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•Prince• by _yourasimp_
•Prince•by pigeon:)
•After escaping the clutches of his father, George has no where else to go. His other family won't take him without turning him in. He explores a forest and finds a man...
Worldwide Feels- A Wnf (Wilbur X George)band AU by strawberriesDOTorg
Worldwide Feels- A Wnf (Wilbur X G...by Your Mom
This is my first time writing a story, for now I'm just testing my writing ability before I continue to write more stories. Please do give me feedback as to what I need...
Georgebur Oneshots! by itzleDannie
Georgebur Oneshots!by °{itszléDannie_}°
Some Georgebur Oneshot Stories that I have thought of and just wrote :)) This might be just for fun and will not be updated always, cuase it's hard to find motivation t...
The Writing on Your Arm (Discontinued) by Forrest_Fire
The Writing on Your Arm (Discontin...by Forrest
!!Discontinued!! Once someone reaches their teen years they have a chance every birthday to start communicating with their soulmate by writing on their skin. Relying on...
dirty alleyways are so romantic (they really aren't) | georgebur by -ZEALINA
dirty alleyways are so romantic (t...by zea! 𓆏
"Well, now I feel kinda bad for listening in on you." George jumped up from leaning against the fence, peeking through the gaps to see an unfamiliar tall, curl...
~Stringed Hearts~    GEORGEBUR by MrMonopoly14
~Stringed Hearts~ GEORGEBURby Mr. Pluvio
George Davidson - 24 years old - an amateur guitarist who never realized that his passion for music will be the one that will ignite his heart. ----------------------- A...
Love Is overrated anyways//karlwastaken// {High school Au} by amari-4044
Love Is overrated anyways//karlwas...by Tom toms<3
Karl honestly hates the idea of love. he tried it once in the past and it completely backfired on him. Now he's quiet and sad. He has two friends, Sapnap and Quackity, w...
Villain C!GeorgeNotFound one-shots by losernamedwilbur
Villain C!GeorgeNotFound one-shotsby Silbur Woot
The title says it all. A story full of George Lore being a villain. TW//BLOOD,DEATH,GORE,NSFW SHIPPING IS ALLOWED ((read first chapter "a few things,," for mor...
Old Beach House - A Georgebur Oneshot by A_Punny_Funny_Bunny
Old Beach House - A Georgebur Ones...by Cawot :3
George and Wilbur go to visit their old beach house where memories and dark feelings arise...
Disasteristic Secrets by miyaokothefujoshi
Disasteristic Secretsby miyaoko the saiyan goddess
"George please, just come with me. You don't have to stay with them." With Dream. Wilbur holds back on the bastard's name. Dread takes form on George's face. T...
Dirty downer by Rhyan921
Dirty downerby Sparkleboy
It's just self indulgent we happy few porn. I love Arthur and I love the bobbies so here it is. It's garbage lmao.
Locked up in your love - 내 사랑은 잠겨 by noddlesmammon
Locked up in your love - 내 사랑은 잠겨by piecake
GeorgeBur fiction This is my first fiction ever, and it's my first time writing something like this One-shot (?)
Flashing Lights ( Georgebur ) by saquashing
Flashing Lights ( Georgebur )by saquashing
George could have stayed like that forever, dancing embarrassingly bad to a remix of Kesha and Pitbull, the taste of liquor still fresh on his lips, sweat dripping down...
Eternal sorrow (WNF angst) by Dashyfoxy_Cross
Eternal sorrow (WNF angst)by ✝️Dashyfoxy_Cross✝️
!!Disclaimer!!- The image used as the cover is NOT MINE. Credits go to the original owner. This is my first story, so please be kind. It was inspired by these songs- If...
Geranium Pink ( Georgebur ) by saquashing
Geranium Pink ( Georgebur )by saquashing
George visits Wilbur and their relationship changes.
Royal Blue ( Georgebur ) by saquashing
Royal Blue ( Georgebur )by saquashing
Wilbur finds out George has a secret collection of skirts and dresses. Cross-posted on AO3
Georgebur by quackitycatboi
Georgeburby quackitycatboi
This a Georgebur book! I will be taking requests!
Midnight Masquerade by GeorgieeeNotFound
Midnight Masqueradeby 𝙂𝙚𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙞𝙞𝙚𝙚𝙚🦋
A fine night to dance with under the moonlight, they would stare at your eyes, holding you close, soft talks as you both dance. It's wonderful, isn't it? As the moon sh...