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The Nanny (EDITING) by loveme1819
The Nanny (EDITING)by Lyfe Storiez
Za'Rayah (Zuh-Ray-Uh) Parker is from East Garfield Park in Chicago. The rough city raised her to take nothing and be remorseful. The pain of her mother's death really hu...
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Kingdom of Teeth [January 2020] by tidalbay
Kingdom of Teeth [January 2020]by nicole bea
When Lincoln Sault Ste. Marie is bitten by a cloaked werewolf in the darkened streets of 1900's Quebec, he's cursed for all eternity to bow to the full moon and ravenous...
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My opposite other by _kuzmanovska_22
My opposite otherby _kuzmanovska_22
This is about a wolf with a perfect life until it all falls down leaving Lucy (the wolf) alone and figures out that she needs to change......
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Speaking My Mind by KingDelvonte
Speaking My Mindby Delvonte Or Vonte
just thing I wanna say to people who I dont like and things I think about so.. enjoy it might have cussing maybe
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Meeting Wolftyla by dasiajacobs
Meeting Wolftylaby dasiajacobs
I met Tyla in atlanta August 2 Weird is wavy
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Ravens story by BowieWolf206
Ravens storyby BowieWolf206
As a Wolf girl Raven,a fun wolf girl that is a rare wolf girl.She try's to fit in school but if she gets mad it will be a chance she will turn into wolf.
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the fighter and the flirt by Happywriter1234
the fighter and the flirtby Happywriter1234
Katelyn, a sweet girl though she cares about the people she knows,she can be quite mean to people she hasn't met especially the people who annoy her,so i titled her the...
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Nesto World *Editing* by shawtynextdoor
Nesto World *Editing*by shawty wit da hoodie
(Ernesto Powe)As king Ernesto perez (Anthony gradney ) as big brother Princeton Perez (corahn lockridge ) as king bestfriend Marley Lee (Roc Royal )as King Hater 'Tam...
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Wolftyla by meleniewolf123
Wolftylaby meleniewolf123
Wolftyla is the bae she's my idol she's so genuine and nice to all her supporters and I wish I can meet her one day I over her style and the #wolfmovement we are a famil...
Its Just Me...[ Wolftyla story] by LiL_Shawtyyy
Its Just Me...[ Wolftyla story]by S.
You Read then you'll find out oh oh ohhhh
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The Beginning of Time by xanderanderson19
The Beginning of Timeby xanderleeanderson
For years we lived our lives the way society saw fit. However, as time past we found that we were much different than the average human. Actually we found that we truly...
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( ● -- ● ) R A T E S ( ° ~ ° ) by KingDelvonte
( ● -- ● ) R A T E S ( ° ~ ° )by Delvonte Or Vonte
B . O . D . Y . P . A . R .T .Y ? ( B )est Feature ; ( O )verall Rate ; ( D )ate Or Pass ; ( Y )ou Should ; ( P )retty Or Ugly ; ( A )lways Wanted To Tell You ; ( R )eal...
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Wolf Movement by _wavy_
Wolf Movementby _wavy_
Good vibes and finding your chill. I'm just helping you get there.
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The One Alpha by TheMarineWolf
The One Alphaby I'm Joining The Army
Bella a young girl who is a godess,she must keep that a secret or else the pack won't accept her as their alpha,she must find her mate and reason with the "Night St...
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abused by my pack home! ( Books 2) by broken_emo_girl_2042
abused by my pack home! ( Books 2)by Allie
hiya I'm Layla I still didn't find my mate but my family has been gone for over 4 years now ! I got send to a faster pack home I been here since I was 8! Contains sexual...