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A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
Mending What Was Once Broken (A Broken Soulmate Book 2) by HarukiUsagi46
Mending What Was Once Broken (A Br...by HarukiUsagi46
This is a sequel to "A Broken Soulmate" <<<<read this first before reading this one. After 16 year of waiting for Wei Wuxian to return....Lan Wangj...
One Wish, Mr. Merman by Bethany_V
One Wish, Mr. Mermanby BeThAnY
Maybelle used to love mermaids growing up as a little girl. Every Halloween she would dress up as Ariel from the Little Mermaid and run around the streets getting candy...
Forgetting About the Future (Tom Riddle love story) by nikkibrooks
Forgetting About the Future (Tom R...by Nicole
The wishing well is a very dark piece of magic that has been hidden for centuries. It has been rumored from those very few who found it that the gift it possesses is to...
For My Magician Dii ❤️❤️ by lifeisablessing_1234
For My Magician Dii ❤️❤️by sweety
This book is for someone who never made me cry ,who always putted a smile on my face,and who loves me alot..❤️❤️
On Tour With MattyBraps by AlyssaCotter
On Tour With MattyBrapsby Alyssa_Nichole
Y/N was best friends with MattyB! Yes the MattyB! Matt asks you to go on tour! You say yes I mean who would pass up an opportunity to go on tour? But Matt has a crush on...
The Unlikely of Mates by Anixancy
The Unlikely of Matesby Nani C.
"Imagine though when you find your soul mate and the [this] happens." - Tumblr user: lost-moonlight 'No but imagine the school jock and the nerd he beats up e...
a day with me ( my oc's and me ) by emzys312
a day with me ( my oc's and me )by Emzynotfound312
This book is my rp book,and a little story plot with my OCs and you!, this is a book,on where all ,I mean ALL my oc's are here,even me!!,and I'm adding a reader so you c...
I Wish I May {News & Updates Only} by AdelynAnn
I Wish I May {News & Updates Only}by Adelyn Sterling
[Story removed for querying and publishing] Fairy Godmother in training, Zelda Ravensdale is starting her fourth and final year at Madame LeBleu's school for godmothers...
When You Wish Upon A Star by JazzJennings
When You Wish Upon A Starby Jazz Jennings
Eric and Drake, just your average male 7th Graders who were not so popular, but popular at the same time. Of course, these two best friends always had the dates and goo...
wishes and dreams >> poetry by readerofbookss14
wishes and dreams >> poetryby readerofbookss14
just a collection of poems, full of random thoughts and powerful feelings, that i will be continuing to update. hope you enjoy! 1 in #collectionofpoems at one point!
butter fly thoughts by pepperandink
butter fly thoughtsby peachymangopie
for when the butterfly comes and my words with it, hope it reaches you and your soul.
USED by sunnygurlxoxo
USEDby sunnygurlxoxo
At the whore house the girls all go through a different child hood to end up at the Whore house. Most are abused or raped at a young age and only think they are good fo...
Wish (Archie Andrews) by mckin_marie
Wish (Archie Andrews)by mckin_marie
Archie Andrews has fallen for the new girl at school, but Sophie's brother warned her about Archie. Even though she knew about all the terrible things he's done, he coul...
Losing His Trust by wisdomgirl_22
Losing His Trustby Alena
Sequel to the Past or the Present Francheska Troven never expected to be able to find her mate, much less the Beta of the Royals Pack. For a few months their relationshi...
Wishing On A Shooting Star | Ten NCT U by _xItsSarahx_
Wishing On A Shooting Star | Ten N...by 𝔖𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘩 𝘓𝘦𝘦 🦋
Bianca is an average girl with big wishes. One of her wishes is to be with Ten from NCT U. One night a shooting star comes, her wishes turn into reality.
Dandelions  by Ariadne_Thorn
Dandelions by Ariadne
I've heard of love that comes Once in a lifetime And I'm pretty sure that you are That love of mine Cause I'm in a field of dandelions Wishing on every one That you'd...
A Wish Upon A Star by rebabyboy2
A Wish Upon A Starby rebabyboy2
An 19 year old who has had a rough time making a living since graduation sees a shooting star . He closes his eyes and makes an intent wish to be a toddler again . When...
Little Girl (My Story) by hiddenmeaningoflife
Little Girl (My Story)by hiddenmeaningoflife
Everybody has a story, and everyone's story is different. No one should need to play the victim. What happens to you doesn't determine your story; how you react to it do...
The Wishing Star (Open order until 1/11/2021) by violetfasha
The Wishing Star (Open order until...by Red Hoody
A collection of Violetfasha's poems about love, life, thoughts and living things.