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Safe//Azriel by Jsevern7
Safe//Azrielby The weird writer
When he found the mortal crying out for help , he was shocked the whole population creatures of the mouth in range couldn't hear her. Azriel had been put on duties ever...
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The Lottery by HouseofEllie
The Lotteryby Elle Casella
All Saoirse's ever known is a life of leisure and luxury as a princess to the Summer Court, there was never a want in her world, or a fear of losing her place at the top...
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Fall into Madness by daughteroflight93
Fall into Madnessby daughteroflight
Trapped in servitude in the slave mines her entire life, Calla doesn't believe she will live to see a happy ending. That is until she is chosen by the fae. Her first day...
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Riot by 3am-updates
Riotby 3a.m. Updates
They hurt him, once, twice, too many times to count. It didn't matter. He was a winter sprite, worthless and unwanted. It was fine. He was fine. Until he learned that t...
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My Faey Love by PrincessOfLove367
My Faey Loveby PrincessOfLove367
i wanted to be like any other but my life wasn't simple.Everytime I went farther I would be stuck again. I'm not a little girl anymore or an ordinary but I wish I was...
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The Violet Moon by ambigler
The Violet Moonby ambigler
Rhoswen has had enough of the constant pain and torture her father and people put her through. As a princess of the Shadow Court, she should be given respect but all she...
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The Iron Princess  by cousinofaloki
The Iron Princess by Red
Leona Chase was your typical teenage girl that had one friend. She lived in a small county in Pennsylvania and didn't know anything that would impact her life majorly. U...
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My Faey Love by Miku_Hatsune367
My Faey Loveby Miku_Hatsune367
A girl named Emma unites with her father the king of the summer court but madly falls in love. Will her love cost her life or the faey world? How much is she willing to...
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Girls of Dawn by icefhkl
Girls of Dawnby Icefhkl
Thousands of years ago, the High Queen created the human world. She raised humans and made them to who they are today. How did they repay her? Sickness. Death. The High...
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