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Imagine That -  Don't Starve x Reader by dunkarino
Imagine That - Don't Starve x Rea...by dunkarino
Remember when those boyfriend scenario books were popular? Yeah I miss those. Here's a book chalk-full of that type of content but with characters from Don't Starve, a f...
The Scientist's Partner - Wilson x Reader [Don't Starve] by notmydivisionn
The Scientist's Partner - Wilson x...by Ironslut
Maxwell was getting tired of just Wilson. The puppeteer decided to lure an unsuspecting Y/N into his little game. Through getting what she desired, Y/N was pulled into a...
Hunger And Heartbreak - A Don't Starve Love Story (Wilson X Reader X Maxwell) by SpawnofDeath
Hunger And Heartbreak - A Don't St...by Death's lil' girl
Two men. Two hearts. One strange, new world. But what will you choose? Logic? Or magic? In this story the reader will occasionally use swear words so don't like don't re...
Wilson x reader  by everdin1
Wilson x reader by everdin1
this is a rewrite of my first story that was completed I just felt like I could of done better with is so that's where this comes in I hope you enjoy this as much as the...
Don't Starve: Wilson x Reader Winterland Nightmare by eminArevoL7102
Don't Starve: Wilson x Reader Wint...by 96猫とValshe
I am alone, cold and hungry in these cold winterland on what I call a nightmare. It was night when I finished gathering logs, grass and flint to make a fire. A growl fro...
Wilson x Reader Don't Starve by Kitsune-Vix
Wilson x Reader Don't Starveby Bitch boi
Okayyyy!!! So I have been obsessed with the game and our lovely dear Wilson here. yes, I drew the art myself first time I drew my baby ( sorry that is doesn't look so g...
★ Don't Starve | Wilson X Reader ★ by livinglog
★ Don't Starve | Wilson X Reader ★by dead
I don't feel like putting a description. I will be updating the cover, I really want it to fit the story!
Head Over Heels || James Wilson x reader by rosypassage
Head Over Heels || James Wilson x...by rosypassage
This was supposed to be a full series but I never wrote more than the first chapter. I decided to share this as a short one shot if anyone's interested! You just graduat...
The Gentleman /Wilson x reader\ by thetrueMUlitverse
The Gentleman /Wilson x reader\by thetrueMUlitverse
The Gentleman Scientist The forgotten soul two different people two different lives minds both different and homes different the only thing in common? they are both stuc...
Wilson x Reader  by Havenshalo
Wilson x Reader by Havenshalo
This is a Don't starve fanfic about Wilson, this is also my very first story on here, so it might not sound as good, sorry if it seems cheesy, but I hope you enjoy!!
love letter! by froubery
love letter!by 🏡
ㅤㅤㅤ💌 wilson p. higgsbury x reader. just a short oneshot i wrote b4 when i was bored. gender isn't specified for reader because fuck gender. i didn't mean for this to t...
Unforeseen Variable (Wilson x Reader) by ConfusedKy
Unforeseen Variable (Wilson x Read...by ConfusedKy
There won't be any lemons, so if that's what you were looking for I apologize for the inconvenience. I've never written a fanfic or romance before but I have written sci...
Woodrow Wilson X Reader <3 <3 by Goldencreeper010
Woodrow Wilson X Reader <3 <3by Yuhhhh
You and woodrow wilson meet and fall in love in high school! Plot twist it is the danganronpa high school. You and Bald chrollo are best friends. Read this thrilling sto...
Wilson x Reader (Don't Starve) [TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL] by Deerkeenah_58
Wilson x Reader (Don't Starve) [TR...by Keenah
[LA HISTORIA NO ES MÍA. LE PERTENECE A @LoveTheWolvez107 . YO SÓLO HICE LA TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL] Hola a todos! Esta es una historia de amor entre tú (o el personaje que...
Corinthian Roses by CharismaticCormorant
Corinthian Rosesby CharismaticCormorant
Willamette Carter is the newest addition to the nightmarish realm of Maxwell the demon. There's a catch: she is Maxwell Carter's twin. When he sweeps her into the Consta...
Wilson × Reader by Fan-Fic-Overload
Wilson × Readerby Fan-Fic-Addiction
Here is a story about you running away from hounds and tripping into the lovely hands of Wilson Percival Higgsbury! This story does contain a nsfw chapter, swearing, and...
The Devil's Advocate (Wilson Fisk x Reader) by Murdock_Moon
The Devil's Advocate (Wilson Fisk...by Gay Moon
You're new to Hell's Kitchen and a certain man has his eyes on you ;)
Wild love-WilsonxReader Don't Starve by WilsonloverDS
Wild love-WilsonxReader Don't Star...by WilsonloverDS
You suddenly get sent to a weird dimension where survival is the top priority. Well, it was the top priority, until you met Wilson-the gentleman scientist. Now all you s...