flowers : JungKook by jaejjk
flowers : JungKookby jae
''no matter how beautiful one flower bloom, it will wither one day,'' i closed my sketchbook before i continued,'' so it's meaningless because one day, you will withered...
  • love
  • short
  • wither
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Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction} {DISCONTINUED} by spiritoast
Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode Fan...by bees?
(please. stop reading this) Lack of Energy... Labored Breathing... Common symptoms of Wither Sickness. Caused by overexposure to the Wither Storm and its Tractor Beams. ...
  • jesse
  • withersickness
  • minecraft
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Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Devil's Revenge by Bladewing683
Hybrids of Team Crafted: The Devil...by Bladewing683
Sequel to Hybrids of Team Crafted After the battle with Entity, Team Crafted thought that they could afford some chilling and relaxing time, at least, for a while. After...
  • minecraft
  • enderdragon
  • jeromeasf
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The Dark World by Lionblaze500
The Dark Worldby Lionblaze500
Abuse. Abandonment. Heartache. Regret. One family, different people. Life isn't always easy. It never is. Never will be, especially not here. Not knowing what's to come...
  • enderman
  • mobs
  • mystery
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Blood Haven Arc1: The Last Human by joshmma
Blood Haven Arc1: The Last Humanby Ultra Comic production
Humanity met its end in WW3 all seem lost but only one human remains alive as he fights to survive this hellish new world.
  • fantasy
  • devil
  • god
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•Unfit to Rule• ~ A Skybrine, Enderlox, and WitherMU FF  by Valkrum_
•Unfit to Rule• ~ A Skybrine, Ende...by Very long Hiatus jfc
[ ❝You'll be a great ruler some day, Adam.❞ ] When three princes are tired of their boring lives and take to the Overworld, friendships are found, betrayal is near, and...
  • notch
  • deadloxmc
  • wither
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Ask, and Dare Team crafted and the Minecraft mobs (requests open) by Amethystenchantress
Ask, and Dare Team crafted and the...by 🔮 Amethyst🔮
Ask and dare team crafted and the Minecraft bosses and requests are open if you want to ask or dare anyone of them they will hopefully except it Hope you enjoy!!! Rated...
  • huskymudkip
  • askordare
  • enderdargon
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Minecraft monster school by HoneyAnneLandiza
Minecraft monster schoolby Honey Anne Landiza
So if you all know a YouTuber named Willcraft has a series called minecraft monster/mob school. Sadly he had stopped but that's why I made this a continuation of the sto...
  • spider
  • herobrine
  • ghast
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Human!Minecraft hostile mobs x reader oneshots (REQUESTS OPEN!!) by KitsugaOwO
Human!Minecraft hostile mobs x rea...by KitsugaOwO
Read request page Art is not mine ( but some art will be ) 13+ ( sexual references) NO SMUT JUST REFERENCES ( and cussing =] ) Oof
  • spider
  • witch
  • slime
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MCSM: Behind the Storm [Discontinued] by RainingFaye
MCSM: Behind the Storm [Discontinu...by you get used to me
The Ocelots are known jerks. Villains, even. Or are they? They sought revenge on the New Order. But why? What exactly were the three Ocelots doing during episodes 1-4...
  • valkyrie
  • mcsm
  • secrets
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Mask ( fanf fanfic ) by sleepingjellyfish
Mask ( fanf fanfic )by Sleepingjellyfish
Two boys sit at a table, happy children talking, yelling and eating, but not these two boys.These two boys know the story of freddy fazbear pizzeria in all its glory.
  • pizza
  • sorrow
  • chica
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I Am Entity_303, And This Is My Story (Temporarily on hold) by SkyArmyRecrute1
I Am Entity_303, And This Is My St...by J
Entity_303... The glitch... The monster... The one whom was created to dystroy Herobrine... The only one of the four who knows what is going on... Herobrine, the Wither...
  • enderdragon
  • 303
  • yourewelcome
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[Minecraft Story] Blocks ||Completed|| by Decoda357
[Minecraft Story] Blocks ||Complet...by Decoda Malion
Cover credit: @Filauria_Ilillee Decoda wakes up in a world full of mystery. She begins to build and progress when she finds another human lying on the ground. She takes...
  • tomboy
  • herobrine
  • creepy
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Kidnapped by Why don't we - Supernatural  by ciennalily
Kidnapped by Why don't we - Supern...by ciennalily
Everyone at Limelight High knew about the 'freak' as people would say. Her actual name is Roselyn Mae Lyn. You're probably wondering why she's called a freak is bullied...
  • mermaid
  • vampire
  • zachherron
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(MC:SM) Hero's End by RhiTheHybrid
(MC:SM) Hero's Endby Rhi
Warning- Contains Graphic Descriptions Upon arriving in a new world while trying to find a way back to their own, Jesse's gang is separated by a mysterious cloaked bei...
  • mcsmivor
  • petra
  • story
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The Wicked Ones by HiddenRanger202
The Wicked Onesby Violet
Book Three of 'The Herobrine Quest' series: Shadow's rebellion is in pieces. The men who were under his command have fallen to Notch's soldiers. He's lost everything - h...
  • evil
  • sword
  • ender
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Wither by JohnTheNugget
Witherby JohnTheNugget
  • jakehill
  • wither
Not what i want. by spoopyvlat
Not what i want.by Vlatko
Skydoesminecraft, and team crafted. It Is a skybrine story, along with enderlox and witherMu later on. Sky has kept his past hidden and covered with sunglasses and when...
  • trumu
  • enderdragon
  • adam
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