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You don't have a choice (Will x Dipper Gleeful) by DerpyEndieNeko
You don't have a choice (Will x Di...by LeggoMahEggoChocoKitKat Curtis
Will was a tortured slave and servant of the Gleeful twins. He had no hope of ever being saved as he was used only to be a puppet in their game. But things became... p...
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I Do It All For.... by fayethewriter
I Do It All For....by Faye Asher
Dipper has been taken by Bill. Dipper wanted to save his family from Bill, so he made a deal. If it ever gets rough living with Bill, he tells himself 'I do it all for m...
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UnWilling Roommates (Bill x Reader x Will) by cunzy4
UnWilling Roommates (Bill x Reader...by cunzy4
Crossbows, murder, magic, and hijinks aplenty! From the moment you arrive in Reverse Falls, you're thrown into a whirlwind of a conspiracy where the beloved magicians...
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Dreamy Demons (Bill Cipher X Reader X Will Cipher) by GuardianOfFantasy
Dreamy Demons (Bill Cipher X Reade...by Adrian Wild
"Another boring summer.". That's all you could think about. You had a vacation coming up soon, but it was probably going to be the same as every other summer t...
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Beauty and the Dorito (Bill Cipher X Reader) by cunzy4
Beauty and the Dorito (Bill Cipher...by cunzy4
It's the classic fairy tale- with a triangular twist! Y/N is a beautiful but obnoxious girl in a fairy-tale kingdom. When she is forced to live in the Fearamid with th...
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6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity Falls) by zazilks
6 Years Later - Billdip (Gravity F...by zazilks
[Warning there's no Billdip till later on in the story] (Also updates are super slow) Dipper and Mabel are now 19, Dipper has moved to gravity falls to stay in the Myste...
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Between the Worlds by NoraHanson1
Between the Worldsby NoraHanson1
[*Completed*] The portal didn't seem to work anymore, Ford said. He destroyed it, he said. ...wrong. Oh he had no clue how wrong he was with that. Bill and Dipper, a cat...
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Our secret love| Willdip by Cielismysenpai
Our secret love| Willdipby Random_fanfics_yay
A romance between a demon and his master, sounds simple but can easily be an almost deadly secret. So what'll happen when Mason finds out Wills feelings? And will their...
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Witchcraft and Weirdness Academia (Adopted from Dreams_Senpai) by xGravityFallerx
Witchcraft and Weirdness Academia...by I'm TRYING
If you didn't know already, this was adopted from @Dreams_Senpai. I will of course change some things to make the parts they wrote flow nicer, correct grammar, and make...
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Musical Devotee |♪| Bill Cipher X Reader  by RealityInsanity
Musical Devotee |♪| Bill Cipher X...by ♚ Danish Bread ♚
❝Play for me, doll. For music is one of the sole factors that can cheer you up.❞ From the moment your show began, the strange man clad in yellow grew addicted to watchin...
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A Reverse Falls Summer by HardyTwister
A Reverse Falls Summerby Hardy Taylor
Cover by: @BasicNerdLife Pacifica Southeast is coming to Gravity Falls and is planning to stay there for a whole summer with her uncle and cousin. Pacifica was having a...
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My Angel by HardyTwister
My Angelby Hardy Taylor
DipperGleefulxReader (I just edit the picture. None is mine only the halo and words is all I drew. The rest was just pictures i put together) (Y/N) have moved to a new t...
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Top Hat Over Heels For Her (Human! BillxReader) by God_Of_Reference
Top Hat Over Heels For Her (Human...by *insert name here*
You are (y/n) (l/n), and you're visiting your friends Dipper and Mabel in their permanent home in gravity falls. They moved there after crying and complaining to their p...
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(Tydip/Rev!DipperxDipper) Alternate Crush // Continue by happythoughts312
(Tydip/Rev!DipperxDipper) Alternat...by fantasy monster
The original is fluffy hatter, since they discontinued the series, I took on the roll to finish the story, enjoy!
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I'm Different by Lolcats60
I'm Differentby Blue-Bell Moon
Hi I'm Dipper Pines and I'm Different. I live in Gravity Falls with my twin sister Mabel Pines and my two grunkles Ford and Stan. 15 Years ago a secret organisation came...
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Thirty Days (Will Cipher x Reader) by Jackarcat
Thirty Days (Will Cipher x Reader)by Jackarcat
Thirty days. That's it. That's all the time you have to show him what real love is like. {A post-WillDip hurt-comfort Will x Reader story}
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Wounded  by thatrandomperson712
Wounded by Will ^^
The Gleefuls drained all his magic and did horrible things to him, he was discarded. William was dumped into another dimension into a town called Gravity Falls. He was a...
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Gravity Falls High School x Reader by RealityInsanity
Gravity Falls High School x Readerby ♚ Danish Bread ♚
(Y/N) was a new senior in Gravity Falls High School. There, she meets strange people whom she likes and dislikes - some students, and some teachers. Unexpectedly, her s...
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Big Brother by Skyler-Winters
Big Brotherby Sky Avon
Best: #100 I'm willcipher ~ Okay, we all know what went down in Gravity Falls, Oregon during weirdmageddon right? But what if Bill's reason wasn't total world domination...
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Will Cipher X reader (Bad girl)LIFE. by lucerotp
Will Cipher X reader (Bad girl)LIF...by 💙Sope💙
In this story you arrive in Gravity falls and meet Will cipher and the rest. You are a little sister of Dipper and Mabel. So you know everything. In this story Will and...
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