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Je T'aime (Luka x Reader) by cheshireclark
Je T'aime (Luka x Reader)by cheshireclark
Y/n L/n recently moved to paris, the home of the famous heros Ladybug and Chat Noir. She moved there to help her sick grandfather run the Tea Cup Cafe untill he gets bet...
Miraculous Ladybug Wolf Miraculous; Accalia by LadybugFanfiction
Miraculous Ladybug Wolf Miraculous...by LadybugFanfiction
Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction; Adrien's cousin Brielle comes to stay with the Agrestes after her home burned down. Brielle overhears something she shouldn't have, but sh...
Sliver Wolf - most powerful by hprockes1
Sliver Wolf - most powerfulby dragon ball 101
As an 8-year-old she was adopted by master fu ( guardian of the miraculous other known as wang cheng ) she trained in martial arts and acrobats to prepare for the gain o...
Howl to the Wind: A Miraculous FanFic by artemis865
Howl to the Wind: A Miraculous Fan...by Artemis865
(Chat Noir/Adrian x OC) Bernadette is an ordinary teenager. She may have ten annoying brothers and moved to Paris because of her mother's new job, but she's normal. Or s...
Miraculous Mystic by Mysticfashion
Miraculous Mysticby #1Marichat
The two super hereos of Paris - (Chloe) Scarlet Bug and (Adrien) Chat noir don't really get along together. Scarlet bug is always taking credits of Chat noir and doesn't...
Wolf Miraculous by DeathByDoughnuts
Wolf Miraculousby Adrianne Gardner
So, this is about a girl named Adrianne moving to Paris as a foster kid, her parents having died four years ago. She meets Master Fu and is given the wolf miraculous, an...
The Moon is Beautiful Isn't It? (Adrien x OC) by _KaoriSuzuki_
The Moon is Beautiful Isn't It? (A...by ♡Kaori♡
"Tsuki ga kirei desu ne? (The moon is beautiful isn't it?)" A phrase that doesn't actually mean that the moon is beautiful, it means "I love you". Ka...
Light Wolf And Dark Dragon Miraculous🔔 by UmbreonWolfGirl
Light Wolf And Dark Dragon Miracul...by UmbreonWolfGirl
Huh What is the story of the Light Wolf and Dark Dragon? This is a tail of a girl called Sonja(see what did there) That gets a miraculous so powerful and dangerous...wil...
New Heroes I A Miraculous Ladybug fanfic by CampHalfBlood1215
New Heroes I A Miraculous Ladybug...by Vicki Chase
When Lydia moves from a small village in France to the bustling city of Paris, things get a little crazy. She meets Marinette, Adrien and the rest of the gang! She meets...
The Secret Miraculous Holder by miraculousholder01
The Secret Miraculous Holderby Jazzy
Jazmin moves to Paris from Mexico and goes to her first day of school. She had on a necklace that an old man gave her after she helped him up and bought him some goods...
The Wolf and The Moth by kittlekat33
The Wolf and The Mothby Kat
The Peacock and Bee, true lovers do they make. Moth and Wolf with find a way. Cat and Bug is forbidden love. And Turtle and Fox is true passion above all. **************...
The Life Of Miraculous Lobo by DenkiStunGun
The Life Of Miraculous Loboby Stun Gun
"Help..." "No one can help you..." "You're all alone!" "Nobody's ever alone..." "There is always one person who will stick b...
Madison and Nickole's book. by madisonandnickole
Madison and Nickole's book.by madisonandnickole
Hey it's Madison and Nickole! This is our first book and we'll just post some awkward and random stuff. We may post about what's going on here in Canada and miraculous l...
Miraculous | Universe Clash by RealHR20
Miraculous | Universe Clashby HR20
Hawk Moth begins to get the ability to send Akuma's into another Universe. Specifically our Universe. A secondary school student discovers the Miraculous Box. But withou...
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug, Cat Noir, and Loup Gris by SilverCobra3LB
Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug, Cat...by Matrix/Cobra Duo
Zoie Dolun-Kai is a shy, androphobic girl in Paris, France. But when she gains a Miraculous, a watch, her life turns upside down. She meets her partners in stopping crim...
Simply the best by Clato3
Simply the bestby Kristina.C
Kristina (that's me) accidentally gets pulled into the world of her favorite TV series Miraculous Ladybug, with no apparent way to get back she has to adapt to her new l...
Who Is She? by MLBLadybugMarinette
Who Is She?by Marinette Ladybug
Does anyone know who this girl is? I found a pic along time ago and it said her name was Jayla but I just want to confirm it!
ALPHA - Miraculous Ladybug Story by AbiAgreste
ALPHA - Miraculous Ladybug Storyby Abby
Allegrapriya Rajesh is a 15 year old girl. She's recently moved to France with her new family. Her adoptive parents were very kind but strict people. She has a stepbroth...
The wolf Miraculous by babybec11
The wolf Miraculousby babybec11
Y/n moved to pairs to live with mother and get better medical treatment. Y/n fell in love with the city and it super hero's but that not all she fell in love with. But c...