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The Aviary - Punapple Roleplay by ThatHawaiianPunapple
The Aviary - Punapple Roleplayby Punapple™
The Aviary is our haven. If we leave, we will find only certain death. And anyway, no one can fly or swim out far enough to see any other islands. We are kept safe by ou...
  • literate
  • birds
  • roleplay
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The Feather Prince (TodoDeku) by Tinzilove
The Feather Prince (TodoDeku)by Crystalwolf47
Only a select few are born with the curse of wings. If you are born with them, you have no chance of surviving your first feeling of love. In a world where wings equal d...
  • sad
  • shoto
  • myheroacademia
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Shadow and Iron by s_whitethorn
Shadow and Ironby s_whitethorn
Alles woran man geglaubt hat, wird in Frage gestellt. Alles, was man war, verändert sich. Würdest du damit leben können? Als die siebzehn-jährige Shay mitten in der Nach...
  • fantasy
  • fight
  • badboy
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Changing Nightmares by kellyisadinosaur
Changing Nightmaresby 𝓴𝓮𝓵𝓵𝔂
Wesley is a rehabilitation camp for the "specially abled", a.k.a. a camp designed to torture the hell out of the kids born with special abilities in an effort...
  • floating
  • levitation
  • fictionalcharacters
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How My Family Saves the World: As Told by a Drowned Angel by _Kadoc_
How My Family Saves the World: _Kadoc_
Does this really need a description? Seriously. We're awesome.
  • doggies
  • queen
  • drama
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Wings by Diverse_Girl03
Wingsby Diverse_Girl03
A angel and a demon are forced to work together under unusual circumstances. Both sent to earth to figure out how to stop the world from shattering into pieces. Though...
  • wings
  • fantasy
  • heaven
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Warrior on wings by AaralynDrake
Warrior on wingsby 🥀Death on Wings🥀
The gods have decided to make a truce. One that will guarantee peace for the rest of eternity. But what happens when they choose to make that agreement on the turf of th...
  • roman
  • angel
  • wings
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Wings of Fire: ~Legends~ Prince of Magic (1) by Emerald_Tree_Boa
Wings of Fire: ~Legends~ Prince Emerald Boa
~ Two thousand of years before the events of The Chosen Ones ~ A strange dragon washed ashore of the Forest Kingdom, he came from a distant land no Islandic dragon has e...
  • creative
  • wof
  • fantribes
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Wings | Kim Taehyung  by MeriamMenas
Wings | Kim Taehyung by Meriam Menas
"W-What have you done?..." "Nothing is more precious then my wings, now they're gone..." he continued, "... for him, nothing is more precious th...
  • wings
  • btschimmy
  • btsrm
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And I Love Her  by bowieplant
And I Love Her by 𝐌𝐮𝐥𝐭𝐢 𝐑𝐨𝐜𝐤
Despite attending school together for many years, Paul and Diana had never spoken more than two words to each other in their life. That was until their mutual friend, Ro...
  • ringo
  • georgeharrison
  • paul
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The Cobra's Curse -Wings of Fire  (Book 1) by King_alx_WoF_fan_02
The Cobra's Curse -Wings of Fern the LeafWing
Long After the Peace of Pantala and Pyhhria, Jade Mountain Academy (JMA) will have some peculiar students, such as Fern, the LeafWing who can do the strongest amount of...
  • jade
  • academy
  • suretowinacontest
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Flames (#1 in the Legend of Sunshine series) by LunaTree
Flames (#1 in the Legend of MJ
I DO NOT OWN TUI T SUTHERLAND OR ANY OF HER BOOKS. YES, THIS IS A WINGS OF FIRE FANFICTION. Stories don't have to have happy endings. Goldie grew up in a pack of dogs, b...
  • amazing
  • cool
  • wings
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The Butterfly by LatePyarNat
The Butterflyby လိပ္ျပာနက္
"လိပ္ျပာေလးက ေျပာတယ္... မင္းကို သူခ်စ္တယ္...။" 🦋သူငယ္ခ်င္းေရ... ေနာင္လာမယ့္ မနက္ျဖန္ေတြကို လိပ္ျပာေလးနဲ႔ ျဖတ္သန္းလိုက္ေလ🦋
  • soul
  • latepyarnat
  • myanmar
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Wings of Fire Headcanons by seawing327
Wings of Fire Headcanonsby seawing327
These are some Wings of Fire Headcanons. You can always write your own opinions in the comments.
  • claywof
  • wof
  • wingsoffire
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The Dragon Trials  by AtherilWinterthorne
The Dragon Trials by AtherilWinterthorne
The world lives in the dark. Something lurks beneath. Death lives in the dark, Death lurks beneath. The Dragon Trials...
  • wings
  • demon
  • sisters
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Help Me by Cat_Eraser_Head
Help Meby Mini FiveHands
Those are angelic Bubbles, right?
  • angel
  • tragicdeath
  • wings
Healing Wings by ChaoticWolfie
Healing Wingsby Kaitlyn
Alessa's going through a lot, with a distant cousin moving in, meeting her old elementary school rival again, and seeing her old best friend has changed a little too muc...
  • remembering
  • angels
  • twin
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The Nightwing Games by CrossPaw_03
The Nightwing Gamesby CrossPaw_03
This is totally just a fan fiction, and none of this is real. This story is about how dragonets Moonwatchers age have to compete in a series of games. Moon is nervous ab...
  • wings
  • moonwatcher
  • thejadewinglet
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Wings of Fire Roleplay by Night-Jewel
Wings of Fire Roleplayby MiracleMoonDragon
Do whatever you want.
  • ripnami
  • wings
  • books
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The Wonderful Case of BTS Stories. by KweenDarshie
The Wonderful Case of BTS KD♥️✨
This a case. (No it's a book but whatever) A case full of stories. (It's actually a book full of stories, but again, whatever) Stories filled with memories. Memories...
  • parkjimin
  • wings
  • one
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