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Adivik short stories (18+)  by _writerxcafee_
Adivik short stories (18+) by Writerxcafee
This is a collection of short 18+ stories of adivik
A New Direction by stanxvirat
A New Directionby SP
Positive thinking steers your life towards a new, brighter direction, but what steers you towards Positivity? Read to know!
Deserving but not worthy by thisisabdul
Deserving but not worthyby Abdul Basit
Rhea, CEO of the most famed book publishing house has got everything in her life except the chance to fall in love. Anuragh, is a young writer who just has made a debut...
The NoTebook 💌 by aryanz_maverick
The NoTebook 💌by aryanz_maverick
A budding relationship between Chris , a boxer with an awful past, and Susan , experiences challenges after they discover each other's pasts.
-ANATHEMA- by InkTrials
-ANATHEMA-by thewritersnib
|Poetry| Poetry Credits: Parishmita Devi |Instagram| https://www.instagram.com/_parish_98_/ Picture Credits: Tumblr
Colours Of Humanity  by Shreya_VA
Colours Of Humanity by Shreya Goswamy
As diversity increases in the vast realms of humanity, tolerance decreases day by day to the extent when bloodthirsty humans start clawing for their brethren's blood in...
Just like her solivagant mind wanders and the soft vernalagnia colors her cheeks, rosy - poetry swells from her inside. What her camera captures, spins words of hope and...
Dark room by _Insane__Mind_
Dark roomby _Insane__Mind_
Special for those who keeps secrets in there own mind.. Finally i realise my own weakness in my own life which is being dependent I waited for him so long that it made...
Musings Of The Soul by ELVINADSOUZA
Musings Of The Soulby ELVINA DSOUZA
A collection of poems that come from the soul, inspired by everyday situations...
Oceans of Emotions by Joeymfs
Oceans of Emotionsby YungJoey
Poems about emotional relationships and broken hearts.. - drowning - "as leaks in a boat i cry" The boat represents all of me Water represents Love, hate, je...
| why sadness could become my bestseller | by InkTrials
| why sadness could become my best...by thewritersnib
|General Post| Writer: Ayan Kalita IG handle: https://www.instagram.com/_borkalita
THE  HOUSE  OF  SECRETS by Abiskrita123
Avani along with her three best friends went for a road trip to a lovely farmhouse. They were all very happy and nostalgic since they were meeting aftrer a long time and...
Pages from a Writer's soul by merlynnwrites
Pages from a Writer's soulby Merlyn Rebello
A compilation of the poetries and write ups I feel, vicariously perceive and pen :) None of my poems are co-authored and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THIS ACCOUNT. #merlynn...
It's Not That Simple  by Harshitahimadri
It's Not That Simple by Harshita
Belonging to a small middle-class family and dreaming of becoming a writer is not that simple. Being an introvert and surviving a high-class society is not that simple. ...
"Anecdotes" by Beautyqueen57
"Anecdotes"by sarina saleem
This book is a beautiful collection of short stories . This book will be a roller coaster ride for you , so hold on to your seats it's going to be an epic ride . Jus...
Our story by tamannaohri
Our storyby Tamanna
Creating a life, I love