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Little Sister Song (Wynter Wild #1) by SaraCreasy
Little Sister Song (Wynter Wild #1)by Sara Creasy
#1 in #cult (Sep 2019) #3 in #womensfiction (Jul, Sep 2019) #1 in #familydrama (Feb 2019) A girl from nowhere learns from her three older brothers about life, love, and...
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The Definition of Fate by heyhannahj
The Definition of Fateby Hannah Neely
"I want you and you want me. Nothing else matters." Four years ago, Rachel Evans was destroyed by the only boy she ever loved. Ever since then, she has tried...
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Duet (Wynter Wild #7) by SaraCreasy
Duet (Wynter Wild #7)by Sara Creasy
#1 in #teenissues (Sep, Oct 2019) #1 in #familysaga (Sep 2019) #2 in #womensfiction (Sep 2019) Wynter's story continues in Duet, book 7 of the Wynter Wild series. You...
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The Marvels of Prairie Creek by PrairieCreek
The Marvels of Prairie Creekby Lynne Mickley
***WATTPAD FEATURED Nov 2017*** Penniless, hungry, and stranded at a truck stop just before Christmas, Jane Johnson has few options. So when rescue comes in the form...
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My name is Sage Cross. I've got it all-the man, the money, the mastered dream. I wasn't supposed to fall for him. Jacob Storm-Manhattan's well-known womanizer. It was...
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Seized Assets (Asset Series #2) by KatNoir206
Seized Assets (Asset Series #2)by A.C. Beck
It's been two years since Larissa Donovan walked away from both the CIA and the FBI and vanished without a trace. Hidden away from the world that tried to kill her she...
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Rhythm & Rhyme (Wynter Wild #3) by SaraCreasy
Rhythm & Rhyme (Wynter Wild #3)by Sara Creasy
#2 in #familydrama (Mar 2019) Wynter has lived on the outside for eight months and she's growing stronger. She begins to open up to her brothers about her childhood and...
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An Unforeseen Turn of Events by IdelleKursman
An Unforeseen Turn of Eventsby Idelle Kursman
A-list actor who thinks he has it all realizes what he has shunned all his life turns out to be his biggest blessing. Ryan Monti is tall, strikingly handsome and one of...
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Tell Me a Fantasy by TamaraLush
Tell Me a Fantasyby TamaraLush
Samantha Citrouille's anxiety won't stop her from attending London Fashion Week and collecting a lifetime industry award. After all, when iconic designer Karl Lagerfeld...
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My Client's Baby (The Forbidden Baby Tales Book 2) by kaym772
My Client's Baby (The Forbidden Ba...by Kay McKnight
***Perfect for fans of Wattpad favourites Daddy Unknown (PienPeuwels) and Chasing Red.*** Attorney-at law Trinity Harper refuses to wear the shroud of her family's legac...
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EPOCH by risen_phoenix
EPOCHby ❝ 𓅐 ❞
━━━━ The world is dying. Global warming, lack of resources and the collapse of government societies has caused worldwide panic - but scientists across the globe have pr...
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THE VISITOR by TonyHarmsworth
THE VISITORby Tony Harmsworth
Specialist astronaut Evelyn Slater encounters a small, badly damaged, ancient alien artefact on the first ever space-junk elimination mission. Where was it from? Who'd s...
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Lost Melodies (Wynter Wild #4) by SaraCreasy
Lost Melodies (Wynter Wild #4)by Sara Creasy
#21 in #highschoolromance (Oct 2019) Wynter's dreams are coming true: after more than a year in foster care, she finally has the home she always dreamed of when Caleb b...
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Her Mentor [BeyxMani] by jthingokay
Her Mentor [BeyxMani]by jthingokay
Normani dreams of making it in the entertainment industry and gets the opportunity of a lifetime when her boss transfers her internship to Parkwood Entertainment, the hi...
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Out of Tune (Wynter Wild #2) by SaraCreasy
Out of Tune (Wynter Wild #2)by Sara Creasy
#1 in #familydrama (Mar 2019) Wynter is struggling to find her place in the world. Now in foster care, her only desire is to move home with her brothers, who become incr...
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The Blood Red Path by Whiskeyqueenn
The Blood Red Pathby Whiskeyqueenn
How do you fight the Moon? The King has fallen to a God. The world is gathering, surrounding the Northern hemisphere on all side, crushing, strangling the land in a tig...
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Consent  by musinggirl
Consent by Anshika Bhatt
A story which screams for an appropriate consent along with it's protagonist .. 💖
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Nowhere USA by WhoopsHarryStyles
Nowhere USAby WhoopsHarryStyles
It's 2021, and Harry has been accused of never being on his own. What better way to test the theory than to move to a small town for three weeks? Sometimes you want to...
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Natural Harmonics (Wynter Wild #6) by SaraCreasy
Natural Harmonics (Wynter Wild #6)by Sara Creasy
#2 in #womensfiction (Sep 2019) #5 in #familydrama (Sep 2019) Wynter and her brothers are ready to rock venues all over Seattle. No one can deny the natural chemistry...
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Espousal by MadelineCourtney
Espousalby MadelineCourtney
*** COMPLETE *** ***FINAL NOVELLA IN THE TOXIC TRILOGY*** Elena and Jared couldn't be happier with the news that they're expecting and their sudden engagement... That is...
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