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Our little Secrets (Woze Fan-fiction) [Discontinue] by lilythegreatnight
Our little Secrets (Woze Fan-ficti...by Lily/Lucas aka lilythegreatni...
(I would turn back now if I were you) Warning: Cringe... If you don't know Smosh games go check them out if you do know who they are and don't know Boze and or Wes then...
Mean Girls (Woze) AU by Sshhhhsecret
Mean Girls (Woze) AUby Sshhhhsecret
Based on Mean Girls story with slight changes and characters are replaced with smosh crew Started: 4-14-2018 I OWN NONE OF THE CHARACTERS OR STORY!!!!
Woze by magicalgirlerza
Wozeby vi
Wes realizes his feelings for Boze. Boze has liked Wes forever and is starting to realize his feelings. The only problem is... The one's that stand in their way.
The Band  by flitzypoo
The Band by •Rosie•
A smosh marching band fan fic You don't have to be in marching band to read I will try to explain what something is if you are confused <3 Ships included Shourtney...
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Tiebreaker Book [CLOSED] by Smosh_FanficAwards
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Tiebreaker...by Smosh Wattys
This is where you can vote to break the ties of your favourite stories in the 2018 Smosh Wattys. Rules inside.
It's You by Girlisti
It's Youby AdaMaiiii
Smosh Winter Games Again + Love Story + Gunman = who knows Complete series!! !! THIS IS A TRAGEDY LIKE MOST OF MY BOOKS, I KNOW IM AN ASSHOLE IM SORRY I JUST CANT HELP T...
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Book [CLOSED] by Smosh_FanficAwards
The 2018 Smosh Wattys: Voting Book...by Smosh Wattys
This is where you can vote for your favourite stories in the 2018 Smosh Wattys. Rules are inside.
The scene and jock (Woze) *Discontinued* by lilythegreatnight
The scene and jock (Woze) *Discont...by Lily/Lucas aka lilythegreatni...
so if you don't know what scene is, it's basically like emo. and you can look up the difference between emo and scene but they are different.
Smosh Children Fanfic by SmoshCourtneyFan
Smosh Children Fanficby Smosh Kelsey 011
*This is the second part of my fanfic: Smosh Nolivia Fanfic.* Noah and Olivia have two kids. Andrew Jay Grossman and Noelle Grace Grossman. Andrew is super protective of...
Mari moves to a place called Teggeson in The country with her parents, on the first day of school Mari meets this boy named Wes, but he's special. Who else will she meet...
Smosh Nolivia Fanfic by SmoshCourtneyFan
Smosh Nolivia Fanficby Smosh Kelsey 011
This is a fanfic about Noah and Olivia from Smosh taking place before Smosh Summer Games: Wild West! While Anthony is at Smosh there is a no relationship rule! What will...
DREAMER by Girlisti
DREAMERby AdaMaiiii
Boze, a 22 year old with her whole future ahead of her! But her life takes a dark turn when she's suddenly in dire need of money, how low will she stoop? Who will be the...
Smosh Woze Fanfic: It'll Pass by SmoshCourtneyFan
Smosh Woze Fanfic: It'll Passby Smosh Kelsey 011
*This does not have anything to do with my Nolivia Fanfic* Wes has been a part of a company called Smosh for a few years. He's had a small crush on Mari in the early day...
Don't Wanna Dance by gaminglife
Don't Wanna Danceby Mikayla
It started with posters, then announcements, but what made it worse was the promposals. Wes really didn't know how to go about Prom. He was, well, hopeless when it came...