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Bowers' sister ( Stanley Uris x reader x Victor Criss ) by Will_Byers04
Bowers' sister ( Stanley Uris x re...by Living on the edge
Henry Bowers the bully, he has a little sister? Yes her name is Y/N Bowers. She's avoided by everyone due to her being a Bowers. Plus a lot of people don't know who she...
  • billdenbrough
  • richietozier
  • victorcriss
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Sexting the Harries Twins by Wondering_Solo
Sexting the Harries Twinsby Wondering_Solo
  • finn
  • youtube
  • jack
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Lost In A Memory (A Taylor Lautner Story) by rhonda_lynn
Lost In A Memory (A Taylor Lautner...by Rhonda
Much thanks to: @KeshaKat for the story cover! Fan her! :) Taylor Lautner and Kaylen Reamer held a relationship that exhibited a love that many people wish they could ha...
  • missing
  • phonecall
  • extra
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Rainy Day Renderings by dreamsecrets01
Rainy Day Renderingsby dreamsecrets01
Poems and short stories about rainy days and wanderlust.
  • dreams
  • thoughts
  • wishful
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Questions  Questions by AliBur
Questions Questionsby AliBur
I have questions. Do you? Questions garnered from living life. Questions about what makes people say the things they do...and why do they say them or do them for that ma...
  • social
  • reading
  • wondering
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I Knew You Were Trouble {TMNT Raph Love Story} by xxbeckieex
I Knew You Were Trouble {TMNT Raph...by Rebecca Gonzalez :D
People say anybody can love whoever they want to love. The heart wants what the heart wants, right? Well, what happens when Raphael, the tough guy of the teenage mutant...
  • merp
  • letter
  • despair
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00:00 Thoughts  by alpha_j_llo
00:00 Thoughts by Naemi
poems and pages from a book I'll never write. things I hardly tell. a part of me you long to see. you'd either fall in love, or hate me.
  • thoughts
  • freedom
  • wondering
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Sparks Of Society by PreciousNinja
Sparks Of Societyby Juliana Precious
A collection of poems. Life inspires us. Life fills us with questions, with awe for its beauty. That's why some of us write. Because life sparks our imaginations. That'...
  • beautiful
  • clean
  • dreams
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Lost in the Shatter  by Spideys_Webs
Lost in the Shatter by Space_Killa
Being in a hell of loneliness wasn't the greatest quality. As his thoughts took him further from the world. He could only fantasy of the women he lusted and cared for. W...
  • lust
  • fantasy
  • wondering
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no title  by 44PERSONA44
no title by ñýčţôphîlîá _____•●°°~
مَرحَباً بِكُم فِي عَالَمِي... إقرَأ بِتَركِيز و حَاوِل ان لا تُصَاب بالمَرَض.... | | | | | هذا فقط كتاب حياتي و احلامي اليوميه و هو لاحاول ان ابرهن سبب محاولات انتحار...
  • hospital
  • family
  • sadhappyending
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Book of Poems by xXMisguidedGhostsXx
Book of Poemsby xXMisguidedGhostsXx
I am going to try and upload a poem a day.
  • kind
  • exotic
  • stand
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My Step-Love by zombiecatninja
My Step-Loveby Myke
  • bed
  • redo
  • anger
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Found?  by Kingishspider
Found? by King of turkeys
Sequel to the first book "Gone!" They finally found Natsu!! But he's different.... Natsu doesn't remember anything but the place he was held in for two years...
  • new
  • insane
  • tracking
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Thoughts of a Quiet Girl by Just_A_Quiet_Writer
Thoughts of a Quiet Girlby c o n f u s e d
Thinking hurts Especially when your thoughts Are trying to kill you
  • night
  • death
  • poetry
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Lyric Poems by wonderlandsfire106
Lyric Poemsby Abby G.
A small gathering of poems that seemingly can be considered the lyrics to a song. Some more than others. Most of these small lyrical poems consist of sadness and longing...
  • life
  • mindless
  • honesty
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The theory of every fucking thing  by Ber_lin00
The theory of every fucking thing by Bèrłin
It's am just expressing wht's inside my mind so don't mind me if it's fucked up
  • love
  • dead
  • craziness
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How To Kill A MockingBird by jughead2468
How To Kill A MockingBirdby Silca
How to kill a mocking bird.
  • mockingbird
  • anyone
  • tag
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Cringe Fest by AuroraGrac3
Cringe Festby Aurora Grace
If you're ready to cringe, you're in the right place. Silly stories, awkward and embarrassing moments I endure every day, crazy thoughts or realizations I have, rants an...
  • embarrassing
  • humour
  • questions
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Thoughts  by Darknesseverywhere12
Thoughts by Death
The thoughts are an unending chain of darkness.
  • dead
  • seizures
  • wondering
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Cliffhangers  by lovintheworldtoday
Cliffhangers by lovintheworldtoday
A bunch of stories that will leave you with a cliffhanger.
  • clifhanger
  • mystery
  • wondering