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23 by KyleAlingus
23by KyleAlingus
Project X-23 A.K.A Laura Kinney has escaped her life as a lab rat and is finally living a normal life. Her father, Logan, and her move to the small town of Hawkins India...
Spider-man: Bad Blood by KarmaSpidr
Spider-man: Bad Bloodby KarmaSpidr
Please Vote, Comment and share this fic Peter Parker was born quirkless. He didn't really mind. The bullying and neglection were annoying, but they were nothing compared...
Spider-man: Secretly Her Boyfriend by KarmaSpidr
Spider-man: Secretly Her Boyfriendby KarmaSpidr
Laura hates Spider-man. He never shuts up and is constantly annoying her. He just makes her already hard life harder. But she can always count on her living boyfriend to...
Logan retold  by theleisureescape
Logan retold by theleisureescape
Basically my own version of the 2017 film Logan Logan! Logan and Charles have been hiding away in mexico for the past year, while life isn't perfect things are going so...
A weapons heart by RandomKid362
A weapons heartby Toad Yeager
(Y/N) and x-23 were weapons for others together for years but (Y/N) was made to kill everything and everyone somehow the two became friends but as X-23 escaped (Y/N) got...
My Marvel Academia  by simpforshiina
My Marvel Academia by SmollBoy
Peter Parker is a student at MCU high after being bitten by a radioactive spider. His goal is to succeed Iron Man. This is the story of how a young quirkless boy, became...
oneshot by ahmadnazem
oneshotby Am0104
laura x peter
Marvel Stories (Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers) by OmegaCo13
Marvel Stories (Spiderman, X-Men...by OmegaCo13
A collection of stories revolving around Spider-Man and other Marvel Heroes. Note: I will continue the Resident Evil story, but I'll focus on this first. AU Canon conta...
wolverine x Rwby  by needforspeedpayback
wolverine x Rwby by devil killer
you are the son of Logan and your sister is x23 and your brother is daken
Wolverine's Time After  by Traviler1969
Wolverine's Time After by Traviler_01
this is a story that came to me when i was writing my other stories and here it is. Wolverine has just (spoilers for the ending of Logan) died and he was finaly happy an...
Drabbles by BloodcursedxDawn
Drabblesby Mandi
Drabbles Of X-23
Marvel vs Capcom: Summer Splash by DarkLordHexed
Marvel vs Capcom: Summer Splashby Hexed
Summer's here, and so are some of your favourite heroes and villains from across the multiverse! A collection of short stories detailing Marvel and Capcom's greatest mak...
Ali's X Men (2) by savvyGay
Ali's X Men (2)by Savana Jayne
Book two in the Alexis Xavier Series Decades later there are only around 50 Mutants left in the world. Ali X is resurrected and is meant to save the Mutant race. Did Cha...
X-23: Laura Kinney by NancyBedros
X-23: Laura Kinneyby Nancy Bedros
The story of a young mutant woman called Laura Kinney or.. X-23
Laura & Logan a special years  by b0uclequid0rt
Laura & Logan a special years by knight dio
Hi I'm a big fan of Logan so I wrote this fanfic about Logan and Laura. This isn't like in the movie, bc LOGAN IS NOT DEAD and HES OKAY 😭 I hope u will like it !! sor...
Laura Needs A Dog by DoctorWoofWoof
Laura Needs A Dogby Doctor WoofWoof
With Gabby gone, off on her own personal quest, to liberate any future clones created from her Clone sister's DNA, Laura Kinney should be happy. She has the apartment to...
Donald Pierce x Reader (Mutant) by echelon8394
Donald Pierce x Reader (Mutant)by Nadia Shahira MHazmi
Based on Logan's timeline. Will feature characters' death and a couple alternate endings. This was originally posted on my Instagram and since I have nothing much to do...
Life in X23's eyes. by CliffyComb
Life in X23's eyes.by Cliffy Comb
After her father figure logan died she cant belive it really did happened. She goes on a hunt for her dad and someone to help her.
X-23 by supernaturalpjo
X-23by Crazy X Winchester
This is the story about after Logan and how Laura fends for herself after she separates from Rictor and his group. She has to learn how everything works and she has to d...
Endgame by BloodcursedxDawn
Endgameby Mandi
A what if Of Laura Kinney if she were in Endgame. Contains spoilers