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Stitches ~ Scömìche by jojojojomo
Stitches ~ Scömìcheby jojojojomo
Each chapter title will be a line from Stitches. Also, if you are easily triggered, I would refrain from reading. This story is an AU (Unedited) Mitch was taken from his...
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Scömìche One-Shots by spoopyscomiche
Scömìche One-Shotsby spoopyscomiche
Only Scömìche. Sit down pick a story to start and "Enjoy life with a fresh glass of shook." ###Contains Mature Content###
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Scomiche Oneshots 3  by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshots 3 by 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
The third book of the Grassi-Hoying family oneshots! Check out book one and book two to catch up! Scott and Mitch Grassi-Hoying are a happily married gay couple. They lo...
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Jealous (discontinued)  by ptxfans4life
Jealous (discontinued) by Shawna and Emilee
Scott and Mitch are currently in a relationship and are very happy. Today is their last show of tour. Mitch was talking to one of the fans, and was flirting with him, ma...
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Heathers- Pentatonix by thieteenquartz
Heathers- Pentatonixby Coldest Winter
Based on the musical, Heathers is the story of Scott Hoying, a senior at Westerberg High. Scott longs to be cool like the clique of it-siblings that runs Westerberg: the...
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The Story of Scömìche Part 3 (Completed) by Pentaholicfruitler
The Story of Scömìche Part 3 (Comp...by Annie
Scott was happy. He thought he had his life figured out, until he made a decision that changed it in a way he never expected.
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Strange feelings (Scott and Mitch fanfic!) by Angelacan22
Strange feelings (Scott and Mitch...by Angela Elle cantu
Hey first I just wanna say thank for even reading this I am not even close to being a good writer but I hope you will bear with me and I hope you like it!!!
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The Boy Who Brought Me Back (Scömìche)(Completed) by Pentaholicfruitler
The Boy Who Brought Me Back (Scömì...by Annie
Mitch is leading a life that is not necessarily ideal, but he is alive. He has a few friends who love him. But, when a fire rips everything away from him, it's all gone...
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How I lost you  by ptxem611
How I lost you by ptxem611
Shawn and Scott have been dating for almost 4 months. Scott has been bringing Shawn home almost every night, and ignoring Mitch for almost 3 months now. Scott doesn't...
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New York, I Love You by ObsessIntoOblivion
New York, I Love Youby Christine Agathe
but you're bringing me down (LCD Soundsystem) The land of opportunity, the land of dreams, the land of inspiration and wonder and culture and awe and paperback romance...
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All A Dream by boyprincessmitch
All A Dreamby boyprincessmitch
#Scömìche one shots! Request!
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On My Way Home by Hailey_Koala
On My Way Homeby Hailey
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Last Chance to Win (Mirstie) by colorfulkirstie
Last Chance to Win (Mirstie)by Lyla
When Kirstin signed up at the National Vocal Teen Championships, she didn't sign up for the truckload of drama, angst, and stress that came with it. An irritating contes...
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Wyatt Blue by rclynn21
Wyatt Blueby Rachel C
A small sphinx cat alone and afraid fears that he may never have a real home. Will he ever be adopted, or will he continue to scavenge the dumpster for food?
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If I Stay (a Pentatonix fanfiction) by ptxaholic22
If I Stay (a Pentatonix fanfiction)by ptxaholic22
Lennon Stella has never lived a normal life. Being diagnosed with leukemia at the age of nine, she learned early on that life isn't fair. But as she meets five new peopl...
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Back In Time by Fabisq04
Back In Timeby Fcute_Noddle
We were losing everything slowly... I was tired of fighting. I wanted to leave but I knew I couldn't live without him. I tried everything but nothing seem to work. So I...
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Together by Meglicious3629
Togetherby Meglicious
"Scott and I never dated. I mean we have been best friends since we were ten but it was never more than that. For him, at least. I've had a crush on Scott for a lo...
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