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Lost In Myself by readingwithunicorns
Lost In Myselfby readingwithunicorns
To those who get lost and don't wanna be found. A collection of short stories and poems... *Short stories aren't as prevalent (Copyrights to readingwithunicorns) *I giv...
  • poetry
  • sad
  • shortstory
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Priest by EliseLOliver
Priestby Elise Oliver
One Priest. One lifetime of devotion. One chance encounter. One flash of lightening in her palm. One piece of magic. Can one simple question make him rethink the life he...
  • wonder
  • living
  • wonderlust
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Indecisive Diaries by Mizzy_PT
Indecisive Diariesby pt ✨
A collection of writings by an amateur writer. Used as a venting source for stress, love, doubt, hate, and a great deal of other emotions. If I actually improve my writi...
  • stories
  • wonderlust
  • girl
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☆゚.*・。゚Ruminations ☆゚.*・。゚ by TAE_YUMMM
☆゚.*・。゚Ruminations ☆゚.*・。゚by TAE_YUMMM
This book will be comprising of short stories. . . Please give this new author a chance to flourish. ◕ ◡ ◕ Please do not copy, every work in this book is original. Cop...
  • musings
  • newstory
  • newbook
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The Wave Rider by KushagraSachan
The Wave Riderby KushagraSachan
A very quick read about a man's wonderful and unmatchable love for water. Read it for the sheer pleasure of fantasy. Maybe you'll love the subtle sense of humour at plac...
  • sea
  • blue
  • fantasy
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Her by kyledavidhalls_gf
Herby Queen lmao
  • racism
  • struggles
  • sadness
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Short & Sweet by ritsismyname
Short & Sweetby Ritika
This is a small collection of short and sweet poems directly from the deepest corners of my heart which share numerous feelings. So please LIKE SHARE COMMENT 🙏🙏 XOXO...
  • poembook
  • sadness
  • poesia
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Hopeless Wanderer by Forestlights
Hopeless Wandererby Haianajami
What does this crazy wanderer seek? where is her home? She asks every passer-by.
  • spirit
  • wanderer
  • wonderlust
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beautifully terrifying by sarahashland
beautifully terrifyingby sarahashland
  • readplease
  • romance
  • mystery
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I will love you from here..... by NotLosechesters9
I will love you from here.....by Not Lose-chesters
You know, I wish I could write a description I really do. But, apart from foreshadowing I think giving people information until they have read to where they need to read...
  • happy
  • love
  • sad
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Stevie Wonder by Overbythedoor
Stevie Wonderby Su Bee
It's hard when you're a 15 year old girl who lives with her older brother and younger sister. It's hard when your whole life you've been told you're great at something...
  • sad
  • trauma
  • drama
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Wonderlust by gracemricci
Wonderlustby Grace Ricci
Elizabeth lives a boring, negative life. She doesn't have any friends, and thinks that life is completely pointless. But when she has a change of heart, her whole life c...
  • travel
  • adventure
  • tumblr
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Love Hurts by AsiaHuoy
Love Hurtsby Asia Huoy
heart break hurts us in ways that can't be explained but we find words in poems that explains to us about how we feel when we have no to words to explain our feelings
  • anxiety
  • fantasy
  • heart-break
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Lucid dreams and Candles by DexterDex749
Lucid dreams and Candlesby Dexter Dex
When your emotions manifest into a shadow person. All your fears and pain. What if sleep paralysis isn't linked to a demonic being or wandering soul? What if it's all yo...
  • fear
  • wonderlust
365 Days between us. by My_Little_Skittle
365 Days between us.by Mona Monia
It's a shame you know..they promised each other the world but they live on two different sides of it.
  • funnyromance
  • tragic
  • tragiclovestory
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Definite Pleasure by kailawskills
Definite Pleasureby kailawskills
A story of how a young girl finds herself falling love in with a boy with many different personalitys. And you get to find out why. Whats going to happen? I wonder ;):);)
  • suduction
  • homewrecker
  • lifeproblems
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The Writer by dionicia_rose
The Writerby dionicia
The story of a young woman who lacks inspiration and has a lust for travel but a new place can be frightening, until she makes a friend in a aspiring pianist. but what...
  • happy
  • indie
  • romance
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Dreamland by bobpantz
Dreamlandby honey:)
"She didn't pray to god, she would pray to the other world, filled with kings and queens and super powers, she prayed to the world she belonged in."
  • love
  • loss
  • adventure
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Restless Heart by Miss_Anonymous14
Restless Heartby Miss Anonymous
She never stopped loving, it was here greatest quality and her greatest weakness. She would give you every piece of her restless heart.
  • teen
  • runaway
  • love
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