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The Secret Affair ~TannerXWoodland fanfic~ by storyking224
The Secret Affair ~TannerXWoodland...by Story
Our secret place, our relationship. No longer a secret. Our world, came crumbling down. ...
Under The Mistletoe (Woods x Reader) by PiperPlayz2
Under The Mistletoe (Woods x Reade...by PiperPlayzPanda99
A story in which (y/n) is working at Hi5studios with her brother Matthias, who just so happens to be CEO. A love will take place, but what obstacles will they face? Plea...
Aesthete (Discontinued) by ShatteredAdvantages
Aesthete (Discontinued)by Forget About Me
This crap is still gay so don't like, don't read. Legolas x Male Elf OC and/or Reader Of course I do not own The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Only My Character. ___...
Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT preferences by foxythefoxpiratechil
Hi5 Studios/Team Edge/REKT prefere...by Delta
People that are included are: Tanner Gunner J-Fred Connor Bryan Woods/Woodland Mike Matthias Sam And Paul
You're The Image Behind My Lyrics (Woods X Tanner) by Hi5_StudiosFan
You're The Image Behind My Lyrics...by Hi5_StudiosFan
'My heart isn't a Rekt prop, but it is fragile, just please don't break it' Woodland 'Woods' DeMars never thought that while he was writing lyrics to a new song that he...
✓|Princess of the Woodland Realm: A Book of Memories by Pinkars
✓|Princess of the Woodland Realm:...by Pinkars
[BOOK ONE] This is a story about the Princess of the Woodland Realm, sister of Prince Legolas and Daughter of King Thranduil. Read and find that they are your average fa...
Heart Not Rekt || Woodland Demars x Reader by springfox04
Heart Not Rekt || Woodland Demars...by yeet
You were hired at Hi5 Studios by Matthias as a graphic designer and talent in Rekt videos. When you were there, you met a guy who changed your life... ~~~ #1 in Woodlan...
Woodland Demars X Reader by jax443
Woodland Demars X Readerby jax443
Just read it It will explain
Withholder - Woodland DeMars Fanfic by boyitsalex
Withholder - Woodland DeMars Fanficby ilusm_nlm
Lily Gala is from Cleveland, Ohio and is starting her new life in San Diego, California. She struggles with PTSD, and night terrors. She is a quiet girl that tends to ke...
BigbyXReader Oneshots by TheSilverWolf94
BigbyXReader Oneshotsby Free Hugs
Idea for this was given to me by iiidaredevil. You should follow her cause her books are amazing! If you guys loved my Bigby X Reader book then I hope you enjoy my last...
Woodland Demars X the Reader love at first adventure by TrinWoodsHi5fangirl
Woodland Demars X the Reader love...by Fangirl_trin
FINISHED NO MORE UPDATES ||||| You are a newbie at Hi5 studios as mounts go on you see how really bad the keys really are. As time passes you begin crushing on that one...
Wood you be mine?: Woodland Demars x reader  by Birdiessongs
Wood you be mine?: Woodland Demars...by A.N.A🌹
Just some imagines of this man 😂😂 REQUESTS ARE: closed Updates: stopped! Book is completed! Awards 01/29/21- #3 Hi5 05/28/21- #1 Hi5 11/19/21- #2 rekt
Captain  by MazuValloma
Captain by Avyanna
Certain events pull the string of fate in her favor. The Eldest daughter of Elrond finds herself no longer in Rivendell but in Greenwood as their new captain once she d...
Tanner's Sister (Matthias x Reader) by mystesepticeye
Tanner's Sister (Matthias x Reader)by mystesepticeye
hi im y/n Malmedal, Tanner Malmedal's sister. after a rough relationship i move in with Tanner. what happens next in life leaves me scared yet...happy? !tw!
The Fae Perspective by WezleyBrookz
The Fae Perspectiveby Wezley Brookz
Seileah, a young ground-spirit of the Great Morook Mountains, is the inspiration of all of her clan. She sees and interprets what nature can teach them, but when one day...
Woodland Demars Oneshots by BeetleTay
Woodland Demars Oneshotsby Tay
Some will be X readers and some will be with names. I probably won't do smut just cause. Please be patient.
CLAN ART & Graphics for Mearth and Its Fae Folk by WezleyBrookz
CLAN ART & Graphics for Mearth and...by Wezley Brookz
[A NEW CLAN ART PROJECT WORKBOOK] Thank you so much for sending your drawings and artworks of the characters, creatures and homelands of Mearth. From the Rockways of the...
The Accident by cheerstories_
The Accidentby Madison
It was two days until NCA, and Callie White was very nervous. Her team, Woodlands Elite Generals, had won NCA for the past 3 years, so the pressure was on. But when Call...
Paul x Woodland | a bad hi5 fan-fic by bearfox123
Paul x Woodland | a bad hi5 fan-ficby a hoe
Awesome story with the comic relief of Tanner