Worldjumping Stories

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The Godly Nephalem by darklightkiller
The Godly Nephalemby Praise The Cayde
A powerful dimension traveling nephalem
RWBY: The Misadventures Of Ark  by RonSigma
RWBY: The Misadventures Of Ark by Shrimp Boy
Follow Professor Sigma's (mis)adventures in Remnant(and some worlds.)
Mirror, Mirror by AzureMercury
Mirror, Mirrorby AzureMercury
Kagami Carter is fresh out of college when she cracks her mirror and falls into another world known as 'Edane'. Quickly, she figures out how to jump back and forth betwe...
Crossing World II by KuroYin
Crossing World IIby Morgann Cedro
Momo had become the hero of Perfume castle and is known by many. But, she doesn't want that any longer since she has not been back to Perfume Castle since the day Prince...
A Tale of Two Brothers V.2 by LuxAbscondia
A Tale of Two Brothers V.2by LuxAbscondia
This is a redo of the original tale of two brothers crossover that I attempted before, I have updated that one's description to say that it is abandoned and I am writing...
Summonious Familious (OTH) Book 0 by DarkBlade51223
Summonious Familious (OTH) Book 0by Nathaniel Quire
Ivan was living his own life minding his own business, but when stubbing his toe causes him to drop everything, a new perspective dawns on him and he's thrown into a who...
Kayla rainsworth's daily rants by Snowflower2001
Kayla rainsworth's daily rantsby Snowflower2001
Book for Kayla rainsworth which is a character of mine in one of my three worlds....realms? Anyway she'll tell you what's on her mind how, often she gets mixed up in tro...
An-Bao by JPV1127
An-Baoby JPV1127
Hey guy this is my first book so please be nice. This is my original story and its completely made up as well as very mix cultured. please read to find out about story. ...
The Outsiders' Unwanted Adventure (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction) by Ryugan
The Outsiders' Unwanted Ryugan
Three friends are kidnapped by a goddess and sent to another world. These outsiders want nothing more than to go home, but a Titan rises in revenge for their fallen fami...
A World I Almost Remember by Alizuro
A World I Almost Rememberby αℓιzυяσ
"I'm not sure how they found me... Or why they're dressed like some kind of tumblr fashion model, but... I almost remember them." When three people, who look l...
Parallel by puppylover4444
Parallelby Ayla Vashti
Lucas Sharpire used to be a regular 19-year-old, living in Chicago. That was until one night when he felt himself fade away, to arrive in another world! He is trapped wi...
End Jumpers and Void Fallers by ChattinwithCat
End Jumpers and Void Fallersby Cat Author
The void was dangerous. If you fell in, you wouldn't die, just keep falling, and falling, and falling. Not only would you endlessly fall, but the void would tear you apa...
One For Three by AviusCorax
One For Threeby Avius Corax
Vera was just an ordinary girl with an ordinary life, with both parents and a sister whom she dearly loved. Well, that was before she died. And dying was the least of he...
Currently Untitled (world jumper) by MaybeSchrodingersKat
Currently Untitled (world jumper)by InternalScreaming
A girl discovers strange dimension jumping powers in a dream. She proceeds to mess up and blunder through these other universes, making friends and enemies along the way...