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Freak Week by WritingWith
Freak Weekby Writing With Grace
In this futuristic novella, Lace Heavensmall is trapped at her high school during Freak Week, a global warming side effect that makes weather -- and people -- act comple...
#WritingWithGrace Freak Week (CHAPTER 3)  by RhiannonRoe
#WritingWithGrace Freak Week (CHAP...by Rhiannon Roe
#WritingWithGrace When Lace awakens to discover Crush transformed into a duck, how will she handle being infatuated with such a creature? When they get settled with Frea...
Freak Week Chapter 7: Rap Battles of Honesty: Thunder Dome - #WritingWithGrace by ajack2214
Freak Week Chapter 7: Rap Battles...by ajack2214
Day Seven - Epic Rap Battles of Honesty: Thunder Dome Edition As the last day of Freak Week dawns, the feeling of betrayal is strong. Banana has been working with Loudmo...
Open the Floodgates - Freak Week, Chapter 6 #WritingWithGrace by JTRandomosity
Open the Floodgates - Freak Week...by Johnny Tenor
There's torrential rains and floods outside, and on Day 6 of Freak Week, the floodgates are open! Let's just say Lace goes through a very tough, dramatic and revealing t...
Freak week part 6- Dramatic slow-mo by AbbreviatedAnna
Freak week part 6- Dramatic slow-moby Anna
In chapter six, the anonymous entity known as LoudMouth is revealed, and the group faces an environment that slows down.
#writingwithgrace Freak Week by sophiehaspants
#writingwithgrace Freak Weekby Sophie Jean
My version of freak week! It's day two of freak week! Discover more details of the mysterious Crush. Does Harry have a secret about his mom? What's up with Mr. Kevin and...
Freak Week Chapter Seven: Break it Down #writingwithgrace by Rosesinsummer
Freak Week Chapter Seven: Break it...by McKenna
In the final day of Freak Week, things get crazier than they've ever been before. With earthquakes, fighting siblings, shih tzus, and--is that a unicorn? To top it all o...
Freak Week: Chapter 6: Oh My Gourd by andrewjohnsons
Freak Week: Chapter 6: Oh My Gourdby Andrew Johnson
Lace knows what she has to do to save her friend. But not everything goes according to plan. A continuation of Grace Helbig (and YOU)'s novella, Freak Week.
Freak Week: Chapter 2 by gallamia
Freak Week: Chapter 2by gallamia
My entry for chapter/day 2 of Freak Week.
#WritingWithGrace Freak Week Chapter 3 by ashleydilorenzo
#WritingWithGrace Freak Week Chapt...by ashleydilorenzo
This story is for the third chapter of Grace Helbig's @WritingWith contest. #WritingWithGrace
Freak Week Chapter 2 #writingwithgrace by aaliahox
Freak Week Chapter 2 #writingwithg...by aaliahox
Chapter 2 of Freak Week started by Grace Helbig and finished by us as part of Grace's new serious #writingwithgrace
Freak Week: Day 6  by SoldiersAngel1999
Freak Week: Day 6 by Liz
So it's day six of Freak Week folks and we're dealing with a man/woman/thing that has taken Banana, wants to destroy Lace, and apparently had a relationship with Jim! On...
Freak Week Chapter 7- The Last Act#WritingWithGrace by Laurenator1993
Freak Week Chapter 7- The Last Act...by Laurenator1993
Day 7 of Freak Week. Where will it leave us? What will happen between Lester and everyone? Will Lace ever tell how she feels about Crush? Hopefully we will find out!
Freak Week Day #2: WritingWithGrace (Submission) by SpenceTime
Freak Week Day #2: WritingWithGrac...by Spencer S.
Day 2 submission for the novella 'Freak Week' written by Grace Helbig and fan submissions.
#WritingWithGrace Freak Week - None of Your Beeswax - Chapter 3 by mizellahartley
#WritingWithGrace Freak Week - Non...by Ella Hartley
Written for Grace Helbig's book "Freak Week" Prompt: Create a villain Set up a mission Include "Don't you dare fluff that duck!" #WritingWithGrace
Honey, I soaked the loudmouth by HannahLH2001
Honey, I soaked the loudmouthby HannahLH
Chapter 7 entry for #writingwithgrace
Freak Week- Chapter 2 #WritingWithGrace by zombieskill72
Freak Week- Chapter 2 #WritingWith...by Josh O’Dell
Chapter 2 of Freak Week based off Chapter 1 written by Grace Helbig. Crush is such a perfect guy. Easily the most attractive guy in this school. Even though I've crushed...
Freak Week Entries by TheBrickster
Freak Week Entriesby TheBrickster
This is an entry to the writing competition of Writing with Grace. We are writing a novella named "Freak Week" and every entry is a possible new chapter. The...