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Secret Of Hearts by Anirudhbondita
Secret Of Heartsby Barrister Bondita Anirudh Roy...
In a bid to save an 8-year-old girl from becoming the victim of Sati, Anirudh marries a curious and tyrant girl Bondita. Anirudh educates Bondita and makes her the first...
MaNan : Marrying an NRI ✅ by Rrrmsr
MaNan : Marrying an NRI ✅by janani
What happens when a simple Indian conservative girl marries an unknown man? She is just thought from the very childhood that marriage is very sacred and is something tha...
Tark- His Penned Chronicles by Jahanavi002
Tark- His Penned Chroniclesby Jahanavi002
When 10 year old Lolita finds a diary amidst the hatred of World War 2, she gets acquainted with three Characters Anirudh and Bondita and the person who has written the...
'Sun Mere Humsafar...' - SwaSan Fanfiction by Shivani_SwaSan
'Sun Mere Humsafar...' - SwaSan Fa...by •*| Shivani |*•
✨ A Promise That Binds Two Souls Together ✨ Highest Rank : #770 In Fanfiction On 09/08/2018 Top Five in #SwaSanFF ~*~*~*~*~*~* ❤ Being deeply loved by someone gives you...
Bondita : Essence of My Life by DevaNandhini
Bondita : Essence of My Lifeby Freesoul
Starts From Manorama Track. A kid of 13 is standing amidst of chaos. Her new found love is murdered by her own birisstra babu. That sudden shock was huge. But its not le...
Sai Joshi is the soul of the show. Her fierce nature is the life of her character. And now she is turning to a love sick puppy? No way!!!!!
BONDITA - 'The Injured Lioness..' by ksaurav15
BONDITA - 'The Injured Lioness..'by A.Saurav
This is my 4th Fanfiction on Anidita... So basically this ff will start from the end of the sanyasi track with a different plot... Read intro part for more info...
I'm more than just the second wife by londii
I'm more than just the second wifeby Londeka
Disclaimer: The pictures used do not belong to me. I give full credit to the respective owners.
KHWAAB- Destined Love(Slow Updates) by _jaaniye_
KHWAAB- Destined Love(Slow Updates)by Pratishtha
"Patni Agar Pati Se Ho Ek Kadam Aage To Kya Toot Jaate Hai Rishton Ke Dhaage?" Shaurya and Anokhi are going to become partners for life. Anokhi is more intelli...
Anidita: Ordeal and Ardour (ON HOLD) by Magnolia_Fantasy
Anidita: Ordeal and Ardour (ON HOL...by Nicki💙🕊️
"From the verses of their chronicles" Anirudh Roy Choudhary, a man every woman would dream to have, a man blessed with a beautiful heart and high progressive p...
Brave Heart | ✔️ by kainatazharr
Brave Heart | ✔️by kainat
A soft heart is not a Brave Heart, so I've been told. ~ #1 in lessonlearned: 2/10/22 #3 in womensfiction 2/28/22 #4 in lesson: 2/26/22
Draupadi - The Impregnable Queen by Khanakvats13
Draupadi - The Impregnable Queenby Khanak Vats
Was born from within the fire. Now, the fire is born from within. The story circles around Draupadi - the paradigmatic warrior queen, a woman who will not let injustice...
Better Half by HeenakulsumTR
Better Halfby Umma kulsum T R
Sometimes the wrong route led us to reach the destination quickly. How can a good day and a bad day be the same?... Yes, it was the same for me. Where I got a promotion...
His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON HOLD)  by _Abha_
His Acceptance ♥ | Rudhita (ON HOL...by Abha
"His Fate, Her Faith" The heart accomodates someone for once but when it does, the place gets reserved for that particular person for lifetime. However, fate i...
" Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world " - ALBERT EINSTEIN Imagining different moments of Anirud...
Barrister Babu: Anokha rishta by monu_456
Barrister Babu: Anokha rishtaby monu_456
Fanfiction of barrister babu tv show. Story continues from the wedding night celebration shown in show. Realistic love story of anidita.
Duhshala The Kuru Princess  by LadyBug056497
Duhshala The Kuru Princess by Lady Bug 🐞
This story is about the one and only princess of the kuru ancestry..Princess Duhshala. We will see the incidents of Mahabharata from her aspect here. We don't know much...
𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧~ 𝐀𝐧𝐢𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐚 ✓ by Be_my_Jinnie
𝐇𝐢𝐬 𝐐𝐮𝐞𝐞𝐧~ 𝐀𝐧𝐢𝐝𝐢𝐭𝐚 ✓by ●𝙒𝙒𝙃 𝙅𝙞𝙣●
"𝑬𝒗𝒆𝒓𝒚 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒕𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆, 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒆𝒗𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒖𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒍𝒐𝒔𝒆, 𝒃𝒖𝒕 𝒊𝒏 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒆𝒏𝒅, 𝒍𝒐𝒗𝒆 𝒘𝒊𝒍𝒍 𝒓𝒆𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒏 𝒊𝒏 𝒂 𝒅...
The Man behind the First Indian Female Doctor by Varshrash108
The Man behind the First Indian Fe...by Varshrash108
This is a Story on the Person(Author) who is Instrumental in making a Lady, First Female Doctor of the Country India during the Pre-Independence Era when the society was...
How About Seven? ✔ by drizzlestarstone
How About Seven? ✔by Becs
[ 𝘩𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘦𝘥 #44 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 ] -- It's an oft-quoted quote, and I'm sure you guys have heard of it. Two's company and three's a crowd. But I just...