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Total Drama X Popstar! Reader by attackheIicopter
Total Drama X Popstar! Readerby antisocialacebi
pretty much the title lmaoo So for this story you will be a female. And also, instead of Sierra being obsessed with Cody she's obsessed with YOU😏 Anyway bye lmao
Learning To Love You (Noah X Cody) by glowworm888
Learning To Love You (Noah X Cody)by Gabbi The Glowworm
Total Drama, named justly, has proven to Noah that making friends isn't all that easy. Come the slight chance that he actually does make a friend in Cody Anderson, the d...
BLURRY |H.S| by suck_my_pee_pee_yes
BLURRY |H.S|by suck_my_pee_pee_yes
A smile can hide anything especially pain. But will everyone believe the fake smile? Will the smile always help you or will it slowly fade? --- "Is she ever gonna...
Solo Performance //KSJ// ✓ by KimLunaRJ2
Solo Performance //KSJ// ✓by Boy With Blud
Kim Seokjin is the eldest member of the worldwide famous boy band BTS... And also the only one who've never had a solo dance performance, the reason is that the company...
PERFECT [SHAWN MENDES] [1] by torontomendes
"Cause we were just kids when we fell in love Not knowing what it was I will not give you up this time" When a backup guitarist steals the heart of a singer-so...
Capturing Memories (NH) by longtimeDirectioner
Capturing Memories (NH)by Julie
//COMPLETED// When an adventurous small-town girl discovers a photography contest for the world's biggest boy band, she gets to work alongside four incredible young men...
Love Worth Dancing For: A Bigbang Fanfiction by pastellia
Love Worth Dancing For: A from the undead
Jae Hwa, a Korean girl from America, is a talented hip hop dancer. But instead of following her dreams, she's stuck working in a small clinic as a doctor. When her broth...
sorry by ultracortez
sorryby ultracortez
This takes place after Gwen and Duncan's horrifying kiss in World Tour. What will happen? Will Duncan miss Courtney? And most importantly, will Gwen have any say?
Total Drama World Tour [Completed] by LongingForYesterday
Total Drama World Tour [Completed]by Venus
They are back with an all new season! Two new members arrive as well to make a bigger boost in the ratings! And SINGING! There's even more drama as they travel the world...
A Total drama pregnancy by capricorn_nerd101
A Total drama pregnancyby Sparkly Angel
After both being caught by the ripper in the london challenge Alejandro and Heather end up hooking up..... One thing leads to another and Heather ends up pregnant. How w...
Us Against The World (You/Lauren.J) by Jules231
Us Against The World (You/Lauren.J)by YourFave
*Sequel of Unexpected (you/Lauren.J)* The world tour is starting, which means being stuck with your ex, Lauren. But, as always, new secrets and new people are revealed...
Time-Bound by dearest_hanny
Time-Boundby Hanifah🦋
Brenda Johnson is a 21 year old Nigerian female diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme, a kind of brain tumor and according to her doctors, she has about 12 months left...
Dancing Through Love  by all0fthefandoms
Dancing Through Love by Jazz
The last thing Isabella Rossi expected when she found out she was going on tour with the Micheal Jackson was to fall in love. But a certain backup dancer seemed to catch...
Trolls Delta Dawn x male reader by hulkfuller
Trolls Delta Dawn x male readerby boss kid yo
this is my first story and first Delta dawn based fanfiction on Wattpad. I hope this influences more people to do these delta dawn x reader stories. I really like this...
The Mayham Trolls Story by MeryMayham
The Mayham Trolls Storyby Mery Counts
Hi guys I have decided that I'm going to have my Trolls Fanfic in it's own story it'll be slowly updated for now because of connection problems but don't worry I'm tryin...
Total Drama Pokémon 2: Regional Tour by PichuFan
Total Drama Pokémon 2: Regional PichuFan
Raichu is back and hosting a brand new season of Total Drama Pokémon, with a total of 25 contestants this time! 15 of which are returning from season 1 and 10 are newcom...
When You're Ready; Shawn Mendes by ILLUMlNATE
When You're Ready; Shawn Mendesby ♡
"And if I have to I'll wait forever, say the word and I'll change my plans..." ••• Third Book to I Don't Even Know Your...
Trollex X Beast/singer reader by user14992466
Trollex X Beast/singer readerby
Y/N lived in the pop troll village when she was found by Poppy's dad and taken in by him. Over time, Y/N found out she could transform into a beast. But one day, Y/N goe...
Adopted by Shawn Mendes (English) by kelsterster
Adopted by Shawn Mendes (English)by kelly
Hope is a little girl (15 years old) that is adopted by Shawn Mendes. (He is not famous in this story). The are not very close and Hope doesn't like Shawn really much. S...
Jaylor| social media| Joe Alwyn Taylor Swift by jayloruniverse
Jaylor| social media| Joe Alwyn kayle .from california
although they never post about each other on social media in this story it all started with Joe going to the 1989 world tour read to see what happens next........