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High school, low school +*billdip fanfic*+ by Opalove07
High school, low school +*billdip...by Steve is Francis's gay AF aun...
-no weird things happened over any of their summers other than drama- Dipper and Mabel go back to Gravity Falls, but FOR GOOD. Their parents not caring for them at all a...
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The Day I Met Him (Will Cipher x Male!Reader) by Will_Cipher_RF
The Day I Met Him (Will Cipher x M...by Will Cipher
(y/n) was a normal boy hanging out in his home town of Reverse Falls.............. That was until he met Will Cipher
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The search for love (Bill Cipher x reader x dipper) by LoraBlacklol
The search for love (Bill Cipher x...by Determined to play
Name: (y/n) (m/n) (l/n) Gander: female Address: ⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️⬛️ Job: cop/investigator Mission: explore, examine, and explain anomalies Work: Gravity Falls police station Age...
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❂Summer Love❂Gravity Falls One Shots by XxRecycling-BinxX
❂Summer Love❂Gravity Falls One Sho...by Emo Trash
"Won't this last forever?" "...nothing lasts forever." Gravity Falls One Shots (xreader) (Cover is mine)
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*Untrusted*(A Dipper × Cipher's sister Reader) by GalaxyInkEntity
*Untrusted*(A Dipper × Cipher's si...by GalaxyInkEntity
Y/N Cipher a female who looks like a normal human girl when she is actually a young Dreamon(Dream demon)she has older twin brothers Bill and Will Cipher. She goes to Gra...
'Fanfics' the foursome creates  by GalaticBlush
'Fanfics' the foursome creates by GalaticBlush
Imma post some weird ass shit. So if you're not into that, I'd suggest leaving- (Warning, there's NSFW in this book, and other inappropriate topics. All things posted i...
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The Demon's Prison (A Gravity Falls AU) by Willdude66
The Demon's Prison (A Gravity Fall...by William Grayson
This AU is my own thought. Over the years, Demons from multiple Dimensions were captured. The demons are all put into a maximum security prison that is in the middle of...
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The Pines brothers by IzukuxKastuki
The Pines brothersby IzukuxKastuki
Dipper/Dominic, Mason and Tyrone Pines are triplets in high school. One day they meet two sets of triplets the Ciphers and the Gleefuls. Let's see how this ends
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Ultimate Gravity Falls Ship Unite. UGFSU by Opalove07
Ultimate Gravity Falls Ship Unite...by Steve is Francis's gay AF aun...
It Billdip, Willdip, Killdip, Mabifica, Mabill, and more! Stories, oneshots, and maybe some smut. Request are open! Just comment! Haz good day andz enjoy duh books!
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𝙽𝚎𝚔𝚘 by Ghost_muffin
𝙽𝚎𝚔𝚘by Ghost_muffin
in the small town Revers Falls oregon the Gleeful twins lived with there butler will. one day as mason was practicing his magic his spell backfired turning will into som...
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Into The Multiverse House by Bill_Cipher_Kinne
Into The Multiverse Houseby Kokichi_Ouma
The Universes Gravity Falls Fight Falls And Reverse Falls have clashed into each other! The pines and the gleefuls are the only twins Will cipher is bidding a huge secre...
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Gravity Falls Ask or Dare! by SilviaOra
Gravity Falls Ask or Dare!by Silvia Stars
What it says on the tin! PG-13 and under please!
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Seducing A Peasant - Billdip AU by AnAnonymousBitch
Seducing A Peasant - Billdip AUby AnAnonymousBitch
Mason (Dipper) Pines runs a little book shop with his twin sister in a powerful kingdom, after being orphaned at the mere age of fourteen. Unfortunately for him, he stru...
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A Different Kind Of Love (BilDip) by LJisCute1
A Different Kind Of Love (BilDip)by Hello!!
This is a type of soul mates Au. Now Demons don't usually have soulmates. But this demon did. He hated himself for that. He should be the most feared dream demon in the...
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MaleVariousGravityFallsAUsxMalereader by -MiIkY-WaY-
MaleVariousGravityFallsAUsxMalerea...by -MiIkY-WaY-
[M/N] is dippers and mauins(Mabel) best friend, they known each other since they were little and [M/N]'S pet, Rin, a flying blue bat with yellow eyes. his big sister has...
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