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The Wizard Of Cartoon Topia by stargirlshooter
The Wizard Of Cartoon Topiaby Stargirl Shooter
Join 9 year old Ava as she accidentally winds up in Cartoon Topia a place where cartoons from all over the world live together in harmony. Will Ava be able to get home...
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𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐎𝐅 𝐎𝐙  -  APPLYFIC by heyqueens-
LAND OF OZ, " you know, storybook characters aren't supposed to curse. " " well...
Descendants: Return To Oz [3] by ICrzy01
Descendants: Return To Oz [3]by ICrzy
Months after Descendants 2, everything returns to normal. School is back in session. Everyone is moving forward, expect Ellie. She is stuck in a runt and on top of that...
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Dorthy by ShaunAllan
Dorthyby Shaun Allan
Zombies and werewolves and witches, oh my! Dorothy is a normal teenage girl. She goes to school, hangs out and resists the advances of the boys in her year. And she liv...
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OC Book by Bellofmanycharacters
OC Bookby Hailey Strock
The oc I created. I use my oc's in fanfics I write.
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Descendants: Mother vs Daughter [4] by ICrzy01
Descendants: Mother vs Daughter [4]by ICrzy
Within a year after Descendants: Return to Oz, Ellie is managing her magic and her social life a lot better. She is more happy and things in her life are great. She has...
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Gelphie - We're Just Friends.. Right? by elphiemenzel
Gelphie - We're Just Friends.. Rig...by FitzSimmons
-----SPOILERS SORT OF----- Wicked. Elphaba Thropp Glinda(Galinda) Upland Fiyero Tigelaar Madame Morrible The Wizard Citizens of Oz The Gaurds Elphaba had run off with Fi...
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Unfathomable  by xurxmomx
Unfathomable by Ur Mom
A talking land squid, a holo queen and her knight, a talking cat, a clumsy elephant, the king's revolting guards, and a sassy ostrich. Halley Rush couldn't have imagined...
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Dark Oz by roadkingrider
Dark Ozby Steve CS
Sixteen year old Dorothy Gale was a foul-mouthed, angry young woman who struggled with depression, self-mutilation, and thoughts of suicide. Her darkness stemmed from f...
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Gamera the Great and the Powerful by Legendarygoji
Gamera the Great and the Powerfulby Godzilla
(WARNING:The following story tells a different continuity. Gamera, Gyaos and any other monsters may have their own stories tweaked and Oz the Great and the Powerful belo...
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Because I Knew You {Fiyero} by kimmyiewrites
Because I Knew You {Fiyero}by kimmyie writes
Everyone seems to forget that there's four witches in Oz and not just three. Even the original author of Dorothy Gale's biography still got it wrong. In the south there...
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Between Sleep And Wake by _heatherchandler
Between Sleep And Wakeby abby
It's been eight years since Wendy was taken to Neverland against her will and held captive by Peter Pan, a boy with a penchant for killing children. She's still dealing...
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Robyn and the Wizard of Oz by PerkyGoth14
Robyn and the Wizard of Ozby PerkyGoth14
Patch picks out The Wizard of Oz to have a movie night with Robyn, Tom, Jerry, and Peep. However, it becomes a strange night when they find themselves in the world of th...
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Can water save my soul? by foxiso
Can water save my soul?by Iso Carri
The Jester is alive. And everyone in Oz isn't expecting what is about to happen. Especially with a new found epidemy spraying around. The clock is ticking and every min...
Home is Where the Heart Is (RE-WRITE!) [Dorothy x Scarecrow] by ILuvNerdySturff
Home is Where the Heart Is (RE-WRI...by Call me Pawskie Please ~♡
[TEMP COVER] "But, Dorothy... Why did you come back? You could have stayed at your home. In Kansas! Where it was safe..." "I've said this quote many times...
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Scandalacious Shiz ~ Gelphie Fanfic by gaybills
Scandalacious Shiz ~ Gelphie Fanficby Briar Reyes
Dear Old Shiz is a usual school, with the most popular girl, Galinda. There is also a green girl, Elphaba, who everyone isn't too fond of. - When Galinda and Elphaba fi...
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The Husks of Night by NelWritesNovels
The Husks of Nightby NelWritesNovels
Sofian Grey has a wish - for his village never to feel hungry again. The village bakitze only knew of one wish granter - the Queen of the Hollow Realm- who liked to tric...
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The Wizardry Dragons of OZ [CBF Fanfic] by Strabii
The Wizardry Dragons of OZ [CBF Fa...by Strabi
Crossfight B-Daman and The Wizard of OZ crossover!!! I thought to myself, well, if no one's gonna bother making one, then why not just make it yourself? (Will be using J...
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Yaoyorozu Must DIE!  by diabolikloversayato
Yaoyorozu Must DIE! by diabolikloversayato
I didn't ask to be a hero. I've seen the movies, read the books, but never imagined Oz to look like this. A twisted fairy tale mixed in with my favorite anime, My Hero A...
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Home is Where the Heart Is (Dorothy x Scarecrow) by ILuvNerdySturff
Home is Where the Heart Is (Doroth...by Call me Pawskie Please ~♡
"But, Dorothy... Why did you come back? You could have stayed at your home. In Kansas!" "I've said this quote many times now, Scarecrow. Home is where the...
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