Winterhold Stories

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Mage (A Skyrim Fanfic) by AudaciousAuthoress
Mage (A Skyrim Fanfic)by yeet me into the pits of hell
Helvia Abgrall, a naïve and restless young Breton farm girl, leaves her comfortable and uneventful life at her family's farmstead in High Rock in hopes of attending Skyr...
Ancano's secret by Poisoncube
Ancano's secretby Poison
( I'm a huge fan of skyrim and I just adore this snarky altmer. ) Female DovahkiinXAncano. (I was also bored and decided to do this since I've been playing skyrim a lot...
Skyrim Randomness by element-of-laughter
Skyrim Randomnessby Emira! 😍
I need to make names for these... Just random things whenever I play Skyrim. I don't own the characters or whatever.
Myths of Sheogorath by crazyslyfox
Myths of Sheogorathby GT (you'llneverknow)
(" What if Mind is actually a state," Sheogorath started slowly, raising both eyebrows. " And Sleep is the Capital? So Sleep is the Capital of the state M...
Part 1 - Sheogorath and the Mysterious Stranger by KayDS5
Part 1 - Sheogorath and the Kay DS
A mysterious woman awakens in Sheogorath's realm, the Shivering Isles. Unable to recall her past, Sheogorath enlists her to aid him in the war against Jyggalag. Will y...
Hammerfist: a Skyrim Fanfiction by DJMad-eye-son
Hammerfist: a Skyrim Fanfictionby DJ Madison
Cade Hammerfist is a Redguard from Hammerfell, immigrating to Skyrim in search of the fabled "Gloves of the Pugilist." Cade used to be the best boxer in Hammer...
Thin Ice • A Skyrim Fanfiction by Krazy-Kayla
Thin Ice • A Skyrim Fanfictionby lmao
The brawl between dragon and man that determines the future of Skyrim, Tamriel and Nirn itself, a drastically complicated love story leading to horrible upheavals and le...
Into Oblivion ~a Skyrim fan-fic~ (On Hold) by cicerolove
Into Oblivion ~a Skyrim fan-fic~ ( Raven Harris
Vaemona was born and raised for the earlier years of her life with her sister and parents in Skyrim. But then a tragic accident splits the family apart and she is sent a...
Eye of Magnus (a Skyrim fanfiction) by mysticalandlost
Eye of Magnus (a Skyrim fanfiction)by mysticalandlost
Blaise Whitemane isn't like his family. Blaise doesn't want to use weapons to fight - he's a magic user. Blaise seeks out companionship at the College of Winterhold but...
The Nordic Dragonborn by coral988
The Nordic Dragonbornby coral988
-cover isn't mine- please vote and comment if you enjoyed this, it's my first story ever!
Skryrim: A Forgotten Past by Darkhorse108
Skryrim: A Forgotten Pastby Darkhorse
Since the death of Alduin the people of the great kingdom have been at peace. But there has now been a stir. News of a lost lead, a deep descendant of the mighty Dragonb...
Winterhold's Finest by airofdarkness
Winterhold's Finestby airofdarkness
A new student enrolls in the College of Winterhold. Little does he know that he is destined for great things, not just for the College but for all of Skyrim. Follow the...
Knowledge, Madness and Power *To be rewritten(?)* by The-Frozen-Reaper
Knowledge, Madness and Power *To The-Frozen-Reaper
This is an Elder Scrolls Fanfiction that takes place during The Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim, and you might've already guessed this but I'm going to mention this anyway, th...
The rise of Darkness, the death of Silence. by FalktaRedguard
The rise of Darkness, the death FalktaRedguard
(This is a Skyrim fanfiction, and while I do use some of my original characters, the majority are credit to Bethesda) Ferin Juelwulf, a Breton residing in Whiterun has a...
Malg the Magnificent - დიდებული მალგი by Leviticus1711
Malg the Magnificent - დიდებული მა Levi Buchanan (ლევი)
Malg has come all the way from the Dragontail Mountains to study at the College of Winterhold and is expecting to amaze his teachers and dispel the notion that orcs make...