comes to guys picking in you. The reason is because your a "f...
  • chubbyreader
  • keithkogane
  • hunk
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I Could Fall In Love  by Mmooshake0w0
I Could Fall In Love by Mmooshake0w0
"Today we'd like to remember Kim Taehyung..." xchubby! Reader
  • hobi
  • jimin
  • bts
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☦'м τнЄ όηξ їи ¢θиЂяσł [Villain!Chubby!Reader X Mha]  by YoIlive
☦'м τнЄ όηξ їи ¢θиЂяσł [Villain!Ch...by YoIlive
ஓ ₪ ☫ ۝ ۞ ...
  • yanderemha
  • xreader
  • chubby
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~This Is How Love Works...Right?~  Boku No Hero Academia x Chubby! Reader by ROTTNROSES
~This Is How Love Works...Right?~...by Shsl Retard
(F/N) (L/N) A high school student who has an amazing power But every one is afraid of it Her whole life was filled with people afraid of her All because of her quirk N...
  • myhero
  • bnha
  • mhaxreader
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Kagami Taiga: Late Late Night Live Tinder X Chubby reader by CadiehNightingale
Kagami Taiga: Late Late Night Live...by CadiehNightingale
I got this Idea while watching James Corden's Late Late Night Tinder show lol. credits: AMV by Teubiz TV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL21UtwUHjt334QZKvCcj3w
  • kagami
  • kuronobas
  • xreader
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Undertale: Sans x Chubby Reader x Papyrus by I_escape_with_music
Undertale: Sans x Chubby Reader x...by HeartBeat666
You looked at the monsters that were smiling at you. You were wearing your (f/s/h) jacket, that went to your knees, also covering your (f/c) shirt, the hood over your (h...
  • papyrusxreader
  • sansxreader
  • xreader
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Yandere Canada X chubby reader  ❤️my maple leaf ❤️ by _pandaskittle_
Yandere Canada X chubby reader ❤️...by I'm back
You have know the Canadian for your life.but what would happen when he start to have a strong feelings for you?
  • hetalia
  • readerinsert
  • xchubbyreader
CHUBBY READER IMAGINES! by LukeHemmingsGirlxxoo
I feel as if there is some serious lacking in chubby reader imagines, so I am here to fulfill all of our chubby reader needs! I'll write about: DC-- Almost any DC c...
  • chubbyimagines
  • voltron
  • chubbyreader
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Loki x chubby! reader-*-*-Drowning by Snow_Does_Melt
Loki x chubby! reader-*-*-Drowningby Snow_Does_Melt
One baking "mission" can turn into so much more. With winter starting early and that numb feeling and subconscious feeling to cut you feel like you're drowning...
  • lokixchubbyreader
  • reader
  • mçu
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