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Best Completed Books On Wattpad by Danger-Of-Authority
Best Completed Books On Wattpadby Nikita
Bad Boys One Direction 5sos Hunger Games +More
Author Games: Panem Entangled by AuthorGamesTeam
Author Games: Panem Entangledby Moon | Annie | Angie
Panem Entangled takes place in the classic Hunger Games world, throwing twenty-six lucky tributes into an arena with a quantum twist. Each task incorporates a quantum co...
Author Games: Golden Age by Panem_
Author Games: Golden Ageby {•----» ραε «----•}
The children are ready. Their minds have been wiped blank, as have their parents' minds; they're each ready for their own new worlds, leaving this one behind. They'll tr...
Author Games Compilation [Cycle 2] by SethWaylin
Author Games Compilation [Cycle 2]by Seth Waylin
"We come from dirt. It is dirt which defines us-" "-blood is thicker than water, we know-" "Riddle me this, bitch:...
Unwritten by PanemEtCircuses
Unwrittenby PanemEt
For all who come to Ariston's Writers Resort, relief, happiness, joy, and promise for days filled with just writing, will be their ultimate experience. Come one and come...
Wattpanem: Seedings by AuthorGamesHQ
Wattpanem: Seedingsby AGHQ
The Seedings: a way to rank Author Games competitors and see where you stand among the other talented writers of this Season. This book includes the Index, where you can...
Writer Games: Angels (FULL) by AnderaGNovak
Writer Games: Angels (FULL)by Andera Novak
It's the angels turn to battle for their rights to survive, and Satan's chance to be feared once again. Satan could feel his world crumbling, the Demons wanted nothing...
Kai From Four by distractedreamer
Kai From Fourby wolf
My tribute for the 73rd Hunger Games writing competition hosted by @sherlockion. Feel free to read even if you're not involved!
The Fourth Annual Writer Games: Canon by MagmaKepner
The Fourth Annual Writer Games: Ca...by mags
Welcome to the 51st Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor. After the stunning display of creativity, brutality, and arrogance of last year's Quarter Quell...
The Fifth Annual Writer Games: The Fall by MagmaKepner
The Fifth Annual Writer Games: The...by mags
In the past, war, famine, and death defined Panem. It defined the citizens. The Hunger Games united all in the power of penance and brought forth goodwill and charity. H...
kaidell's Author Games Entries by kaidell
kaidell's Author Games Entriesby Fun Intended
This is basically just for me, to have and to hold. It will include summaries as written by the hosts of the games, as well as my character forms and entries for the tas...
Maxon Schreave: Treating Treason by xXxCaitlinMariexXx
Maxon Schreave: Treating Treasonby Caitlin Marie
Maxon Schreave the popular boy from 4 The boy everyone loves The boy who will do anything to win
The 25th Annual Hunger Games by mycastleofbooks
The 25th Annual Hunger Gamesby Claire
All spots are full. The Games have begun.
Author Games: Fairytale by AuthorGamesThings
Author Games: Fairytaleby Some weirdo, I dunno
New Games. New Arena. New Tributes. Caspiel Bond has come up with what he believes will be the most successful Games in history. In the land of Panem, twenty-four unluck...
Author Games: The Lost Luna [OPEN] by No_Crossing
Author Games: The Lost Luna [OPEN]by Alex
Exululo - To howl. Desilio - To leap. Invigilio - To seek. Victito - To live. Twenty chosen from four of the most well-known packs spread all over the world, to find pea...