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You Win Some, You Lose Some by BeccaAnne814
You Win Some, You Lose Someby BeccaAnne814
Being invited to your ex-fiancé's wedding is never easy, especially when the two of you have so much history between you. But what happens when one of the guys you meet...
Mixed Signals by BeccaAnne814
Mixed Signalsby BeccaAnne814
After a particularly bad break-up, you start spending your Saturday nights at home alone. When your brand-new wireless headphones accidentally pick up a distress call f...
Heaven Help Us || Bucky Barnes x Male Reader by isthatafuckingweasel
Heaven Help Us || Bucky Barnes x Mouldy Weasel
Y/n is a new Avenger, added to the roster after Thanos' attack on Earth, or really, the universe. He's automatically drawn to James Barnes, Ex-Winter Soldier. But what...
Bidding on Bucky by BeccaAnne814
Bidding on Buckyby BeccaAnne814
Winning the Lottery is a dream shared by most people, but your idea of how to spend the money is quite different than everyone else. What happens when you put it all on...
The Myths Were Wrong || Bucky Barnes x Male Reader by isthatafuckingweasel
The Myths Were Wrong || Bucky Mouldy Weasel
***DISCONTINUED*** "I am the son of Loki, the nephew of Thor, the grandchild of Laufey, Odin, and Frigga. I expect you to respect that. Which means you will NOT spe...
Anamnesis [Lacuna #2] {Completed} by solosoldier1917
Anamnesis [Lacuna #2] {Completed}by solosoldier1917
Anamnesis: the recollection of things past After waking up from self-induced cryo sleep, Bucky Barnes is determined to remember the man he was before HYDRA took h...
Bounty - Winter Soldier Fanfic  by etherella
Bounty - Winter Soldier Fanfic by etherella
Rhea is a trained and skilled SHIELD agent. She is tasked with the job of bringing in criminals all over the world for SHIELD's many secret reasons. Her next mission is...
Will you still love me tomorrow? [BuckyXReaders] by gaiyuhh
Will you still love me tomorrow? [ Gaia🌙🌳
You and Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America are super soldier back in the 40's, froze and slept for about 70 years after an incident. Both of you join the Avengers ever s...
The Truth (The Promise Sequel) (Bucky Barnes x Reader) by americasass0
The Truth (The Promise Sequel) ( me
The Promise Sequel After Y/N was froze cyrogenically after being a test subject for Project Rebirth, she is finally unfrozen years later. She is forced to adapt to her...
Ridiculous! Ludicrous! And other words ending in -ous! by mnkbyb
Ridiculous! Ludicrous! And other em 🛸
'Yo, homeboy... snap out of it!' I squared up my shoulders and crossed my arms, raising an eyebrow. 'You going all apshit isn't going to help your case that you didn't k...
Partners in crime by lokiisaliveandgay
Partners in crimeby lokiisaliveandgay
Your HYDRAs best assassin. When your not out kicking ass you help train new recruits. One day your told to train a soldier with metal arm that has a red star on it and t...
Trust | A Winter Soldier Fanfiction by avengerofthenorth
Trust | A Winter Soldier Fanfictionby you can call me cap
The Soldier sharply watched the movements of the man behind the desk. A file was flicked across to him and he slammed his fist down to stop it. James and Harper Kingsto...
When I Must Fade by brookemayler
When I Must Fadeby Brooke Mayler
When I Must Fade, a Bucky Barnes Avengers Fanfiction When Bella is recruited by Tony Stark for an Avengers program to stop the new upbringing of Hydra, she is anything b...
Saphira - A Winter Soldier Story by Moonchild91
Saphira - A Winter Soldier Storyby Moonchild91
Saphira, a normal young woman that thought were in a coma for 4 years, discovers she was instead working with Hydra under mind control. One day she goes to USA and finds...
Discovering Winter (reworked) by hydrabarnes
Discovering Winter (reworked)by Captainsass
I'm re-doing this story, because when I last read through it, I felt as if the story wasn't well put together. I hope you enjoy the reimagined version.
𝖈𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖆𝖑 - a bucky barnes story by aftergl0w
𝖈𝖊𝖑𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖆𝖑 - a bucky your local idiot <3
(temporarily discontinued) When Nova Quill finds herself shipwrecked on Earth, she attracts the attention of the Avengers... and even more so, the attention of one Bucky...
The witch and her soldier | Bucky x reader by _buckysimp_
The witch and her soldier | _buckysimp_
I watched as army men enter the warehouse. I think they were coming to rescue us.. but were the strongest which's in the world why would they need rescue us? "Who a...