Minecraft mobs x Reader by Tate16brw
Minecraft mobs x Readerby SilverWingAssassin
Currently on a writing break
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Blood Legion [boyxboy] by ijakegirl
Blood Legion [boyxboy]by Diane Bennett
[ON HOLD] Klaus Bell had his work cut out for him the moment he saw Alexander Ingerman kill a man. Now keeping that secret is like swallowing fire: excruciating. His cur...
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Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Devil's Revenge by Bladewing683
Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Devil...by Bladewing683
Sequel to Hybrids of Team Crafted After the battle with Entity, Team Crafted thought that they could afford some chilling and relaxing time, at least, for a while. After...
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Ask, and Dare Team crafted and the Minecraft mobs (on hold)  by Amethystenchantress
Ask, and Dare Team crafted and the...by 🔮 Amethyst🔮
Ask and dare team crafted and the Minecraft bosses and requests are open if you want to ask or dare anyone of them they will hopefully except it Hope you enjoy!!! Rated...
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Blood Is Thicker by HiddenRanger202
Blood Is Thickerby Violet
In the Wither Kingdom, where strength and power are highly prized, the warrior class are the law. Nowhere else is this quite as evident as within the Five Noble Houses. ...
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Total Drama Minecraft by Radishologist
Total Drama Minecraftby Todd
First season of "Total Drama Minecraft"! Twenty mobs will battle it out in challenges for one million emeralds! Who will prevail? Basic Minecraft and Total Dra...
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The Good Adventurer by Hank02
The Good Adventurerby Hank02
This distant land ... full of beautiful things and other horrible ... is threatened against an implacable army that if it is not cut from its roots will never be defeate...
  • minecraft
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Crursed: Book 1 of The Taken Series by LightningEC
Crursed: Book 1 of The Taken Seriesby Airisé Rapsones
Sky, is Herobrine's first born. Ty, is the Ender Dragon's son. Jason, the Wither's son. Each one to his own destiny. When the meet for the first time they knew there had...
  • magic
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Shadow of Israphel Fanfic by SkylordJojo
Shadow of Israphel Fanficby Skylord Jojo
Summary: You know those stories they tell about legendary heroes? Who save the day from the evil villains? Well this story isn't the same as those. Our story is about 3...
  • wither
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Close Your Eyes by _Written_in_Ink
Close Your Eyesby Written in Ink
We all have a beginning, and we all have an end, don't we? But for one girl, that isn't necessarily true. When Sammy Miller found her in that alley, he didn't know who s...
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Team crafted story- Secretly Hybrids book 1 by Amethystenchantress
Team crafted story- Secretly Hybri...by 🔮 Amethyst🔮
Sky has a secret, he hasn't revealed what's behind his sunglasses, his friends have never seen his eyes since childhood. His friends don't know why he always wears onyx...
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Human!Minecraft hostile mobs x reader oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN!!) by KitsugaOwO
Human!Minecraft hostile mobs x rea...by KitsugaOwO
Read request page Art is not mine ( but some art will be ) 13+ ( sexual references) NO SMUT JUST REFERENCES ( and cussing =] ) Oof
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Mobs and Humans (A Mobtalker Fanfic) by WitherAffect
Mobs and Humans (A Mobtalker Fanfi...by Wither
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Minecraft monster school by HoneyAnneLandiza
Minecraft monster schoolby Honey Anne Landiza
So if you all know a YouTuber named Willcraft has a series called minecraft monster/mob school. Sadly he had stopped but that's why I made this a continuation of the sto...
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Bring Secrets to Light by stormcause
Bring Secrets to Lightby Secret Truths Or Rejected Myt...
FIVE siblings who have no idea what's coming FOUR billion lives at risk THREE days until they are attacked TWO supernatural beings who are coming to a head ONE lost girl...
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Minecraft Adventure: book 1 of the Eleanor series: The Great Comeback by Gabriel6X942
Minecraft Adventure: book 1 of the...by Enderman_of_D00M
Normally, humans are the good guys, and we cheer for them. However, would you still want to aid them if they purposefully went to another world and demolished it, burnt...
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Kidnapped by Why don't we - Supernatural  by ciennalily
Kidnapped by Why don't we - Supern...by ciennalily
Everyone at Limelight High knew about the 'freak' as people would say. Her actual name is Roselyn Mae Lyn. You're probably wondering why she's called a freak is bullied...
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Wither (yoonmin) by Jungkookies_And_Tae
Wither (yoonmin)by 멜
with·er verb 1. become dry and shriveled. 2. cause harm or damage to. A life in which Jimins' fate grants him a gift, but along with it follows a curse. The gift can b...
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