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Buttons (wybie lovat x reader) [rewrite!] by magic1mushrooms
Buttons (wybie lovat x reader) [re...by magic1mushrooms
Ok so the last update on the original wybie x reader said that It was being discontinued bcs I feel a bit uncomfortable now BUT screw that I've decided to rewrite it! Mo...
Wybie Lovat x fem reader by mariobru
Wybie Lovat x fem readerby mariobru
What if after the hole beldam thing was over Coraline moved and you moved in a few years after?? In this story you live with your dad and your little sister. You moved...
The cat x reader (coraline)  by elliboss12
The cat x reader (coraline) by One_weird_misfit
Sooo The cat from coraline is a cat but can transform into a human and a cat , also you and coraline are friends but the beldam comes back and tries to drag you into the...
Darkened Heart by WanderingEldest
Darkened Heartby Wandering Eldest
A Coraline fanfic, (GENDERBENT BELDAM X OC) Charlotte moves to the pink palace and quickly becomes the button of someone else's eye. The lonely atmosphere seems to engul...
Two of A Kind (Coraline X Wybie) by abbyy_08
Two of A Kind (Coraline X Wybie)by Abby
Coraline Jones and Wybie Lovat were friends for months after the incident. They would spend their nights in Coraline's room, telling each other their scariest stories, o...
Coraline - Violet Baudelaire by starsandspells
Coraline - Violet Baudelaireby Liz
'I will be brave, thought Coraline. No, I am brave.' In which two extraordinary but broken girls go through a series of unfortunate events together. (ASOUE Netflix) (Vi...
Coraline and Wybie by IL0VEMIKEWHEELER
Coraline and Wybieby Kaylee
It's been 5 years since the beldam tried to kill Coraline and Coraline and Wybie aren't little kids anymore. Could the silly little crush coraline has on wybie turn into...
Spring Writes Stuff by SpringZero123
Spring Writes Stuffby Ghasty
Oh don't mind me, I'm just sharing my ideas for LAIKA Films here :3 (the book cover is NOT mine, all credits goes to the owner)
Coraline X Wybie Fanfiction by Writerrrrrrrrrrrr
Coraline X Wybie Fanfictionby Writerrrrrrrrrrrr
Since I couldn't find any continuous Coraline X Wybie Fanfictions, I decided to make my own. I have gotten a few ideas from other writers, but I honestly will continue t...
I need you (Coraline x Wybie) by PandaQueen15
I need you (Coraline x Wybie)by Avrey
7 years after the event and Wybie and Coraline are barely even talking anymore. That is until she comes back. Are Coraline and Wybie strong enough you get past what happ...
Coraline x Wybie (COMPLETED!) by x_onyourleft_x
Coraline x Wybie (COMPLETED!)by x_onyourleft_x
All the coraline x wybie fanfics that I've read so far are unfinished. :/ so I realized that when you want to read a good FINISHED fanfic then you might as well do it yo...
Laika Fam Oneshots by Evenceflux18
Laika Fam Oneshotsby Evenceflux18
just something that comes through my mind🤣
Coral - Coraline's daughter by ElanePimentel1
Coral - Coraline's daughterby Elane Pimentel
Coral Jones is the daughter of Coraline Jones, the little girl who faced the Other Mother. Although Coraline has told her two children her whole story, this does not pre...
𝐒𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐄𝐲𝐞𝐬 ♥ 𝑾.𝑳. by cricketmuncher
𝐒𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐄𝐲𝐞𝐬 ♥ 𝑾.𝑳.by sav🐌
[lowercase intended] you've just moved into the pink palace, and your first stop is to greet your new neighbors. you meet a girl named coraline, who you find out moved i...
Paroline by Lizzy_BarreraMan
Parolineby Lizzy 💖
A coraline and paranorman fanfiction! I DO NOT OWN THIS FANFICTION THE REAL AUTHOR IS "Normaline-Lovers" from "Devaint Art"
After her story  by animelovegirl2
After her story by Hailey
Coraline finally got her parents back after the other mother in the secret door, she's been growing closer to wybie as they are turning 16, his grandmother came by for t...
The Spider's Curse by Evenceflux18
The Spider's Curseby Evenceflux18
Once you've decided to go in.. The curse will forever haunt you... Will you live in torment? Or will you fight for Freedom? But are you sure you are the only one? This i...
Underneath the Button Moon by sunnkissedsuperstar
Underneath the Button Moonby 𝙰𝚟𝚊 𝙶.
It's been three years since Coraline last went into the small door, but strange occurrences have happened lately that have led her to suspicions about if she is safe fro...
A Pair of Dolls by duh-laney05
A Pair of Dollsby no
this is an ongoing project, but i promise i'll finish. a sequel to Coraline, taking place in the summer going into ninth grade. a wybiexcoraline story <33 hope you en...